[MOD] Resurgence WIP

(Sastrei) #221

Love the big dial on the side. :smiley:

(doci7) #222

Indeed, that’s a lovely flak turret!!!

(REARM V2) #223

Isn’t it orange? Vaygr have red around weapons, Hiigaran have orange on the weapons.

(HWRM Resurgence) #224

Probably yes.

(Dominic) #225

This might be a stupid question but… How did you get the Hiigaran battlecruiser model? I"d really like to be able to do this so I can get sizes on my ships “correct” by comparing them with the sizes of the ships already in-game, and so I don’t have to base them solely off of measurements :stuck_out_tongue:

(HWRM Resurgence) #226

It’s extracted from vanilla homeworld 2(non RM), by using Cold Fusion HOD Editor.

Then i just simply imported .obj file/files to my blender scene.

(Dominic) #227

Ahhh thank you! Thank you very much, I’m going to look into that.

(Alex Alvarez) #228

thought mention/use of CFHOD was verbotten here . . .

(Siber) #229

Use of CFHodEd to modify hods for HWR is strongly discouraged. Use of it to extract HWR hods might actually be verbotten. Mention of it in regards to HW2 classic modding? Never been anything said against that I can recall.

(Alex Alvarez) #230

fair enough. Just trying to understand the ground rules as I’m still new to all this.

(Alex Alvarez) #231

If you’re interested, I did a resize comparison HOD of a majority of the ships to proper “scale” (so they would mostly “fit” out of the bays they emerge from) for the M.I. CompleX mod. (all files still HW2 classic)

Weapons as well.

(HWRM Resurgence) #232

Status Update!

So… This is what i have been doing lately. For THRUST Challenge.
And it’s main reason why i am not doing new things for mod atm.

This is still WIP and there’s lots of refining ahead.

Took some inspiration from homeworld and eve online :slight_smile:

Plus summer is here, so less computer and more sun!

(Christoph Timmermann) #233

Looks a bit like a combination of an Hiigaran Battlecruiser and the Khar-Selim to me. :smile:
Very cool ship you have there :wink:

(doci7) #234

For THRUST challenge or no, feel free to plop that monster into HW anytime!!! Many congratulations; this ship is looking marvelous!

(Alex Alvarez) #235

Curious. It looks like the Vaygr Agamemnon Super Carrier concept ship adopted more for Hiigaran styling with plenty of flaring fints and antennas . . . Would be curious what role/function this one would pose.

(HWRM Resurgence) #236

Agamemnon was one of my references so yes there is bit of that look.

I am competing at mothership category so it’s either big carrier or mothership.

(Alex Alvarez) #237

nods definitely fits that class/scale. Well done.

Will it have significant armaments beyond basic defense guns?

(HWRM Resurgence) #238

Just some brainstorming…

most likely a long term plan, but it would be cool i guess.

What if we could have multiple motherships?

Like 3 for one faction. But you could only build one, which would give specific buffs and nerfs to whole fleet.

Your starting base/mothership would be a big station which could build any size vessel including biggest things.

And you would not have mothership at start.

Mothership would more like big support vessel which still could build up to destroyers. But bigger stuff would be builded from station/outpost.

We could still have shipyard as it is movable, it has it’s beneficts of not being stationary.


i am thinking to dump vanilla hiigaran mothership and make own 1 with more traditional long design.

(REARM V2) #239

I thought Mothership Warfare mod did that, but when I just searched it apparently doesn’t. I always liked the idea of multiple Motherships to chose from and I somewhat played around it in places. But I never had the time to commit to it.
SOASE sort of touches it too, but Titans aren’t Motherships.

If you can pull it off, it would be truly amazing. But don’t forget it’s 4 supercapital ships. Though if anyone can take a bite that big, it’s you. I’d like to see that.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #240

I would rather see a single mothership hull with very customisable and mutually exclusive subsystems.