[MOD] Resurgence WIP

(HWRM Resurgence) #281

Yeah 2 seperate projects, what i do for my mod probably wont show up in complex.
And what i do for complex wont show up in my mod.

I think that’s easyest way to do things now.

There could be rare exceptions though like model could be same but textures would be different.

(REARM V2) #282

I see. You have different textures though? As far as I know and from what I saw, you’re both doing Homeworld-like ships, I didn’t imagine there’d be differences there.
It’s interesting you find this the easiest way. My idea of the easiest way was always to collaborate on things I can use myself. But if you’re sure your textures are incompatible, then I see it’s a needles load of extra work. And I’ve been there too (like making every single LOD for a whole added race), so I can understand that.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #283

Would you be up for sharing this? I would certainly find it useful and I’m sure others would too.

(HWRM Resurgence) #284

[HWRM SHADER] Blender Cycles v1.0
(HWRM Resurgence) #285

Here’s something.

(REARM V2) #286

Big something.

(Sastrei) #287

Love the Chimera panels on the side.

(HWRM Resurgence) #288

I am not going to do textures to this traditional way. That would be just too much work.

So instead i think it’s time to try lot of seamless textures and repeative geometry.

Of course subsystems and other systems are going to be made tradiotionally.

(HWRM Resurgence) #289

Thanks. They might get changed if i get crazy ideas or something.

(REARM V2) #290

Practical approach I suppose.
What about team colors in that case? How will you merge the actual team color with a semi-procedural approach? Can you have double sets of UVs for different sets of textures?

(HWRM Resurgence) #291

There is no need for double uv sets.

I just use mask layers to hide teamcolor where i dont want it to be. So it’s manual thingy. Luckily this thing wont have that much teamcolor area anyways.

Pretty much same thing what i am doing here with colors.

Semi procedural/seamless textures are there only to help me with progress i still have to do detailing and stuff manually.

I can use seamless normal maps for plating etc.
Using 10 different plating normal maps. Overlap em for different results.
And then use mask layers to hide some parts of them which i dont like.

Final finish will be done manually of course.

(HWRM Resurgence) #292

Repeative geometry are dark grey bits.

(REARM V2) #293

So I take it they are UV’d already or at least instanced.

(HWRM Resurgence) #294

Yeah they are already uvmapped. I can just copy paste meshes and spam em everywhere.

(jelrak) #295

I love this…such a great idea!

(HWRM Resurgence) #296

Another Turret, another image spam.

Medium Railgun Turret.

Plus some extras.

Edit: Texture Size 512x512






Got 2 other turrets coming. Models are ready and uvmapped so they only need textures.

(HWRM Resurgence) #297

More stuff less images.

Left to right.
Medium railgun turret, PDS Turret and Medium autocannon turret.
I might make another version of PDS turret which would only shoot missiles. Not sure though.

(jelrak) #298

Just beautiful work, Uni!

(ajlsunrise) #299

Man, this stuff is so beautiful… :cry:

(ajlsunrise) #300

(I know this is late, but…) Man, I kinda want to see this in-game just to watch all those turrets light up… :grin: lol