[MOD] Resurgence WIP

(REARM V2) #341

Damn, I can’t find myself a game anything job in here.

Any details?

(HWRM Resurgence) #342

Not gonna talk too much about it here. But i can say homeworld was one of those things which they liked, plus my skills were good enough too i think.

Btw why dont you come to homeworld discord server?

(Chimas) #343

Impressions and Suggestions

Badge Your Hiigaran badge could be more minimalist like having the 2 planets and 2 simmetrical objects representing the feathers. Then you go on adding details to those objects.

I suggest to inspire yourself in the Kiiths badges, they all have “subjective” meanings (meaning “they are what you see”).
Like, S’Jet resembles a pregnant woman, Soban - an skeptical bullface, Manaani are the Kushan tuareg version, hence the dune design, Nabaal has a “mechanical” badge and so on.

Another tip is think of a fan-made Kiith, then design a badge. Sorry for not having your skills, so I could have designed myself, instead of describing it.

Well, all this made me want to read H&TB again …

Torpedo Bomber I like this one the most, but the others are welcome. Whenever you get some time, try the bomber making 2 runs launching 2 torpedos each and then they auto-head back to rearm (no pun intended). When they make their way back, they get extra speed, so they can survive pursuers. In this line of thinking, I would make them cheap and the torpedo upgrades, expensive. This bomber seems to have a cool silhouette, but I'll wait for SKetchfab so I can spin it like hell.
Corvette - I dislike this "dogma" where turrets and other external things have to be oversized. Ppl that likes design will zoom in often and ppl that just likes to play the game will have a look once, disregarding the size;

I’m always looking for “convenient” assimmetries and I would put a white CWIS cylinder magazine in that turret, off center.
Probably like the one you see in the stock interceptor. Still, the turret is well designed, only the size is something to review;

Frigate Will you update your HGN railgun frigate? Of course, I think you should do so ehehehehh
  • Sketchfab them (or p3d them)

Thanks for the gorgeous screenshots.

(doci7) #344

Man, I disagree with all of you. Not that I’m worried about it looking bad with turrets that are a wee smaller, but personally, the very first picture of this new Heavy Vette is the most bon-jacks visual of the whole lot, and I wasn’t even remotely offended by the turret size. Of course, ‘big-turret-dogma’ is an axiom of HW@ (I mean of course HWF) so my villainous partiality in this matter cannot be denied.

Seriously, though… I love that corvette. And I seldom even like anything Hiigaran, so… like… great job!!!

(Siber) #345

Cool stuff. Everything more substantive I was going to say @kragle more or less said already. Oversized guns are a thing I like, helps readability of the designs from a distance.

(Chimas) #346

No probs.
My way to see things is the seriousness of the franchise. A game like C&C has toy-like assets, therefore a big object over a unit looks good. Homeworld, IMO, is more like a simmulator where proportions provide a tone for the big picture. So you can make things small, medium and big. But if you do that often, which means, if you build too many units it’s an ambience-breaker. I use Complex as an example. The Vaygr turrets are more appropriated to the ships while their Hiigarans are more “muscled” (looking at you HGN destroyer, or should I say Destroyed?).
An artist must have confindence that his/her audience will catch the important things.

Sorry for the wall of text.

(REARM V2) #347

Yeah, disproportions make units look toy-like.

(doci7) #348

I really am the oddball here because I just don’t even think it looks disproportionate… rather, big, in a good way. The only thing that makes it seem a bit excessive is the inclusion of the underside turret. But I guess there’s no sense in me carrying on about this. I just wanted to be clear, I suppose, that I’m not arguing for it to be disproportionately large because of philosophical reasons, but rather that it didn’t look disproportionate to me to begin with.

(ajlsunrise) #349

*Insert size isn’t everything joke here…

I think it can still be distinctive if smaller. But, like I said, try out a different size. If it doesn’t work, or doesn’t have the same feel, you can always go back. :slight_smile:

(ajlsunrise) #350

Hey, does anyone remember this? Once upon a time, I received permission from James to use it in my mod (that was in 2009, WOW!). Based on my interactions with him, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you wanted to remodel it; update it to RM standards.

I kinda went super OP with it (added “rockets” and plasma launchers to what you see in the photos), but the cost to build/research I think made up for it…

(REARM V2) #351

That’s pretty much a Pulsar Gunship with an Ion turret from the Ion Platform.

(ajlsunrise) #352

Oh, but it’s not though.

But yes, I did replace the textures and model of the main turret with the Ion Platform’s turret in my mod (but not an ion weapon!).

(HWRM Resurgence) #353


Updated my mod logo into em. Much simpler and not so tattooish.
Also heavy corvette has smaller turrets.

Yes. When it’s time comes.

(doci7) #354

I shan’t make any more bones about the turret size… of course it still looks magnificent! All of these were very fun to look at, and I do like the new logo a lot! Beautifully simple.

(REARM V2) #355

Really cool. All looks perfect.

(ajlsunrise) #356

How much smaller did you make them? It doesn’t feel smaller, but there’s a subtle difference that I’m picking up on. It definitely has a “I’m a big gun” feel to it, but it’s not “over the top.” I think this is a definite improvement.

What is this area?

If the Advanced Interceptor is actually replacing the stock Interceptor, or if the intent to to be a research “upgrade/add-on”, then ignore my comment. If not, might I suggest making the wings stand out slightly more? Like this (forgive my crude outline):

It has the potential to cause some confusion between it and the stock version. If that was the goal, though, great job!

Keep up the great work!

(REARM V2) #357

When the ship is completely finished it’s way pass the time to change its base model.

(ajlsunrise) #358

Yes and no. You can always make minnor alterations at any time, but a drastic overhaul/redesign is harder to achieve.

I didn’t think I was suggesting a major overhaul…

(Chimas) #359

Not the base model. Minor alterations here is a new ship, in terms of efforts …

(REARM V2) #360

Well how far do you think the UVs of the wing reach?