[MOD] Resurgence WIP

(Sastrei) #401

I know you’re a better artist than I (the station looks great, IMO), but I have some questions about your unwrapping and texture usage if you find it blurry.

Have you tried texturing it using a trim sheet instead? Or cutting off high-frequency areas and putting them on their own “detail” map (windows, hatches, etc)?

Are the stock Progenitor megaliths of suitable sharpness? Anything to be learned from them?

Aside: is that big-ass gantry crane animated? Would be neat to see it moving containers and parts back and forth.

(HWRM Resurgence) #402

Today is a good day for update!

After redoing textures for 3 times i have finally got into stage where i can start adding stuff into scripts.

Now this station uses one 4k texture and two 2k textures. Originally it had only one 4k texture.
I also made new subsystems for it capital production and supercapital production.

General subsystem slots.

Also A turret.

From back.

I need to make glow better for those hangars. Something like chimera has.

Actually building stuff.


Turrets firing.

There are still stuff to do like some subsystems and docking paths for harvesters. Textures are not final for example i think glow at hangar area needs some tweaking. Animations?! And then there is script stuff.

I was frustrated couple times because of setbacks which were caused by hw2 engine and substance painter files getting corrupted or something.

So i tried doing backgrounds for first time.

Probably not most hw feeling but it was good pratice.

In next update i probably have this station fully done. And then i think it is time to prepare all stuff for first release.

(El Rizzo) #403

That is one delicious looking mega station! :heart_eyes:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #404

That looks awesome!

(doci7) #405

The station is amazing of course, but I am equally impressed with the background! New backgrounds don’t just crop up every day, so this is rather special!!! How ever did you make it? (if you don’t mind summarizing)

(HWRM Resurgence) #406

Basically i watched some tutorials about painting nebulas from youtube and then tried my own. Used some powder brushes in photoshop and just painted. Thanks to @sastrei for backgrounds setup video tutorial.

(Goose3) #407

Impressive station and impressive background too.

In regard of that you should try to re-find these tutorials that helped you so well and post em here along with that skybox tutorial by @sastrei. Who knows it might help others as well just as it did help you.

(HWRM Resurgence) #408

More background stuff!

I have almost mastered getting rid of pole problems while having some stuff near em.

(HWRM Resurgence) #409

Some tut videos which i used.

(doci7) #410

Totally awesome!

(DoomLord) #411

This work is epic!

Keep up this awesome work

(HWRM Resurgence) #412

Progress report.

For past few months i been struggling with animations for station(which even now wont work properly). I wont probably include any animations for hiigaran station at first release.

Also hodorest decided to break up with me which caused severe headache but i got it working somehow.

After i decided to give up(for now) on animations with station. I wanted to try make bit more higher polycount assets for turrets and subsystems. Using multiple LOD meshes i think they are going to be fine.

So as usually here are some images.

Hiigaran PDS Turret

Hiigaran Large Dual Mass Driver Turret

Hiigaran XL Dual Ion Cannon Turret

From left to right. Frigate, Corvette, Fighter production subsystems, Long Range Antenna Array and Hyperspace Sensor.

I probably make all vanilla subsystems look similar to these.

And now i am already thinking about doing every vanilla thing to these standards(Total Conversion??) it would give me more control because of source files. That could be my long term goal, but we shall see.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #413

Wow, I love those subsystems. @Talros take a look at this!

@unifin let me know if you need a hand with animations. I have wrestled with a few issues in the past…

(REARM V2) #414

The same offer, what problem with the animations do you have?

(HWRM Resurgence) #415

My problem with animations is this basically.

@Dom2 got it working it seems.

Anyways problem is my animations rotate around wrong axis, when exported from blender. In blender they are fine though.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #416

Ah yes, the swimming scout… What I ended up doing there was making a “dummy frame” with it in the default position for dae export, and other frames with the actual animation in them.

Dummy frame for dae export (everything is in the right position and orientation for when not being animated):

Animation frames (things look “wrong”, but they actually turn out right after dae export and HODOR):

I never got to the source of this, but it has happened on my other ship models too. @sastrei did I forget to apply a transform or something?

(Sastrei) #417

Your z axis in blender should be facing forward. Rotate the joint first, and then animate from there.

(REARM V2) #418

Looks just like a Y-up problem.
Does your export in Blender offer a Y-up On/Off toggle? If so try whatever is the opposite of what you’re exporting.
Basically what happens is that different 3D programms use different Up axis. In some worlds the up is Y, in others it is Z.

(HWRM Resurgence) #419

Gonna take a look again into animations next weekend.

I did try those things which you mentioned but i probably missed something.

(HWRM Resurgence) #420

I blame summer and my allergic reactions to birch pollen for lack of update stuff. Worst allergic reactions are gone i think.