[MOD] Resurgence WIP

(REARM V2) #121

Stop being so fast people, do you know how annoying that is? :smiley:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #122

How do you generate the normal map? Do you actually model all those panels and get xnormal to make the normals? What about the ambient occlusion thing? Did you do that as well?

(HWRM Resurgence) #123

Well.. i did bomber slower because i was learning new program at same time, and did those base materials/textures too. Now as i have learned basic functions of NDO/DDO/3DO. And those textures/materials. Things get faster :slight_smile:

This was 15min job after i got normals done. All those effects AO/Scracthes/Edge weathers are part of smart material. which i did.

(HWRM Resurgence) #124

I did normal panels/lines by painting em like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWM8Z0Iy6ks
Then those little details in photoshop by making shapes and turning em to normals.

(REARM V2) #125

Yeah I should stop being an idiot and be done with the hand painting. Really. It's not funny anymore...

Despite me already owning the software for quite a while, you opened my eyes.

(HWRM Resurgence) #126

You know.. I had this realization after i had mostly finished my bomber. "All those days of hand painting and making textures in photoshop.. if i only could have learned this program earlier. I would have done so much more."

sure you still need hand painting knowledge with something but not that much. At least not when we are talking about fancy spaceships. But i do respect those guys who only use photoshop for making textures.

(REARM V2) #127

All those months of painting the Cruiser...

Still there'll be a lot to hand paint after in my cases (I still think). It doesn't replace all the tasks, plus I already did use baked AO from a normal map as a base for my texture.
But yeah, I'll make some small fighter next time and I'll see whether I can be as fast as Talros and you guys. These things have been uncomparable so far.

(HWRM Resurgence) #128

I think i could do basic tutorial for quixel how things work. With really akward finnish rally english :smiley:

(REARM V2) #129

I would make more people to buy it.

(doci7) #130

AW SNAP! That looks so great. Imma have to join Pouk and learn how to do stuff.

(REARM V2) #131

There really isn't much to learn, it's mostly just about realizing what the tool is for and picking it up and using it.

(HWRM Resurgence) #132

WIP Teamcolors

(Chimas) #133

It's difficult to criticize when it's not finish, might be unfair.

But I gotta say now when it's still early. Unless you're planning PANELS as a primary design feature, the top SEEMS too cracked by panels. Disregarding that, the rest is looking good.

Mind you, I'm not an expert in texturing or modelling, just saying my impressions.

(doci7) #134

It's never that simple with me :smile:. But if it's purportedly that easy, maybe I can learn it over the course of a few weeks!

@unifin: WHOA. You have practically an entire texture in essentially a day, assuming you haven't been waiting around to post any of these. That's utter insanity. The need to learn these programs compounds exponentially!

(REARM V2) #135

The renders are really good, the panels are what Chimas said.

I can't wait to rapid produce my ships too. I... will still see some tiny stupid details I simply won't be able to let go, but the prospect of texturing not being the painful long part really intrigues me.

(HWRM Resurgence) #136

Thanks. I was wondering if i am overdoing it or not.

And yesh. i am using panels as guidelines for rest of details.
I dont want to make ship which is overly saturated with panels and stuff. Trying to find that sweet spot still.

Sometimes i just feel that it does not have enough, even though it haves enough things allredy.

Making those normals is actually the hardest part for me now. As i have to think into future what i am going to add into specific section. "Does that detail need normal texture?" "Is this the busy section of this ship where there more engineering things or not" and list goes on.

Of course if i could make better drawings of things it could be easyer.

(HWRM Resurgence) #137

Ok. rendering basic "how to do stuff in quixel tutorial homeworld edition" now.

It's 1½ hours long :stuck_out_tongue:

(REARM V2) #138

That sounds good.

(HWRM Resurgence) #139

I actually have time lapse series from my last creation which was that bomber. But i have only uploaded first part.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #140

Thats a great video, really helpful for noobs like myself. I have only skimmed it so far, but I will be sure to look at bits in detail for tips... I like the music too!