[MOD] Resurgence

This is official Resurgence mod discussion thread.

If you want latest updates of things please view last 10-20 post in this thread.
I also post most recent updates here first.

Mod steam workshop page https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1748065272


Updated 24.9.2019

Current version is 0.21

From now on patches for this mod are going to be smaller monthly things.

I am going to focus on bringing more new models into mod next.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this mod.


Why is it not a mod? If I understand correctly, you’re not planning to put it in game? Why not?

Quixel suite is really cool.

I do plan to put it in game, and it could be a mini mod. But not really sure do i have time for bigger things.

I am planning to buy quixel especially that normal thingy, NDO.

Actually i do have time :smiley: but i wanna learn to do something else too like humans, sculpting and list goes on.

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As far as I know you’d be the second person here who would buy nDo. Or maybe Talros has it as well? (@Talros, do you have nDo? @Kragle? )

I have a feeling you still study, don’t you? From the whole having time to learn character modelling/sculpting.

If studying without actually being in school counts then yes. Self-learning i would say.

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I only use xNormal for baking options :slight_smile:

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Do you bake from High-poly models or height maps? (The latter is kind of rubbish and useless.)

Both, highpoly for the model edges and height map (Bump) for the details in combination.

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Oh alright, I can imagine in combination it wouldn’t have the hideous problems the height/bump map would have alone.

Still nDo is ridiculously easy. You just turn selections and shapes, even brushes into normal map “ups” or “downs” with edge thickness of your choice.

But then again, if you’d be even faster, it wouldn’t be even close to a fair race. :slight_smile:

First time trying ndo, pretty much just playing around and looking what this thing can do :smiley:


Is it render or a wiewport shader? It looks really good.

It’s from 3DO viewport, btw do you have any tips while using this software?

Sorry, I’m only “NDOing” so far.
I didn’t use my 30 days trial for the rest yet, I’m saving that for when I’ll really need it. Which is likely to be relatively soon, it’ll get really handy with another thing I’m working on that won’t use Homeworld style textures.

I think it’s free :smiley: because i only had to activate my trial for NDO. It even says so at Quixel website.

Wait, yes. I somehow mixed DDO with 3DO… I was replying about the texturing tool. 3DO is the preview thing.
I really do have to try it. Visualizing normal maps in Max is something I have a problem with.

Heh. Pretty much same thing is bothering me with blender 3d, i just hate to save file, then open that new file in blender 3d. In Photoshop i just select layers which i wanna see, and force refresh 3DO which can be found at NDO control panel. No need for switching programs and loading files.

EDIT: corrections

+1 for Talros’ answer; I use xNormal too, at the recommendation of EatThePath I think I remember.

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EatThePath might have it from BitVenom.
I think you might be interested in giving the nDo its 30 days trial at least. It’s childishly simple.

I might… although at this point xNormal begins to feel quite simple too, at least for what I do with it. Maybe not childishly simple, but perhaps still pre-teen-ly simple.

Pre-teen-ly simple is alright.