[MOD] Resurgence

Well, I’m sure that I don’t know, so why don’t you back off?

Let @unifin answer for himself. If he decides it’s too much work to make a change like that, or doesn’t want to make a change like that, that’s his choice, and I would be completely okay with that.

People who do UVs right, pack them as tight as they can within reasonable limits.
Unifin is a talented guy, so it’s more likely the UV space isn’t wasted then.

So it’s probably a replacement Interceptor, an evolution of the HW2 Hiigaran one.

I understood this entirely different than you probably meant it. Essentially along the lines of, ‘by the time it’s done, it’s beyond obsolete.’

Yes, I meant it differently than that.

I was hinting at the proper way to make review and criticism.

Ship creation is a process with several stages that build on top of each other. Concept (usually not even public) -> modelling -> UVs -> texturing. And of course rigging wherever in the middle, but it includes weapons and these have consequences too.
After each stage the creator has to commit to what he has and move on to another stage.

Now if someone points out a problem with a model after the UVs are done, it’s a pain in the aft section, but it can still be dealt with.
But if someone suddenly thinks the whole thing’s a bit off after the whole process is finished, he’s literally more trolling than helping.

The ship was introduced here:

It was in 1th of March 2016.

I complained about it sort of after the first draft of textured was finished, but only because Unifin is so damn fast. :slight_smile:

But complaining about it now just isn’t helping anyone.

The paradox is, that even if it was objectively wrong from whatever reason, if Unifin was making HW2 era ships and went as far as materializing some LSD trip as Complex Vortex for example, it actually starts to be more valuable to have a finished ship that is flawed, than it is to have a good looking concept model at this point.

It’s called artistic freedom. Honestly i dont think about why it is there or if it haves function. When i did it, i did it because it looked cool and that is enough good reason for me to do something like that. Of course if part of ship haves real idea behind it that is nice, but it is not needed.

Not a direct upgrade more like a choice of things. Firepower and speed, but it is weaker than vanilla interceptor.

So you could choose firepower and speed but have weaker ship.
Or just use old interceptors with better armor but less speed and firepower.

I dont wanna make straight “upgrade” units. With better stats etc. At least i dont intend to.

It is true that they are tightly packed. And i dont really want to go back to change those.

When people complain about little things i know i have done something “bigger” right.

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I don’t agree with him about the ship looking better with these wings, but I’d categorize them under the overall shape, which is the bigger picture rather than a detail.

Though if the ship fights alongside the old Interceptor, he does have a point about unit recognition.

Well, I wasn’t complaining. But I think I’m done here.

It would have been uncharacteristically defeatist for you, but it is axiomatic to my general way of thinking about projects that take any length of time, so I guess it was just too easy to read it that way.

About the turret size is the same approach - if the Corvette will fight alongside the stock corvettes, than it might be a good idea to leave the turret big that way.

@unifin Your Corvette is in Complex apparently, do you know? You said you work for them too, so I presume you gave it to them, but just in case I’m checking:

Yup. I do some stuff for complex and corvette is one of them. Most likely if you see my stuff in complex they have rights to use em.

Ok cool.

Updated mod db page.
Most of this stuff i have posted here already, Except that naval station/base update.



Summer is mostly over now and i can move my thoughts to homeworld again.
And i hope i dont need to look for new apartment for a while, moving 3 times in 2 years is kinda bs.

So i started texturing hiigaran station.

Some choices for team/stripe comment if you think you have good idea for them. i personally like third one because it follows shape of the station.


I also like 3, but I think you could combine 2 and 3 in a certain way. Maybe by adding one thicker diagonal stripe in the middle of the third version and removing the left hand side end of the stripe running alongside the hull.

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I actually like the subtlety of #1

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Knowing unifin, I believe he’s going for style. But I really don’t disagree with you on points for subtlety.

I’m a fan of large amounts of team color on things, so of those options I favor #2. A combination of them would work quite well I suspect.


I am probably going for combination, like pouk pointed out.

I dont want to have too much team/stripe color on station because stations never had much of those anyways.

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My vote is a combination of one and three