[MOD] Resurgence

Nah, just something I ran across. We’ve been using xnormal for AO and normal maps for years.

Yeah I was aware it’ll be awkward thing to say in case you knew it already. It just sounded like a safe bet, XNormal was a topic of conversation here once.

Bought Quixel Suite as it was 40% off. Then Photoshop decided to start crashing with it. Had to reset windows. And now i can continue again. 2 days of frustration but at least now it works.

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Way to stick with it!

Couple renders. Everything is subject to change

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The whole thing somehow looks Somtaaw to me.

Yeah it resembles em bit actually :smiley: But considering how big change in ship design was between hw1 kushan and hw2 hiigarans, it could make sense right? Things change and so on. After all this is supposed to be many years after hw2 event’s happened.

Pretty great normals… looks especially good on the underside, particularly the torpedo tubes!

Well how many? :slightly_smiling:

No of course it makes sense, in fact I find the opposite to be odd. You know, when people just select random race elements they find iconic (the Taiidan nose fin for instance) and make a race 115 years later, that is build on a different shaped body with the same exact features. Instead of going for the feeling of the said race, their design philosophy as a whole. That is weird then. (Just to be clear, I’m not pointing at Talros here, that guy damn knows what he’s doing).
What I’m pointing at is that people tent to focus on details and throw away the whole shape, the whole rest of the race and make a different new ship out of these details like it was lego. Instead of going for the whole that may not have the same shape, but feels the same (round vs angular, horizontal vs vertical, agressive vs mild) and change around the details. It’s like they approach it completely from the opposite angle. The naive understanding what makes the race feel certain way - collection of details.

I went off on a tangent here a bit, sorry for that. But my point was that yes. You made a Hiigaran feeling ship. It does not have the same proportions and I would have hard times to see it in 115 AHL, but it has the Hiigaran feel. It’s flat, one solid piece, round-ish, Hiigaran cocpit. Feels alright for the future Hiigaran ship. I sense a bit of Daedalus wibe in there, but that’s just accidental.

What I meant by Somtaaw is the pronounced wideness dimmension and a bit of hint of the Bentusi-like arc. It does fit the future Somtaaw ship (or even 115 AHL present, because we’ve seen them century ago, so the present day for Somtaaw is also a future ship). It would fit them very well. And if you wanted from some reason, you could make a whole fleet of ships feeling like this and it would pass as perfect and professionaly made Somtaaw.
That’s somewhat because it happened by accident and you weren’t looking to make that. To get back the full circle: People who are intentionally making Somtaaw would take it way too literally (as they always do) and that’s not very mature aproach. But this is a beutiful blend between the old Somtaaw and the present Hiigaran that doesn’t try way too painfully hard, that’s why I find it the best “future Somtaaw ship” I can remember.

But don’t mind me, it was just a thought. Make your future Hiigaran. I was just pointing at a possibility.


Dunno :smiley: but yeah i get your point.

And before you said it looks somtaaw, i did not even think about it.

I made one top down sketch of this ship rest was done in progress of modelling. After modelling was done it did not really resembled my sketch anymore. Which was fine, because it looked good enough for me. And had some hiigaran feel but, still being different.

I took some reference’s from relic’s “10 years of homeworld wallpaper” especially for shallow wide upside V design. Which is also represented in hiig interceptor.

Tho i never really liked somtaaw ship design, which i find kinda ironic. I like their story and how they made efficient ships without thinking much about their profile or “how others see our ships”. But damn some of them are ugly :smiley:

I might be wrong about somtaaw never really read about their history. Except that they are miners and had no idea what was going to happed.

Well Barking Dog’s Somtaaw designs were really bad. That’s why this could be nice. But I didn’t like the original either.

Oh yeah I can see the “10 years anniversary” infuelnce in the wide flat part.

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That’s a definitive characteristic of Kushan/Hiigaran history in general :smile:


At least they were not only going to mine asteroids :smiley:

That’s a great mod idea… if I had infinite time, I would totally make an alternate Cataclysm campaign… 17 missions of JUST MINING!!!


Cataclysm where everything went well?
Everyone playing it would be waiting for the joke, the punchline and it would never come. Just mining and a confused look after you finish the campaign.

Wouldn’t be much of a “cataclysm” then. :slight_smile: Unless you’re an asteroid environmentalist.

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The game’s reviews would have been cataclysmic. And yes, I am rather disgusted at the wanton over-consumption of asteroids these days. Its contributing substantially to galactic warming.


Ahaha, great minds ! I just posted the exact same image in the Art Spam thread half an hour ago ^^

That’s the one we talked about, yeah.

As i told earlier everything is subject to change.

well… i had fight with myself about
“What if this section would be like this” “i could change this section here to something else maybe… NO it’s good enough just do those textures” “If i just change this section a bit i dont even need to edit uv map”
Little later i was modelling again and doing uv map :neutral_face:
And that happens to me a lot. Prolly because i dont do much sketches of my models.

Yeah. model changed a bit. Added more big V detail to bottom, because i think it was too flat. Made top flattier. And added triangle like thingy at near the engines.

I think it was good choice to change model a bit imo.

Couple renders again. Bit more texture and some base paint.

Normal render

I am mostly happy with underside but upside needs something. Like lines could be different. Bit more angular maybe with 90degree turns etc.