[MOD] Resurgence

Hello! I am still alive :wink:

I have been busy last 6 months.

Some nebulas which i plan to add.

Better images at my Artstation https://www.artstation.com/versaali

And for those who want to use my mod models/backgrounds/nebulas i plan to sell my mod art stuff at artstation. But i just need to setup many things before that. Mostly model/texture/blender source file stuff. Which each model needs.

That way if anyone really wants to use my mod art stuff for something you are free to do so after getting em from artstation marketplace.


Any signs of life or did I devour u all.


Not from ingame. I be doing that soooon



Made some changes to textures too.


This looks really good. :slight_smile:

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Added team/stripe colors to turret.

Oh yeah that turret got updated again :smiley:

Render and ingame shot from closer.

Adjusted Homeworld shader reflectivity so paint has more reflective look instead of being almost matte. I like it bit more shiny :slight_smile:



Noticed that my backgrounds dont have any specular light so all really reflective surfaces are black :sweat_smile:


By a complete coincidence when I was re-reading my own thread searching for somehting different, I found out I also had the custom backgrounds reflection problem. PayDay said the reflection maps should be .dds and not .tga and apparently it worked since. I checked and I still use dds in my mod files for reflections. The discussion is here:

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hmm. so dds format is needed for better reflections. Well i guess i be doing that too then.

I like the shinier versions better, too.

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Update soon


I think you could use POV-Ray to create true volumetric clouds/nebula, then bake them into a background texture.

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Updated to v3!

Sorry if it took so long even when i told it would be soon :sweat_smile:

I guess i start modelling new capital ship :thinking:


Those are very nice ships, especially the shipyard. Is the shipyard just a prop or does it do stuff? I just don’t feel the game engine can handle that kind of large scale properly.

Yeah station/shipyard is hitting almost hod size limits. I dont think there is scale limit though.

It is like mothership except slower :smiley:

I think, if there is a problem, it will be noticeable in MP games, where the current engine already lags a little, despite a high end PC configuration. Maybe except the latest GPUs, say like in the last 3 years and assuming no bottleneck in the rest of the rig.

There seems to be something which causes lag. Probably something related to weapons.

wip destroyer grey box model.


About performance.

I think i have to reduce animated turret amounts and also change their “scan targets” from on to off.

Probably need to change some of animated turrets to gimbals which is sad but sacrifices must be made.

Its big fps boost from 1fps to 50-60fps especially with bigger fleets :smiley: