[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

(Nathanius) #1

Hi All,

I like the idea that others have used where there’s a thread showing progress for a mod, so I’m setting one up here to showcase how we’re going with Continuum on HWR :smile:

For the moment we’re up on our feet and everything but a couple of scripts is working. There’s the bug with the race index values not being unique which is not going to be an issue until later (we are only going to do extra TNG races until that is resolved).

First bit of work was shown in another thread already with @dark_sentinel getting his Galor and Keldon remastered


@Brandenator has been busy too, here’s some new missiles for the ENT era that he’s done



Finally, I’ve been just going through and converting HODs, here’s some Borg :smile:



I, and the other team members, will post pretty pictures to show stuff off as we work :smile:

(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #2

yeah, that "bug with the race index values not being unique " is so annoying

(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #3

I’m just thinking about that: maybe we can use “writeto()” in gamerule lua to create a temp file which contains all the races’s names and their index in the current game, and then in soundscripts\speechlogic\commands.lua , rewrite “function raceHelper()”, make it dofilepath that tempfile you have just created, and then return a proper value according to that name-index connections ?

(RedDevil) #4

Looks awesome! Seeing one of my favourite franchises in a 3D rts is really exciting :smile:

(Nathanius) #5

That is worth trying out! I have the Gorn set up ready for another “era” to use. They typically sit in the same slot as the Cardassians, so that’s a good test case…

(Major Stress) #6

You are gonna use my Constitution v4 for TOS era right? I still need to work on the other Franz Joseph ships. Federation class is about half done, and i dont want to do just a simple “bolt on a nacelle to a saucer” for the Saladin class. Got plans for changeable pods for the Ptolomy too.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #7

Great to see another mod thread here! Now we just need the stargate guys and PDS to do the same…

(Snake_B5) #8

I can already tell you that this kind of thing is perfectly working. That’s the trick I use in my rainbow UI to save data between session and reload the sliders positions

(Nathanius) #9

After seeing your Constitution class MajorStress I would hesitate to use anyone else’s :smiley:

I need to finish my LUA course on pluralsight then, this is something that I need to try :smile:

(Brandon Wethy) #10

Since Nathan opened the door to show off new ships and improvements, I’ll throw mine in too. I give to you then next great starship of the line in ST: Continuum. The Typhon class. There aren’t any in-game photos yet, but these are the renders. I hope you all love them!

(Nathanius) #11

@Brandenator, here’s some in-game shots for you :smile:

Armament for the Typhon is set to 360 degree pulse phaser coverage and fore + aft quantum torpedoes

(doci7) #12

Well, I may not be officially affiliated with this mod in any fashion, but the following poem belongs here more than any place in the forum that I’m aware of. I’m fairly well aware now that Christmas Eve doesn’t come on the 24th everywhere in the world, so for those who might be reading this too late (or too early[?]), please bear with my Americanness…


T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the quarters
Not a console was blinking, not even tricorders.
The turbolift guided me up through the air
When I got to the bridge, the captain was there.

Tired, he said, “I’m hittin’ the sack
We’ve just settled down, from a Klingon attack!
So go take command… make sure we don’t die.”
To the captain I answered, “Aye aye, sir. Aye aye.”

The captain retired, and taking my turn
I sat in his chair, and I tried to look stern.
When what on our targeting sensors appeared
But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.

I couldn’t believe that I’d seen what I’d seen
Even as the Ensign put it on screen.
The suit, the hat, the beard and the belly!
Even the twinkling bowls full of jelly!

And e’en in the icy-cold vacuum of space
His cheeks were still rosy all up in his face!
We both paused a moment, dumbfounded because
There was no mistaking, we’d found Santa Claus.

Yet, unbelieving, I sought with perception
A seam to unravel this Klingon deception!
For I’d sworn to the captain, our enemies nigh,
To shoot any bogey right out of the sky!

So I stood up straight, and adjusted my shirt
In my best captain’s voice, I called out, “Red alert!”
The klaxons resounded, the bridge lights turned red
And I gave the order, “Torpedoes… full spread!!!”

But that little old driver was so skilled and so fast,
He dodged every missile, from first until last.

I sat back, aghast that our first attack failed
Then the ensign cried out, “We are being hailed!”
She pulled up the channel, then patched it through quick
Through the static we heard, “Don’t shoot! I’m St. Nick!!”

“I’ll stop, only if you can prove you’re for real.
I’ll ask you three questions, I’ll make you this deal!
Where did you come from? If you lie, I will know!”
“The North Pole,” he answered. “Ho ho ho ho!”

I had to admit, this fake knew his facts
But I’d trip him up… I was wise to his act!
“Where the heck’s Rudolph!?” I asked like a jerk.
“He’s allergic to space,” Santa said with a smirk.

Two questions down, but no doubt in my mind
I’d PROVE that he was a phony this time!
“Answer me this, and you may go free.
What did you bring to me when I was three?”

He pondered and puzzled, but to my great awe
He answered correctly… “A STIHL-brand chainsaw.”
Gently I wept, for his words were the truth
And I hugged that old chainsaw I’d treasured since youth.

“And now,” Santa said, “you at last understand
I’m a merry old elf, not a Klingon brigand!
Across many hundreds of lightyears I came
To bring you these presents… that was my aim.”

So we beamed him aboard, and he did his good deed
And readied his sleigh to depart at warp speed.
Leaving, he called through the stars and the snow,
“Merry Christmas to all! Number One, make it so!”

(Nathanius) #13

@Kragle, on the subject of Christmas presents :wink:

Here’s the Cardassian Legate class from @Dark_Sentinel:

And the Ch’Havran ENT era carrier (replacing the big fat brick-ship) from @Brandenator:

(Siber) #14

Oooh. I’ve never much cared for the galor variants in the broader canon, but the quality of execution Dark was able to bring to that one makes a huge difference.

(doci7) #15

Dark… that clever old fox! He finished a ship and never even told us. Both ships are phenomenal.

(Lynne) #16

Weeell, Legate isn’t a Galor variant, it’s a stand-alone design, to be exact.

(Sastrei) #17

Lovin’ that Romulan carrier. Looks like it’s based on the old Greg Jein model and the Starfleet Academy novel cover, which is way rad.

(Nathanius) #18

Greg Jein’s model is our thematic guide for the ENT era Romulans, the ship shown in the actual show looked too “new” and we’ve moved it to the TNG era actually. No doubt it was a distortion of history due to the temporal cold war :wink:

(Nathanius) #19

Wow… has it really been December since there was last something worth posting here? :astonished:

I am pleased to announce that as of this evening, on the 03/07/16, STC is now past HODgate and we’re loading again! :smiley:


Another Spoiler!

Yet another Spoiler!

So Spoilt...

Couldn't be more spoilt

That's just TNG!

(Sastrei) #20

Awwww yissss!!!