[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

(Leviathans Wrath) #203

I just loved it when he got roasted in the lava

(Nathanius) #204

You know, I never noticed that the menu song doesn’t get triggered post-game :stuck_out_tongue:

(Leviathans Wrath) #205

Trek vs Homeworld beast

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(Leviathans Wrath) #206

The power of Zim compels ya

(Nathanius) #207

You know I’ve been thinking of how to effectively do crossover mods, not come up with a good solution yet… especially for balance!

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(Trebic) #208

What do you mean by crossover mods?

(Nathanius) #209

You know like Star Trek vs Star Wars and that sort of thing.

You’d need the respective mods to share a core framework though, with something that could dynamically include races as mods were selected on the launcher.

Mostly a pipe dream really :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Trebic) #210

I’ve done that before with a Gundam and Macross mod . Along with balancing the teams (IMO each mod should try to balance their teams to the HW2 teams) there is also a locales issue. If both mods use locales, then they will need to use different numbers as there isn’t any way to dynamically create them .

A quick attempt at a base for a cross mod (Partially untested)

–Modified files
locale/localedat.lua ((UNTESTED))
ship/icons/shipicons.lua ((UNTESTED))

Modified files will load all files from the same named folder, each folder contains a ‘vanilla.lua’ which contains all the vanilla information. They can be used as an example. While multiple mods can contains these files, no two mods should have the same named files that contain the mods data. As such, when creating a new (say familylist) file, it should have a unique name (eg ‘scripts/familylist/startrek.lua’)

While the classdef and familylist should work (pulled from an earlier mod) the shipicons and localedat files may have errors as they are untested.

If two or more mods contain different versions of a crossmod, the version from the last loaded mod will be used.

(Nathanius) #211

Well well well! This is pretty much the common core I was imagining :open_mouth:

I need to dig into that and see what I can do with it :smiley:

We’ve done our balancing from Hiigaran Battlecruiser = Galaxy Class starship, then everything out from that up or down the scale is based on a size calculation with a multiplier for “era” . So we’re on board with that metre already :wink:

(Leviathans Wrath) #212

Someone once requested that Halo be added into hwu I wasn’t fond of the idea lol, I wanted to keep it hw themed based.

(Lathanturbes) #213

I was wondering if Star Trek Continuem is still getting patches and stuff like that, also do you have any plans to make a Discovery era?

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #214

The mod is still in active development, I hear there is an update brewing…

(Major Stress) #215


(Nathanius) #216

Knowing our old monthly patch release schedule, and all the time people get off over zombie jesus week, one might assume something could be coming very soon…

(Gregorymthompso1) #217

Are you planning to have the NX Interceptor or NX Diligent?

(Nathanius) #218

I didn’t even know these vessels existed @gthompsn :stuck_out_tongue:

I quite like the Diligent, and the pop out warp nacelles thing it’s got going on… I wouldn’t imagine I’d be able to get models for these two ships though, and I’m only introducing non-canon ships where necessary.

(Lathanturbes) #219

You should add some touches like the Intrepid class’s naccelles folding when going to warp and the Bird of Prey’s wings folding down in battle.

(Nathanius) #220

You mean like this that we did in 2011? I don’t think we have the B’rel wings on film, but they were done about the same time.

New Intrepid Warp FX - Mod DB
(Gregorymthompso1) #221

I don’t know if they are available, but think it would be worth a try.

I understand wanting to (mostly) stay official, but there are times like this where the fan stuff is worth it. For example, I like the Interceptor much better than the Intrepid-class Voyager (the warp nacelles are way too small on it) and the Diligent is an original, amazing concept.

Just my 2c, you’re the modders on this.

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #222

Shame they made such a great concept drawing and then wrote “heigth” instead of “height”…!