[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

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Very exciting… especially the Cardassian and Dominion/Breen fleets! I wish I had the gumption to make you guys a whole independent Breen fleet, but as it is, it’s been FAR TOO LONG since I’ve even contributed anything to the HW@ mod, much less anything else.

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Fun fact!

SobGroup_SetTactics({SOBGROUP}, PassiveTactics)

is now

SobGroup_SetROE({SOBGROUP}, PassiveROE)


SobGroup_GetTactics is now SobGroup_GetROE too

[SOLVED] SobGroup_SetTactics
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Never fear “Stress” is here…
I have been just a “little” busy in my internet exile. The TOS era of Continuum will be seeing quite a few new ships as well.

A few WIP’s from Stress Puppy studios

Will post more as progress is made :slight_smile:

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Oh wow this is looking bloody awesome :smiley:

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Hooray for the Saladin class!!!

(Major Stress) #26

The Saladin is actually the ship that looks kind of like the Kelvin. I want to stay true to the Franz Joseph blueprints, but i also don’t want a bunch of ships that are nothing more than “Saucers with bolted on nacelles”. So i am doing a little retconning, and adding a little bit of artistic license. The models base meshes are done, but more will be added/taken away/altered as they progress.

The one below the Saladin will be the Hermes scout. That ship will be more true to the FJ blueprint :wink:

The ship that will stay the truest to the FJ prints will be the Federation Class Dreadnought.

The other 2 ships are non canon post ent era, but pre TOS era. Yet not in the Kelvin timeline. The Detroyat has been around for some time, but nobody has ever made a decent 3d model of her that i know of. Atrahasis built one in the early 2000’s but his model is WAY too low res. I have a good set of blueprints so i figure why not. Plus i really like this ship.

Some may recognize the “triangle”. The McQuarrie Class is based off of the concept art for the never produced ST movie “Planet of the Titans”. Ralph McQuarrie (of Star Wars fame) redesigned the Enterprise, and added a “star destroyer” secondary hull. here is a concept sketch

As you can see my “McQuarrie” is a very similar design, but she is intended to be a Pre-TOS design that shares components with the Detroyat. Much like how the Saladin, Hermes, and Federation share components with the Constitution.

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These look badass! Love that you’ve added the concept Enterprise in there. What combat role is it getting?

(Major Stress) #28

That will be up to Nathan, but the intended role for the McQuarrie is support frigate, or light carrier. It has a huge hangar for a ship its size. while it cant build it should be able to land strike craft.

Detroyat is a destroyer/light cruiser/escort. depends on what else nathan has

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Dare I say Destroyat reminds me of a certain Ares class? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was no doubt an inspiration for the Ares :sunglasses:

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Hi all,

Just a quick poll on preferences to help with some decision making. There’s been zero help from GBX regarding the bug with our warp out animations so far, so we’ve come to a point where we need to decide how to handle it. @EvilleJedi and @dom2 have helpfully confirmed that I don’t appear to be doing anything wrong with the setup but we can still only use the warp out animation.

So what would you all prefer to see? Reduced functionality to hide the bug or just leave the bug visible and break immersion a little?

  • No warp during gameplay (still see warp in when built)
  • Broken warp out animation with unchanged gameplay

0 voters


What are the ships for the new animated show going to look like?

(Nathanius) #33

Not entirely sure what you’re asking there mate, but what’s broken at the moment is the warp out animation (where the ship moves forward and then the flash of it going FTL occurs).

Warp in is fine, hence the poll above


I was just wondering if you were going to use the design for the Discovery in the new series too.


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Heh, I definitely thought of that when I saw the Discovery trailer. They’re fairly essentially the same thing.

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Does anyone remember I got the badges working (poorly) with the old HW2 2.0 shaders from Cnl Pepper? They glowed like mad and didn’t dim with a cloak, completely unusable in the end. But now, it’s nice to see that they blend well :slight_smile:

I still want to reduce the transparency on the badges a bit more, to help with dark textures underneath, but playing with shaders is for later >_<



(doci7) #38

I understand badge blending was a hard nut to crack on non-grey hulls. Great work!

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Yay!!! That’s a great vid you guys!!!