[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

(doci7) #41

HECK THE FRIGGIN’ YEAH MICHIGAN! What a stupendous cameo from my homeland.

We could have been the setting of some Earth-stuff in a Star Trek picture you know… we’ve got Mackinac Bridge, and thus could’ve facilitated the absolutely essential presence of a big bridge in the background.

(Nathanius) #42

That’s true of a lot of places Kragle :laughing:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #43

He’s got a point, I can think of at least 3 other places that have bridges… maybe even 4.

(Nathanius) #44

Fun fact!

HWRM doesn’t like chr(13)! Use chr(10) instead :+1:t4:

(Snake_B5) #45

in string variables ? Why don’t you use /n ? (or did I completely misunderstand you post ? ^^)

(Nathanius) #46

This was in VB, in Excel, in our tuning sheet. We have our weapon and ship files automatically updated and we recently moved from Open office to Excel.

The game crashes if you use the wrong “flavour” of characters like a carriage return or quotation mark

(Snake_B5) #47

aaahh, ok ^^

(Nathanius) #48

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek today we are throwing open our doors! Star Trek: Continuum is now in a state of Public Beta! Going forward we plan to update the public version monthly :slight_smile:

Here is the workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=759628723

I would like to thank everyone here who’s helped us so far, and who will help us going forward. I hope you enjoy the mod that the team and I have gotten back on its feet! Next step is to start it walking, then run. Then it can fly! :smiley:

(Nathanius) #49

Playing around with some new Gorn by Aad Moerman, based on the SFC2 ships :slight_smile:

(Nathanius) #50

One of the things that I was very excited about with the tagging feature of HWRM was the ability to do era specific races. But that’s not all that you can do that’s era specific! What about… maps? :wink:

Here is our first draft of Mars through the terraforming process from the 21st to 23rd century!

[Details=ENT (essentially same as modern day Mars)]


[Details=TOS (progress has been made thickening the atmosphere)]


[Details=TMP (the water cycle has begun filling the basins with water and greening the planet)]


[Details=TNG (the climate has stabilised)]


(doci7) #51

That’s a really slick idea, and very well executed! I’m at a loss to imagine what other locations you could work era-related differences into though, except if Earth included different ESD’s. Well, I guess the lunar colony would be another thing.

(Nathanius) #52

The other big one I have in mind is Qo’nos, with an intact Praxis for ENT and TOS and a freshly exploded Praxis for TMP, maybe a cleaned up map with only the largest chunks of Praxis remaining for TNG…

I have a special experiment for Earth, and I had thought of different docks and installations going by :wink:

addSquadron doesn’t seen to want to work for me with background objects any more though, I don’t see the shipyards that I add to the Mars maps. Did anything change around that?

(Siber) #53

Maybe it doesn’t like you putting things outside the map boundaries… but don’t you add mars itself that way?

(Nathanius) #54

Nope, Mars is part of the background now. As are Phobos and Deimos

(Siber) #55

you can add whatever extra textured geometery to backgrounds as you want, so I guess you might end up needing to put the shipyards in the background mesh?

(Sastrei) #56

Is addSquadron crashing it or just being ignored? Make sure they didn’t add an extra parameter like they did with the salvage line.

(Nathanius) #57

I found I can only add one extra mesh to the background in addition to the planet, and having things in the map area (or close to it) might be difficult. The tiny Phobos and Deimos meshes look huge in the background, which wouldn’t suit for drydocks…

Ignored, more testing is required, I got side-tracked with shared texture fixes last night :laughing:

I also think Salvage is added as part of the game rule, not the map, but there’s maps with big hunks of debris in it so I’ll have a look at the defaults there for a clue!


I ended up just copying the *.ship file of a piece of wreckage from one of the default maps. Something in there is flagging it for the game to load the HOD, don’t know what though. But I got my map objects to show! Yay :smiley:

(Nathanius) #58

My first attempt at an Earth map unwittingly got me a star :confused:

(B8factor) #59

and yet it is still cool… hehe

(doci7) #60

Looks like the Feds finally failed to save Earth :smile:

EDIT: It’s probably 31 years after Nemesis and they’d built a sun-eating trans-galactic multi-planetary siege weapon into Earth, and this is the result of that weapon backfiring - possibly related to a catastrophic failure of the thermal oscillator.