[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

(El Rizzo) #61

Reminds me a bit about the sun flyby in the Voyager intro :slight_smile:

(Nathanius) #62

Some of my efforts making backgrounds leave me scratching my head for far longer than I will ever admit, others leave me breathless :smiley:

(doci7) #63

Yup, what we have here is a classic example of clinical visual therapy.

(Sastrei) #64

Hot damn. :open_mouth:

(El Rizzo) #65

Looks beautiful !


Beautiful ship. Makes me want to watch the movies/shows. :slight_smile:

(Nathanius) #67

(El Rizzo) #68

Looks awesome :heart_eyes: , it’s funny, this looks probably better than the CG in old Star Trek shows :smiley:

(Nathanius) #69

The Andorian destroyer is making a debut this weekend! Good work @Brandenator! :slight_smile:

(Nathanius) #70

More pretty pictures for the people! Also, large objects are hard to take screen shots of… :confused:

(doci7) #71

Wowwy wow! Homeworld gets a proper megalith! I’m surprised the game lets you render something of this magnitude.

(Nathanius) #72

The old HW2C let us use it, but I did notice a bit of lag starting up when I had four of them on the map :sweat_smile:

I did also have 16x AA and other options set to max for pretty pretty screen shotting though…

(El Rizzo) #73

Well 4k AND 16x AA can be a bit taxing even on powerful systems :stuck_out_tongue: though I can run the game just fine with 4k downsamlping + 4xAA at constant 60 fps (I use an fps limit), so it really isn’t too demanding.

(doci7) #74

I can… erm… run the game. :sweat_smile:

(Nathanius) #75

Another Gorn ship has had some love! This one is by Aad Moerman :slight_smile:

(doci7) #76

From whence comes such designs? Are they original to this mod?

(Sastrei) #77

Their Facebook post says Starfleet Command 2: http://gameswalls.com/star-trek-starfleet-command-2/star-trek-ship/1024x768

(doci7) #78

Thanks! It appears they adapted it extremely well!!!

(Nathanius) #79

Took me two weeks to get this ship mesh and textures swapped over! I still need to line all the joints etc up again, but I really liked these screenshots and wanted to share :smiley:

(El Rizzo) #80

Looks gorgeous ! :astonished: