[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

(Nathanius) #81

Accidentally got a great screenshot showing the new lighting system of the beams, look how that near miss from the ally behind the Nebula lights it up! :smiley:

(El Rizzo) #82

That screenshot reminds me so much of Star Trek Armada II only with MUCH better grapics :smiley:

(Nathanius) #83

STA2 could never do formations :wink:

(El Rizzo) #84

True :smiley: man this looks awesome !

(Nathanius) #85

Here’s a nice overhaul, added in all the new trimmings!

Old K'Leev

New K'Leev

(Nathanius) #86

Hi all,

Posted a big update to STC last night but the workshop tool seems to have split the upload in half. I would appreciate anyone who’s looked at it mentioning if it’s all still good, as there was a 280mb upload last night, a 3mb upload this morning and 270~ish mb downloading from Steam after the second update push.

Change notes are here:

[details=Change Notes]Ship Improvements

  • kng_TMP_kleev
  • rom_ENT_chrihan

New Ships

  • fed_TNG_repairship
  • kng_TNG_repairship
  • rom_TNG_repairship

New Features

  • Activated HwRM style strike groups
  • Repair ships auto-repair

Bug Fixes

  • Cloak detection is now effective
  • Glow shader on Asteroids was inactive


  • Ship icons moved to new icon scaling format
  • Random maps no longer include backgrounds with HWR megaliths
  • Removed health bars from shield subsystems[/details]

(doci7) #87

I was going to verify that the mod worked, when the disturbing and unthinkable happened… I realized I’d never subbed to the REMASTERED version of the mod :anguished:

Well, I better correct that immediately!

(doci7) #88

Following up: I played a match as Cardassians today and nothing crashed, if that helps.

(Nathanius) #89

It does! I’m always dubious of Steam’s diff patching system at the best of times. Good to have a few people say it’s not broken to reassure me :smile:

(doci7) #90

So, as someone who really hasn’t played the mod much in the past, I wondered if the other factions had some better scouting options?

The experience of playing the mod seems incredibly polished, with sound design, effects and AI all showing clear signs of incredible close attention to fine detail… precisely the things one would expect to be most deficient in a TC. The only two things that seemed to detract from the experience were unit visibility and scouting. I started playing on the Black Hole level, but found it too difficult to see my stuff, so I moved to Pillars of Creation, which was awesome. Of course part of the problem might just be that I keep my brightness settings too low. But I think some of the smallest units might benefit from more intense NLIPS too.

And then, like I said, scouting. Repelling enemy attacks was great. I was playing against Romulans, and greatly enjoyed their tendency to bait me in with a handful of easy-to-destroy scouts and then decloak gobs of Destroyers and Cruisers. But trying to retaliate was too frustrating. I jumped to one RU bank after another, found one mining group to kill, went back to the search, and then eventually had to give up so I’d have enough time to get ready for work, lol. The maps are huge, which is cool, but I guess it seems like there’s a need for something with a proportionately larger sensors range.

These are the impressions of a farily fresh set of eyes, and I hope they’re helpful.

(Nathanius) #91

Those are very helpful notes indeed! We’ve done some scouts for most of the races/eras but we’re lacking a lot of probes. I play without NLIPS but I think I added the NLIPS values in so people could turn them on?

Lighting is less pseudo-realistic than the old mod, but I think unit visibility is much improved. Perhaps try tabbing so that the tactical overlays are always visible for you?

(doci7) #92

Yeah, I probably should have tried that in retrospect :smiley:

(Nathanius) #93

Some more screenshots! Because I can :smiley:

USS Brisbane, on the job!

New Norexan class model

(Snake_B5) #94


(Taiidan Republic Mod) #95

That explosion is amazing.

(Nathanius) #96

We have made it into the top 100 of the ModDB mod of the year competition! If you have a moment please take some time to vote for us :slight_smile:

There are a lot of strong contestants in there this year, STA3 and Star Trek Infinities also deserve a vote if you’re rooting for Continuum as the mod team behind those mods have been donating models to us :wink:

(Nathanius) #97

More pictures! This time we’re doing the USS Typhon and its fighters. Except for the Mk3 Valkyrie all ships are by Armagosa. I’ve just finished setting up dock paths and will be onto door animations next. Going to use this as an opportunity to try the “per path” animations that are exampled in the Kadeshi fuel pod :smiley:

[details=USS Typhon]


[details=Valkyrie Squadron]


FYI, this is the game that these ships are from:

(Nathanius) #98

Still trying to pretend to effectively be able to script in LUA, so the warp bug is not ironed out yet but @major_stress has almost finished his Detroyat!

(Nathanius) #99

More progress with the Maquarrie class from @Major_Stress!

(Nathanius) #101

Badges! On doors! That split the badge when it opens! :smiley: