[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

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(Siber) #103

I am curious why you guys have dropped the survival mode. Did you run into problems updating it, or just lack interest in maintaining it?

(Nathanius) #104

It’s still there, just not active at the moment. To be honest I’ve not had a structured approach to fixing/converting things over. Bringing survival mode back online is not a bad thought for March :slight_smile:

Speaking of, here’s our change log for what we uploaded last night!

Change Notes

Ship Improvements

  • fed_ENT_bonaventure
  • fed_ENT_challenger
  • fed_ENT_daedalus
  • fed_ENT_discovery
  • fed_ENT_flagship
  • fed_ENT_intrepid
  • fed_ENT_minuteman
  • fed_ENT_nx
  • fed_ENT_poseidon
  • fed_ENT_yorktown
  • fed_TNG_flagship
  • fed_TNG_sovereign
  • fed_TOS_constitution
  • fed_TOS_detroyat
  • fed_TOS_flagship
  • kng_ENT_bop
  • kng_ENT_d4
  • kng_ENT_flagship
  • kng_ENT_goroth
  • kng_ENT_k18
  • kng_ENT_outpost
  • kng_TMP_bertaa
  • kng_TMP_brel
  • kng_TMP_fighter
  • kng_TMP_flagship
  • kng_TMP_nethak
  • kng_TMP_outpost
  • kng_TMP_resourcecontroller
  • kng_TMP_shipyard_S
  • kng_TMP_stalker
  • kng_TMP_swordofkahless
  • kng_TMP_tamhey
  • kng_TMP_vodleh
  • kng_TOS_d12
  • kng_TOS_d3
  • kng_TOS_d7
  • kng_TOS_fighter
  • kng_TOS_flagship
  • kng_TOS_k30
  • kng_TOS_outpost
  • kng_TOS_predator
  • kng_TOS_resourcecontroller
  • kng_TOS_shipyard

Bug Fixes

  • Added the missing LATCH EXIT path for the Cardassian shipyards
  • Hid the Romulan Spy research as the UI elements for it need to be recreated for HWRM
  • Fixed a bug in the Typhon script

Scripting Improvements

  • Re-implemented unit caps as fleet sizes (including a “no fighters” unit cap)
  • Re-implemented the 60 second warp cooldown to help Multiplayer balance (no UI prompt sorry)

Special Mention
You can all thank @major_stress for the fantastic new ENT era animated bussard

(Nathanius) #105

Thanks to Aad Moerman we now have a Gorn resource controller!

This is now officially “ran into problems updating it”

(Nathanius) #106

While there are a few bugs plaguing us there’s still some good progress going on! I redid some normal maps for ENT era Romulan ships tonight and gave them badges!

T'Rehu Destroyer

Ch'Havran Plasma Lance Battlecruiser

Ch'Rihan Carrier

(Sastrei) #107

Mojo posted brand new renders on his Facebook page of itty bitty Copernicus Station, a late TNG era shuttle hub.

(Nathanius) #108

You mean this station?

I don’t know Mojo so it would be hard to find his Facebook without a link :sweat_smile:

(Sastrei) #109


(Nathanius) #110

We have the March update up on Steam now :slight_smile:

Change Log

Ship Improvements

  • rom_TOS_stenvastam
  • rom_TOS_sehin
  • rom_TOS_praetor
  • rom_TOS_mularr
  • rom_TOS_hathos
  • rom_TOS_fighter
  • rom_TOS_d7
  • rom_TOS_birdofprey
  • rom_TOS_battlehawk
  • rom_ENT_trehu
  • rom_ENT_resourcecontroller
  • rom_ENT_pontilus
  • rom_ENT_karatek
  • rom_ENT_flagship
  • rom_ENT_erehin
  • rom_ENT_dreadnought
  • rom_ENT_chrihan
  • rom_ENT_chhavran
  • grn_TMP_fighter
  • grn_TMP_destroyer
  • fed_TOS_constitution
  • fed_TOS_flagship

New Ships

  • grn_TMP_resourcecontroller
  • grn_TMP_resourcecollector

Bug Fixes

  • Improved docking path for Galaxy Class integration
  • Fixed the NX upgrade animation

Scripting Improvements

  • Stargazer has returned to migrate the old explosion script into the new Custom Code, many improvements are immediately visible

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures :sweat_smile:

(doci7) #111

Couldn’t wait a few more days for April 5? :smile::smile::sweat_smile:

(Nathanius) #112

Why April 5? :thinking:

(doci7) #113

I meant in observance of First Contact Day. It’s the negative-forty-sixth anniversary this year, if my math serves me. Negative forty six is the transparent aluminum anniversary I believe, but that probably only applies to weddings.

EDIT: How embarrassing to discover I had “FIST Contact Day” written here for a day or so.

(Nathanius) #114

Well then, in honour of “fist” contact day here is a new Klingon ship. (That sorta goes together? :thinking: )

This is the Ravenous

I place the Ravenous as early early TOS, so a contemporary of the MacQuarrie that @Major_Stress has been gently honing over the past short while. You’ll find that these ships tend to shoot ahead of your main force to try to get behind an approaching enemy fleet so you can pincer them between these ships and your main force.

(doci7) #115

Very much so, and the honour part helps it even that much more!!! :smile::smile:

That’s a really nice Klingon ship! I would’ve suspected it was a step between the Undiscovered Country-era cruisers and the Vor’Cha. Mentally I’m going to try to log it away as a design to remember for the lost age of Star Trek, during the Enterprise-C days.

(Nathanius) #116

There are two reasons I placed this in TOS

  1. Neck support struts, only the ENT era Klingons had that design element
  2. TOS had the least Klingon ships :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, Klingons are hard because they kept reusing ships over time. I could see this as a contemporary of the Ambassador class as well now that you mention it :confused:

(doci7) #117

Reviewing the Raptor design, I think I could see this being a successor to that just about as well. I’m just more curious about the space between TNG and TOS eras than the space between TOS and Scott Bakula eras, so I’m sure that painted my expectations.

(Nathanius) #118

So with some tinkering the issue with the survival mode from @EatThePath’s Fulcrum mod seems to be foreach statements when waves are called :thinking:

According to the LUA manual “foreach” doesn’t exist :confused:


//EDIT: The issue with the survival script was found! Everything was too expensive, so nothing was ever put into the spawn lists, so of course they were null… :sweat_smile:

We’re going to work towards having this in the May or June update, depending on polish etc

(Snake_B5) #119

What are you trying to do ?

The for loop can be used in a table to traverse it.

Examples :

mytable = {3, 7, 9, 15}
For index, value in mytable do
	print(index.." : "..value)

will print :
1 : 3
2 : 7
3 : 9
4 : 15

mytable = {a=3, b=7, c=9, d=15}
For index, value in mytable do
	print(index.." : "..value)

will print :
a : 3
b : 7
c : 9
d : 15

(Nathanius) #120

It was pointed out to me that “foreach” (as opposed to “for” something something as in your example) is actually a thing in HW2/HWRM, but not in vanilla LUA 4. :thinking:

The actual problem was that there wasn’t enough RU budget for any wave, so nothing was ever added into any spawn lists, so when the foreach was called it was always nil…

Debugging is hard :expressionless:

(Snake_B5) #121

I didn’t even know that foreach was a thing in hw2/hwr !
There is some trace of it in save.lua. I suppose it’s hardcoded and calls the for loop under the hood, perhaps.