[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

(Nathanius) #122

Well the results are in! Thanks to Stargazer for pointing out the obvious and @EatThePath for providing his latest and greatest version of the script, we now have a fully operational Invasion mode (i.e. Survival mode from Fulcrum)!

We’ve only done TNG for the moment, I plan to do one era each month for the next few months to keep interest up and allow for proper bug testing

(Siber) #123

You know, if I remember rightly this is the second time you’ve had to fix that problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you got it working again!

(Nathanius) #124

Probably… It’s like taking an exam. Cram cram cram and then forget it all the next day :no_mouth:

(Nathanius) #125

New patch is live :slight_smile:

Patch Notes

New Ships

  • car_TNG_hideki_grey {By Dark Sentinel}
  • car_TNG_shuttlepod {By Dark Sentinel}
  • fed_TOS_mcquarrie {By Major Stress}
  • kng_TOS_ravenous

New Features

  • Invasion mode for TNG era by Homeworld Fulcrum
  • Quantum torpedoes are no longer volleys by default, some ships now have a “missile volley” command for this

Bug Fixes

  • Resource Controllers and Collectors no longer count towards Utility unit cap

FX improvements

  • Federation Phaser, ENT era
  • Federation Pulse Phaser, TOS era

Ship Improvements

  • fed_TNG_starbase {By Stargazer}
  • kng_TNG_bomber
  • kng_TNG_e7
  • kng_TNG_fekhlr
  • kng_TNG_fighter
  • kng_TNG_flagship
  • kng_TNG_kron
  • kng_TNG_ktochvah
  • kng_TNG_kvek
  • kng_TNG_kvort
  • kng_TNG_neghvar
  • kng_TNG_nuqduj
  • kng_TNG_repairship
  • kng_TNG_starbase
  • kng_TNG_suqjagh
  • kng_TNG_torpedoturret
  • kng_TNG_vorcha
  • rom_TMP_birdofprey
  • rom_TMP_bomber
  • rom_TMP_draconarius
  • rom_TMP_dtalla
  • rom_TMP_fighter
  • rom_TMP_firehawk
  • rom_TMP_starglider
  • rom_TMP_stormbird
  • rom_TNG_bomber
  • rom_TNG_dderidex
  • rom_TNG_fighter
  • rom_TNG_griffin
  • rom_TNG_hatham
  • rom_TNG_norexan
  • rom_TNG_raptor
  • rom_TNG_repairship
  • rom_TNG_shrike
  • rom_TNG_talon
  • rom_TNG_tvaro
  • rom_TNG_veles

There’s also a bunch of beauty shots of the McQuarrie by @Major_Stress being released with the patch notes :slight_smile:

McQuarrie Class screenshots

Also, be sure to check out the Federation Spacedock animations! I spent days on it, and they were good to start with!

Federation Spacedock

(Nathanius) #126

June patch is live!

Patch Notes

New Ships

  • car_TNG_dreadnought {By Dark Sentinel}
  • car_TNG_advroboticsinstitute

New Features

  • Invasion mode for TMP era by Homeworld Fulcrum
    NOTE: There’s no civilian stations or anything, just the experience… and the Gorn
  • Added version reference to the main menu

Bug Fixes

  • The Romulans can now be selected as enemies in TNG Invasion
  • Changed the minimal family to find a path around, hopefully improving ship pathfinding

FX improvements

  • Specular on all maps tweaked
  • Shaders tweaked

Ship Improvements

  • car_TNG_brinok
  • car_TNG_flagship
  • car_TNG_galor
  • car_TNG_keldon
  • car_TNG_kulinor
  • car_TNG_legate
  • car_TNG_shuttlepod {By Dark Sentinel}
  • fed_TOS_dreadnought {By Major Stress}
  • grn_TMP_grendel {By Aad Moerman}
  • kng_ENT_outpost
  • kng_ENT_shipyard
  • kng_TNG_CIV_orbitalstation
  • kng_TNG_CIV_tradingstation
  • kng_TNG_CIV_ordinancedepot
  • kng_TNG_constructionship
  • kng_TNG_pulseturret
  • kng_TNG_resourcecollector
  • kng_TNG_resourcecontroller
  • kng_TNG_shipyard
  • kng_TNG_shipyard_S
Federation Class by @major_stress

Cardassian Dreadnought Missile by @dark_sentinel

(doci7) #127

That wily old Dark Sentinel went and made the Dreadnought Missile too, eh? Well, that makes my day!

(Nathanius) #128

Please enjoy these screenshots of some ships shared with STC by Max Loef of Star Trek Armada 3 and Infinities :slight_smile:

(Nebula1701) #129

Those look fantastic!

Max Loef sure did a great job on em.

Been years since I’ve been able to talk to him xD

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #130

I also love the planet in the background…

(Nathanius) #131

July update went live overnight, here’s some patch notes :slight_smile:

Patch Notes

New Features

  • TOS Invasion (Basic script)

Bug Fixes

  • “red icons” UI error due to memory overload when all four TNG races were on a map
  • Turret pivot on kng_ENT_bop

New Ships

  • fed_TMP_constellation {by Max Loef}
  • fed_TMP_excelsior {by Max Loef}
  • fed_TMP_flagship {by Max Loef}
  • fed_TNG_norway {by Max Loef}
  • fed_TNG_sabre {by Max Loef}
  • fed_TNG_steamrunner {by Max Loef}
  • grn_TMP_heavycruiser {by Aad Moerman}
  • rom_TMP_CIV_researchstation {by Aad Moerman}
  • rom_TMP_CIV_tradingstation {by Aad Moerman}
  • rom_TNG_resourcecontroller {by Aad Moerman}

Ship Improvements

  • rom_ENT_outpost
  • rom_ENT_shipyard
  • rom_TOS_outpost
  • rom_TOS_resourcecontroller
  • rom_TOS_shipyard_S
  • rom_TMP_outpost
  • rom_TMP_resourcecontroller
  • rom_TMP_shipyard_S
  • rom_TNG_CIV_orbitaloffices
  • rom_TNG_constructionship
  • rom_TNG_pulseturret
  • rom_TNG_resourcecollector
  • rom_TNG_starbase
  • rom_TNG_torpedoturret

Map Improvements

  • Earth

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #132

How did you solve that in the end?

Also, I’m impressed that your July update comes on the first day of July!

(Nathanius) #133

We changed the core three races (fed, kng, rom) to be four races each. So instead of us filtering by starting fleet everything is separate now.
We were able to keep the original “all in” race for possible future projects and just refer to those files from the new race’s files :sunglasses:

Our July update is what we’ve accomplished in June, it’s all a matter of timing :wink:

(Nathanius) #134

Nathan used mattescissor!

It was super effective :sunglasses:

(Sastrei) #135

That looks gorgeous! And well, pretty close to an episode scene, maybe even better? :smiley:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #136

… which is?


How many polys in that borg cube?

Also, do you have any documentation describing the game modes and/or singleplayer campaign?

(Nathanius) #138

It’s a shader, same one used on the ghost ship

The one in the picture is something like 20k polys, but an only slightly inferior effect can be achieved with 24 triangles :wink:

You mean our game modes? We don’t have any documentation around it, just comments in the files. We have no singleplayer material at the moment except for the Invasion mode…

(Nathanius) #139

August Patch is now up people :slight_smile:

Patch Notes

New Ships

  • car_TNG_tonga {by dark_sentinel}
  • brg_TNG_cube {by Max Loef}
  • fed_TOS_saladin {by Major Stress}
  • fed_TOS_starbase {by Connor}
  • grn_TMP_lightcruiser {by Aad Moerman} (pictured above)

Ship Improvements

  • brg_TNG_assimilator
  • brg_TNG_destroyer {by Aad Moerman}
  • brg_TNG_detector
  • brg_TNG_diamond {by Aad Moerman}
  • brg_TNG_sphere
  • brg_TNG_tascticalcube
  • car_TNG_fighter
  • car_TNG_flagship
  • car_TNG_galor
  • car_TNG_hideki
  • car_TNG_hideki_grey
  • car_TNG_janissary
  • car_TNG_keldon
  • car_TNG_kulinor
  • car_TNG_norin
  • car_TNG_sartan
  • car_TNG_shuttlepod
  • fed_ENT_maco
  • fed_TMP_midway
  • fed_TNG_CIV_orbitaloffices
  • fed_TNG_CIV_tradingstation
  • fed_TNG_CIV_upgradestation
  • fed_TNG_galaxy
  • fed_TNG_galaxy_saucer
  • fed_TNG_galaxy_stardrive
  • fed_TNG_peregrine
  • fed_TNG_phaserturret
  • fed_TNG_probe
  • fed_TNG_resourcecontroller
  • fed_TNG_shipyard
  • fed_TNG_shipyard_S
  • fed_TNG_torpedoturret
  • fed_TNG_venture
  • fed_TOS_constitution
  • fed_TOS_detroyat
  • fed_TOS_dreadnought
  • fed_TOS_firestorm
  • fed_TOS_flagship
  • fed_TOS_mcquarrie
  • fed_TOS_outpost
  • fed_TOS_resourcecontroller

New Features

  • ENT era invasion basic script
  • car_TNG_legate plasma torpedo

(Nathanius) #140

And now for something completely different :smiley:

Thanks to @major_stress for the fantastic work!

(Nathanius) #141

Thanks to Aad Moerman, here we are another step closer to a playable Gorn race!