[MOD] Star Trek Continuum | General progress and discussion thread

(doci7) #162

I never thought I’d say it, but HOORAY for shaders! This is the kind of sorcery I could really get used to!

(Eville Jedi) #163

Is the mesh an animation or a ship swap?

Also curious if you are using a shader to fade in a borgified texture overlay or just using the mesh

(Nathanius) #164

Which mesh sorry? There’s a lot going on when a ship is assimilated :slight_smile:

The “chunks” on it are FX that are played, this lets us do randomisation of what shows where.
The colouring of the ship and the NavLights are all controlled through the shader system.

No ship swapping is involved in the assimilation process!

(Eville Jedi) #165

okay, I was hoping that you found a way to use the shader system to blend in a new texture when it got borgified, I need something similar for my disable script.

(Nathanius) #166

Ask @Dark_Sentinel, he has a way and that very method is a possible “version 2.0, now with more Borg!” version of the shader that we could use. It would just mean making extra textures for everything :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nathanius) #167

December patch is now up!

We have unleashed the Borg :slight_smile:

Change Notes

New Race

  • The Borg Collective

New Ships

  • brg_TNG_outpost
  • brg_TNG_probe
  • brg_TNG_pulseturret
  • brg_TNG_torpedoturret
  • brg_TNG_pyramid
  • brg_TNG_scoutcube
  • grn_TMP_scout {by Aad Moerman}

New Subsystems

  • brg_TNG_tacticalarmour

Updated Ships

  • brg_TNG_assimilator
  • brg_TNG_cube
  • brg_TNG_destroyer
  • brg_TNG_detector
  • brg_TNG_diamond
  • brg_TNG_flagship
  • brg_TNG_resourcecollector
  • brg_TNG_resourcecontroller
  • brg_TNG_sphere
  • brg_TNG_tacticalcube
  • {many ships were adjusted to account for Borg assimilation requirements}
  • Bulk update of Cardassian ship bump texture maps

Updated SFX

  • Gorn ambient and battle music

New Scripting

Updated Scripting

  • Assimilation ShaderFX by Dark_Sentinel
  • Assimilation (Special ability “Drones” for some larger Borg ships)
  • AssimilationFX chunks by Brandonater
  • Updated invasion scripting for Borg defense units

(Nathanius) #168

Happy New Year everyone!

Extra special update with whole new music playlists for everything this time :slight_smile:

Change Notes

New Music

  • All new ENT era music playlist for Federation, Klingon and Romulan races by MrPras
  • All new TMP era music playlist for Federation, Klingon and Romulan races by MrPras
  • All new TNG era music playlist for Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Borg, Cardassian and Dominion races by MrPras

New Ships

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Dominion Alliance script
  • Decreased “safe distance” of bombardment range for large targets so phasers will be used too
  • Fixed minimum avoidance family for Borg and Federation TNG resource collectors so they will dock smoothly
  • rom_ENT_chrihan no longer has build ability
  • Klingon ENT capital ship cap can now be completely filled out as not all are in the “destroyer” subcategory now

New Features

  • Instant completion of research option added to Deathmatch games

(Nathanius) #169

Another month, another upload!

Change Notes

Updated Ships

  • car_TNG_hutet {all new model by Dark_Sentinel}
  • kng_ENT_d4 {model by kjc733}

New Ships
All new Dominion ships by Aad Moerman

  • dom_TNG_outpost
  • dom_TNG_strike
  • dom_TNG_shipyard
  • dom_TNG_shipyard_S
  • dom_TNG_shipyard_D
  • dom_TNG_pulseturret
  • dom_TNG_torpedoturret
  • dom_TNG_CIV_sciencestation
  • dom_TNG_CIV_tradestation
  • dom_TNG_CIV_upgradestation
  • dom_TNG_starbase
  • dom_TNG_virulent {by RedDragon}

New Downloadable Content

New Hutet by @Dark_Sentinel

(DoomLord) #170

Seeing Data with a violin made my heart skip a beat :heart:

(doci7) #171

Holy Hutet! That second picture especially rocked my socks!!! Dark is the true master of Cardassians.

(Nathanius) #172

There’s been issues with SourceForge and the Australian excuse for internet over this past week so this update is a bit late!

Change Log

New Scripts

  • Brinok Drones

New Ships

  • car_TNG_brinok_drone {by Dark_Sentinel}
  • dom_TNG_assault {by Aad Moerman}
  • fed_TMP_ambassador {by Major Stress}
  • grn_TMP_repairship {by Aad Moerman}

Updated Ships

  • dom_TNG_chelgrett {by Aad Moerman}
  • dom_TNG_dreadnought {by Aad Moerman}
Major Stress' Ambassador

Dark Sentinel's Brinok Drones

(Nathanius) #173

Hi All,

Got another update on Steam! Mostly aesthetic improvements this month alongside some more Dominion ships. We’re just a resource controller and collector away from a full Dominion ship list :slight_smile:

Change Log

New Ships

  • dom_TNG_heavycruiser
  • dom_TNG_lightcruiser
  • dom_TNG_repairship
  • dom_TNG_scout

Updated Ships

  • dom_TNG_warship
  • fed_TMP_ambassador
  • fed_TNG_galaxy
  • fed_TNG_galaxy_saucer
  • fed_TNG_galaxy_stardrive
  • fed_TOS_constitution
  • fed_TOS_detroyat
  • fed_TOS_dreadnought
  • fed_TOS_flagship
  • fed_TOS_mcquarrie
  • fed_TOS_outpost
  • fed_TOS_saladin
  • kng_TOS_D7
  • kng_TOS_flagship
  • rom_TNG_talon
  • rom_TOS_birdofprey
  • rom_TOS_D7

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected docking issue with fed_TMP_shipyard
Images of updated ships

(doci7) #174

Darn, it had to be a crucial couple of ships :sweat_smile:

(Nathanius) #176

We’re over the hump with the Dominion! Just got some polishing left to do, can’t imagine that they won’t be released with the next update :slight_smile:

Have some double wide 4k HD screenshots of me testing things!

(Nathanius) #177

Aad Moerman has come through with a Gorn Outpost! There’s still a few stations left but they’re almost done :smiley:

(Nathanius) #178

Thanks to @Brandenator for the smashing trailer below! I hope everyone enjoys the Dominion :smile:

(Nathanius) #179

Here’s a technically challenging update for you all to enjoy and be frustrated over, when used against you :wink:

Change Log

New Ships

  • fed_TNG_premonition {model by Queball}
  • fed_TNG_superweapon {model by Aad Moerman}

New Scripts

  • Cardassian Dreadnought Missile Custom Command Script
  • Federation (TNG) Manheim Effect Custom Command Script

(Siber) #180

Are any of the dominion ship designs 100% original to STC? There’s a few that look pretty novel to my eyes(and also not bad at all)

(Nathanius) #181

The majority of the Dominion ships are sourced from Aad Moerman on MSFC, the canon ships and the Strike Cruiser all were kindly donated by Max Loef at STA3 :wink:

(Nathanius) #182

Patch notes for the July update :slight_smile:

Patch Notes

New Ships {All new additions by Aad Moerman}

  • grn_TMP_shipyard_S
  • kng_TNG_jacheng
  • kng_TNG_shipyard_D
  • rom_TNG_phoenix
  • rom_TNG_shipyard_D

New Scripts

  • Build Restrict overhauled (Fighter restrict and Superweapon restrict accessible from game setup screen)
  • Romulan Rift Generator Custom Command Script
  • Klingon Subspace Wave Custom Command Script
    (Please note we’ve not figured out how to make the Subspace Wave push or do any damage yet as this weapon type does not exist in HWRM)


  • Updated auto-repair script to improve performance of repair target selection
  • Added new format build descriptions for most old ST:Armada units

Bug Fixes

  • kng_TNG_bertaa is now buildable again