[MOD] Star Wars: Remastered

This is a total conversion thad replaces the Higgarans with the Empire. The Rebels are not finished. I will later add the CIS and the Republik.

I need help for this mod so if you can mod homeworld or have experience in modeling contact me in steam or join the Task Force Bravo Teamspeak: ts.taskforcebravo.com:38020


  • finish Empire
  • Rebels
  • Republik
  • CIS
  • textures
  • better 3d meshes

All ships are not final if you dont like them write it down in the comments. I will change them in time.

v2: - added Imperial Star Destroyer as Flagship

  • adjusted the Startingfleet
  • new model for the assaultfrigate
    v3: - named Higgara Empire
    v4: - started porting Star Wars: Warlords models and textures
    v5: - Star Destroyer dockingpaths fix
    v6: - corvette update
    v7: - fighter update
    v8: - new battlecruiser (imp)
    v9: - new turrets for battlecruiser and destroyer
  • sound for the new turrets and TIE’s

Sounds good but no extra races appear in-game…
It crashes when I play as the Hiigarans is what I mean.

As must always be said - make SURE you are using HODOR to build your new ships.

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Where do I find an Tutorial?

That is a really bad sign. The next patch will NOT accept HOD files made or edited in any other way or tool. Zero. And existing Mods will have to rebuild with HODOR. The format is vastly updated.

And hence why there hasn’t been an Updated SW:Warlords mod yet :-p so many many changes to work on


Thanks, we are trying to switch now

We’ve got lots of Examples in the Steam Workshop with valid DAEs, BTW - So there are examples for nearly anything - plus most Mod authors here understand this stuff pretty well now… :slight_smile: Good luck!


Exactly. It will be tons of work. We just established a pipeline to redo all files in max. The up side is that we’ll get the chance to match the industry’s standard when it comes to polycount and texture/normal map size ect. :smiley:

Not criticizing, just commenting that if *HOD format will or would change that much, why not creating a new extension to address that like *.HOE or *.HO2 (i’m trying to avoid HOG and HOR). Anyway, I don’t understand a thing about IT, just simplistic thinking (i.e. don’t laugh too much).

The mod has been taken down. Are you just working on it, or has it been taken down for good?

Its dead