Mod Support And a Couple Questions

I’m so excited that gbx was smart enough to let the mod community fix the game. After seeing what they did to keep bl2 going for years im really looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do.

Do you think GBX will restrict what the modders can do? Like if they come out with a mod to weed out the useless anointments. Think GBX will let that happen?

Also since gbx is embracing the mod community so early in the bl3 life cycle, do you think this is a sign that they’re not going to put too many more resources into the game?

What mods would you like to see?

Just as a warning: it’s tough to discuss the full breadth of modding on the forums due to forum rules. You can actually send suggestions to the BL3 mod team on Discord.

Some of the skill overhauls for FL4K are interesting, so I’d like to see how far they can be pushed.


Why would we not be able to discuss something that gbx officially endorses?

GBX doesn’t officially endorse or support modding. It’s generally frowned upon to discuss it in these forums.

On that note, I’m excited to play around with the randomizer.

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Gbx is ok with modding in bl3. They’re even letting their chosen youtubers promote it.

They’re ok with it to the point that they won’t actively try to shut it down. But they don’t officially support it. The youtubers aren’t on the GBX or 2K payroll, so they are free to do as they please.

This youtuber is on the GBX content creator team, so yeah he isn’t free to do as he pleases. Did you even watch the video? It’s got an explanation in it. This is being condoned by GBX. They are supporting and endorsing this.

Can’t discuss console mods or datamining. Console mods can be handled with a bit of self moderation (console players wouldn’t discuss mods they don’t have access to) but depending on which mods are being discussed they can break the datamining rule.


When you say consume mods do you mean console xbox, ps5 or the console that’s built into some pc games? Not sure if bl on pc has a console or not.

They haven’t taken any measures against modding though either in BL3 as opposed to BL2’s sanity check. So they seem less opposed to it now than in BL2.

To me, this implies they’re done doing any support on the game.


They still have at least one more DLC on the way so if anything, I’d guess the content they’re selling in the spring will be things that aren’t yet in the game, so they can’t be modded.

As a console player, it kind of sucks to be missing out. The PS4 Skyrim edition allowed people to download and use select mods. If Gearbox put such a feature on consoles versions of Borderlands 3 they’d be really valuing us as gamers.


Xbox and PS5.

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What do you think we’ll see for pc mods?

The mods are already pretty good, just DM me.
Unfortunately I made a topic about those cool mods, but some stupid admin removed, for some reason GBX can support mods but we can’t talk about it


so this is still not official?
like we may still not talk about it here?
because i would love to promote how i will fix the game :v


I just fixed mine, a real borderlands experience now

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it’s hilarious to see things that should have been done by GB like fixes for the inexplicably non anointed weapons


I just completely removed these things, made it a more bl2 mechanics

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