Mod Support And a Couple Questions

it is like they think “if we don’t talk about it, people won’t do it”

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Please read the FORUM RULES


  • Concerns about moderation should be raised by PM either with a moderator or with the Community Manager

  • Discussion of mods that affect gameplay (especially coop), that violate console terms of use/service, or involve the use of save editors or information obtained by datamining is not allowed.

GBX does not officially either support or disallow game mods. Reading between the lines of previous communications, the attitude seems to be that GBX is not going to provide modding tools for Borderlands games, but they are not going to invest time and effort trying to suppress what folks do on PC.

There are specific situations in which game mods are available and discussion allowed, such as the Homeworld/HW Remastered games and the original BL1. But those appear to the exceptions.

Unless/until GBX specifically states that they support game mods and discussion thereof on the forums, that neutral stance should be assumed to still hold complete with the implications of the various FORUM RULES.