Mod Switch During Rocketeer Effect?

Could one switch from a Rocketeer to a Flare at the beginning of a Rocketeer effect and still get the same amount of time from the Rocketeer as well as the additional hundred percent damage from the Flare?

So, in effect, you would have a SUPER Rocketeer IB?

You can switch COMs and keep the Rocketeer effect, but the Flare COM doesn’t work with Auto Bear I think. And AB is already so powerful that you end up better with switching to other COM for Moze.

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Thanks! So…Blastmaster I would think…

I need to really test the Flare with Auto Bear. I’ve had several people say that it doesn’t work but then ran into a guy on YouTube who swears that it does.

Course it was youTube…

It doesn’t work.


You just saved me some time. A definitive answer. Thanks!!

I swear you wasted that time by posting this here. The test would take you about 2min in game

Ah well…I guess so did you.

At the time that I posted this, I did it on iPad while working out on an elliptical, then I did my normal work, then I did family…you know…things like…life…

Then I checked to see if someone was gracious enough to reply.

Which there was no requirement for them to do if they did not want to.

Could I have done this myself?

I think almost assuredly yes. But in the two minutes you claim that it could be done…probably not…at least for me. More like 15 for a slow learner guy like me. Looking up and relearning picture controls that I never use…figuring out what damage numbers to compare…the mechanics.

If the purpose of your post was to admonish me to be more self-sufficient, get in line behind my wife LOL

Otherwise, I think I will still ask questions that pop into my meager brain.

And folks can answer them…or not.

And if folks want to laugh at my slowness or lack of knowledge…hey, it’s a free country. Drive on…


You can make an ultra strong auto bear using this method, as long as you’re the game host and you don’t mind gear swapping. Put on +hp gear and +5 SSB COM, activate 75% shield health anoint, hop back into IB, switch COM to Rocketeer, eject from IB. Now you have an unkillable Auto Bear that will stay out until fuel is gone and you can switch gear/COM back to whatever you want

I’m pretty sure you need to switch COMs before hoping to IB.

The Rocketeer switch happens once you’re already in IB, not before. When you call IB you want to have on whatever COM gives the biggest boost to IB armor since that won’t change when you swap gear (in bear or out) once IB is already spawned

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