[MOD] Tactical Fleet Simulator v2.9.1

For those interested, Tactical Fleet Simulator is a mod for Homeworld 2, currently being ported to the Remastered engine, which has been in development for nearly 10 years.

Most Homeworld2/RM mods simply add more content to the game, whether that be new factions, campaigns, or units, while attempting to keep the default structure and mechanics of the game intact.

Tactical Fleet Simulator differs from these mods by attempting to totally alter the vanilla Homeworld 2 experience. It is fast-paced, competitive, and tactical in an attempt to emulate what realistic space combat may be like. It introduces many unique and innovative mechanics to this effect.

Fighter squadrons fire missiles, attempting to destroy their targets before they even enter into autocannon range. Ships can become so overwhelmed by an incredible barrage of attacks that they will be temporarily rendered helpless as they reboot their systems and take a damage assessment. The simple rock-paper-scissors balance paradigm has been removed in favor of a much more realistic and complex series of factors which, when utilized by player cunning and skill will determine the victor. Capital Ships can be outfitted with a stunningly diverse array of weaponry which can completely alter their original role. Frontline Battle Carrier? You’ve got it. Anti-Strikecraft Destroyer? It’s in there. Oversimplified ship types (Fighter, Bomber, Gunship, etc.) have been replaced with a series of variants, in a manner much more reflective of modern combat. Instead of just “a bomber”, you have a bomber which specializes at targeting subsystems, a bomber which fires deadly unguided rockets at close range for maximum damage, a bomber which assails its targets from 30,000 km away with powerful guided fusion missiles, while attempting to avoid harm.

With so many research and unit options available at a player’s disposable, the mod creates an intense, innovative, and tactical experience in a very hardcore and fast-paced setting. It isn’t better than any of the other HW2/RM mods, it’s just different, and I invite you all to try it.

Here’s my fan-made trailer of the game.

Here is the link to the mod in the HWRM workshop.

Here is the link to the Steam multiplayer TFS group.


Our first multiplayer event was a success. We invite you all to the second multiplayer event, this Friday (April 8th). We have players of all skill levels attending and would love to see you there. Thank you for reading!


This is probably the most realistic tactical HW mod ever made.

I’m really curious about this… I hope it is updated to the forthcoming patch, because I’d like to try it. Make sure ALL of your HOD files have DAE files to start with, so you can update them via HODOR post-launch.

Also, a HUGE amount of your design/script/ship files will need to be rebuilt - the patch adds so many new features/tools, you will shake your head in a mix of joy (way more new tools/features/controls) and sadness (having to update every single thing).


oh ? Even for “general” scripting ? Not only for ships ? (don’t misunderstand me, I would be very happy to have more toys to play with !)

Yes - sorta. I mean, there are BIG changes. Really, really big changes. A few things are still not perfect, almost certainly - but the new stuff is extremely powerful. In many cases things Mod authors have asked for even 10 years back are now possible, if not just easy.

There’s some extra lua stuff, a bit.

But for a Mod like TFS with some many baseline edits - the new stuff is going to be a MASSIVE undertaking to update, though it’ll be worth it.

I’m even more curious now ! :smiley:

Updating the original post with new information about our successful first multiplayer event, and the details of the second one coming up this Friday.