[MOD] Taiidan Republic | April Update Released

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #164

Another minor update, but I am quite pleased with how these texture details are coming on. Normal mapping the panel joints has improved them too.

In Vaygr paint scheme, don’t ask why. Perhaps this one got captured… Not very clear in this image, but I put the @Kragle ragle “accent lights” behind the cockpit back.

(doci7) #165

Wonderful! The paint on those red arrows is worn out perhaps slightly dramatically, but hey, what am I nitpicking for?! It looks GREAT!

(Lazer72) #166

I wanna see this thing in battle!

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #167

Again? :wink:

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(Not actually Jesus Christ) #168

Progress has been slow but don’t worry, the mod is still being worked on! :wink:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #169

Yep things are still happening, but not a lot to show, partly because of spoilers… In the meantime, here is a shipyard concept:

When the Republic put out specifications for a mobile shipyard in GSY 9515, the responses were so expensive that the specification was almost immediately shelved. However 2 years later the Triistara mining company made a surprise bid for the tender. Their offer was to base a mobile shipyard on one of their deep space mining types. The ore processing units could easily be replaced with ship construction and repair facilities. The pill was sweetened by the offer of a retrofit package, by which existing mining vessels could be quickly requisitioned and converted in the event of a crisis. The offer was too good to miss, and the fleet accepted…

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(doci7) #170

Ha! It’s kind of like the Kuun-Lan, except properly huge to accommodate large capital ships, I presume. It’s a good start!

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #171

Yes, but less beastly. It is based on this:

(doci7) #172

I don’t think I’ve seen that one!

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(REARM V2) #173

No ?

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #174

Can I show them the “TARDIS” platform?
(Hangar platform wip…)

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #175

You mean former concept, due to it’s lameness. Incidentally the shipyard started as a platform concept, but it got too big…

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(Not actually Jesus Christ) #176

Ok then, here it is:

A bit of a TARDIS like I said! :wink:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #177

Its a Jon Aaron Kambeitz‎ concept:

I always think of it as related to this massive mining base:

(doci7) #178

No. Lol!

Indeed; maybe too much of one… I love the illogic of it, but it might not really be appropriate.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #179

Apologies for our silence recently, this has partly been due to November syndrome* but mostly due to working on the TEASER RELEASE, which contains a single player mission, three new playable ships and one new non-playable ship. The mission is currently in testing with our crack team of playtesters but we could do with some more. Send one of us a PM if interested. Otherwise, watch this space for the official release (scheduled for mid-December)…



In light of the recent unexplained disappearance of several vessels in the vicinity of the Arnon Belt, the following compulsory directive is issued. All Republic-flagged civilian vessels travelling along the Arnon Belt to the trading station at Aroer are required to travel in a convoy consisting of at least 5 vessels. Escorts will be provided by the local fleet headquarters at Kiriathaim Station. Escorted convoy vessels are required to:

  1. Promptly obey the orders of the Escort Commander

  2. Report any unusual contacts or sensor readings to the Escort Commander immediately

  3. Keep to the agreed convoy route with no deviations

  4. Maintain a speed consistent with the slowest ship in the convoy

  5. Avoid contacting any third party vessels or sending any long-range transmissions whilst in the Arnon Belt

This directive remains in force until further notice.

+++ END OF NOTICE +++[/color]

*What happens when you get worn down about November time, seems to happen every year, in the northern hemisphere anyway…

(Siber) #180

Curses! It looks like you’ll be getting a campaign mission out before we do! :wink: Congratulations.

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(doci7) #181

Hey, NICE port of that civilian transport! Whatever we may end up having to protect them from this time, at least they probably won’t be getting assimilated anymore! Lol!

(Charvell) #182

Looks like a transport from HWCat

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(Not actually Jesus Christ) #183

Yep, there won’t be as much screaming! :wink:

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