[MOD] Taiidan Republic | April Update Released

(Siber) #1186

All I can say is that I waited for eight years for mission scripters to start to show up in the community, and when they eventually did they all started their own projects rather than join anything existing with campaign ambitions.

(Caal-Shto) #1187


Hello @Dom2. I am the Taiidan Republic Captain Elson of the Elite Destroyer Kapella

First of I must say your Taiidan Republic Mod is popular amongst my ranks but I must ask a couple of questions

Q1: What is the use of the Fighter, Corvette, Frigate and Capital Ship, when we have the availably of them already.

Q2: What the point of using a marine frigate when’s the Salvage Corvette’s does the extract same thing and their 6 of them. They are capable of doing the same thing, why change it. To me it doesn’t make any sense!!!

Q3: I noticed that you have put a Hyperspace Module on the Mothership/Carrier. Why do this? I mean the Taiidan/ Kushan were perfectly capable of hyperspacing at the start. Why build a module just to get hyperspace. For me it doesn’t make sense. Can you explain it to me.

And lastly:
Q4: Why change the powerful Taiidan Heavy Cruisers to Battlecruisers.

If you answer these questions it will help me to understand your ships a little bit better!

Thanks for everything and continue to provide content for the Mod!

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(Goose3) #1188

Hey while I’m not officially working on this mod I do aid them with play testing and by providing ideas for their sp missions.

All these questions are good but could get easily answered in 1 answer.

These Taiidan are Republic Taiidan. They broke away from the Imperial Taiidan for one thing. The 2nd thing is that this faction is based up upon the HW2 timeline. And in that timeline we’ve got Supply modules instead of the HW1 way. So seeing how the missions will play during the Vaygr war it makes sense for balance adjustments to take the HW2 approach of things.

Q1: The models are different what kind of question is that? ^^ In a certain way you’re right of course but don’t you like to see tons of new factions to play with? If all got few extra goodies along the way to make the fights with and against them slightly different and epic then I’m all for it.

Q2: HW2 factions utilize frigates instead of corvettes and capture on spot instead of bringing ships back to their mothership. I suppose since the Taiidan Republic is an ally with the Hiigarans it makes sense for them to exchange certain technologies and combat tactics with one another.

Q3: See Question 1&2.

Q4: See Question 1&2.

Same from me. Thanks for the hard work the modders are putting into this mod and any other mod out there right now. It keeps the game interesting.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1189

@goose3 is right, we are basically just looking for an excuse to make new taiidan ships. The taiidan republic (and the new imperials when we get to them) are a homeworld 2 era faction. But to reply in character…


I’m sorry that I have to be the one to break it to you, but you are dead. The taiidan republic mod takes place over 100 years after the exiles returned to their homeworld.

The republic fleet took on the new doctrine adopted by all modern fleets and the hiigarans. That means platforms, marine frigates, subsystems and sensor distortion probes…

The vaygr are now threatening the republic and the new hiigaran empire. But you don’t need to worry about it, because you’re dead…

(ajlsunrise) #1190

I’m sorry, but this line!

Dying of laughter. :joy: Make it stop! :laughing:

(Goose3) #1191

:smiley: Hm who knows for sure???.. Karan Sjet is still alive in hw2 is she not ? Guess they freeze her after every major event conclusion.

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(ajlsunrise) #1192

Maybe, maybe not. I think I read somewhere that because of her being connected directly to the Mothership and/or Hyperspace Core/Drive systems, she gained immortality, or at least a limited form of it. Hence why the Bentusi referred to her as “unbound.”

I can’t remember if that was from a canon source, though.

However, I think I also saw another explanation that the Karen S’jet from HW2 is a direct descendant of the Karen S’jet from HW1. Or it could also be used as a title within the S’jet sect.

I’ll have to see if I have any information buried in my Homeworld relics…

(Quenouille) #1193

About asteroid’s name, is there some ideas ? Is there background about ?
If not i can do this by theme : flowers ; stones ; zodiac… or define astero-cities by production tool like refinery ; harbor ; civil…
This is to have your opinion, maybe a choice per person as a kind of dedication for those working on it. There is at least one of which we know : communications center
The Time… to see that. ^^

(raw_bean) #1194

Out of curiosity, what are the missions scripted in? Is there somewhere in my HW:RM installation I can take a look at a mission script quickly or do I need to unpack some files?

(Siber) #1195

Missions are scripted in Lua, version 4 specifically. You need a .big file extractor to get at them, [TOOL] XUnpack - .big decryption and extraction GUI is my favorite way to do it, but from there all the stock mission logic is viewable

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1196

@fideliscolatus I think I might just give the asteroids in that mission no name, i.e. a blank name…

@ everyone else, the February Update is here!


  • Finished carrier textures
  • Fixes to chapter 1 mission 1
  • Revamped chapter 1 intro, taking into @EatThePath’s comments about how unnecessarily long it was…

EDIT: argh that white line on the preview image is going to really annoy me until I can be bothered to fix it…

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(Goose3) #1197

There you go - fixed:

Ps: Don’t save such images as Jpg. You usually lose quality when using jpg, especially when re-saving after making modifications. Best to use TGA and PNG.

Personally I like the idea that the Asteroids had names… These are the tiny details that differentiates a SP mission of a mere skirmish map.

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1198

It is the steam mod preview image. I have it saved as a larger gimp file, but whenever it is “published” here and on Steam it is a 512x512 jpg, which is what Steam requires. I’ll fix it in the master file…

Alright we can name the asteroids, but that’s a lot of name-thinking to do… Hit me with your suggestions!

(Quenouille) #1199

Something simple and logic : [name] + [role]

[name] in relation to a theme
[role] … according to its fonction

ex :
Silent Rock TR01* - communications center
*Transmit and Reception 01

Why ?
theme : cause an approaching ship could only read the name and not the role
role : cause allys necessarily know the function of an asteroid … we will not buy a propeller in a civilian area.
Basically it’s the same reading for the modules, the name and the description … same way, HW spirit.

note :
There is roids with no option name, let’s say it’s the civilians … the nomables will be dedicated to production and command…
note2 :
the asteroid of the central command of communication can not be named … it would be necessary to unblock the option to him.

concerning february update, introduction now very short… before we had time to look at the scene with the carrier’s approach … we no longer have atmosphere and contemplation: bad trip. The introduction is not playable, it’s IMPORTANT to transmit the atmosphere HW + mod. It is the spirit that’s proposed, the timing of this version has none… People have to immerse themselves inside the game.
Give like 1 minute of travelling ! New view nice.

So nice front picture ! It’s like a monster. ^^

(Goose3) #1200

Oh I misunderstood. I thought by deleting the names you meant their current names…
I think in that aspect was it sufficient to name them Alcagaran city Asteroid or what ever name they had.

If for what ever reason you truly go with names: Then I’d limit it to like 3,4 larger asteroids while the rest keeps their current name.

Wouldn’t necessarily even require grandiose names. You could also go in a more militaristic style with simpler names provided by their IFF.

Administration and control facility, Alcagaran hydroponics hub asteroid, power plant sub-link 01,02 etc… Basically show casting numerous segments of the greater good equals the whole city with each asteroid serving a specific purpose for that city.

Using religious names or other more prominent names may just confuse the players as to the purpose of that asteroid and whether it plays a significant role in the mission or not.

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(Chimas) #1201
TDN REP Carrier @Chimas

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1202

Work in progress model for the Utility Platform (to replace the current placeholder):

Let me know your thoughts. Criticism welcome. I’m taking ques from Supernova Station and this by @Talros (I’m still undecided about the top fins that are on the placeholder and in this art…)

(Goose3) #1203

Assuming you get the ulitility platforms finally to work as intended I’m all for it and in love with them. If not I think you should properly divert from this idea and go with regular controller ships while maintaining the stations as unique SP campaign assets.

As for the 2nd concept art picture. I don’t mind the top fins at all. Not the very least in fact. What I mind about is more the whole station itself… It seems more appropriate for Hiigaran Style than it does for Taiidan.

I would rather like to see Station models for the Taiidan based up upon the cinematic of the SP campaign that showed us an easier access point into Taiidan space.

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(doci7) #1204

Looks great! The openings feel authentically HW2 because they remind me greatly of the tunnel/entrance/hangar bits in the Gehenna asteroids, and the overall form is strongly reminiscent of the Research Station, but with unique features and form. I think it’s excellent!

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1205

Thanks for the comments.

They are actually working quite well now according to my testing. Some modifications to the scripting are in the pipeline as well. I have only had one bug report about platforms recently, and that was not reproduceable. If you spot anything, as always, give me a shout (preferrably with a log file).

EDIT: actually @fideliscolatus just found a fairly major one, but I think it is easily fixable…

We all love those stations and I do have a plan to make one part of the SP campaign…