[MOD] Taiidan Republic | April Update Released

(ajlsunrise) #1327

Yes, the engine flare size is much better now!

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(GOLIATH Mod) #1328

The moon-map looks totally cool! Gonna go check it out. =D

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(Ag Tosu) #1329

the new update is great, i love the new map! After playing a while i got some ideas that i think you could implement after modeling all big ships:

  • I think that republic should get an anti-capital ship corvette, mainly becouse all other factions have one and i feel that they need that extra bit of heavy fire power. I think it could be a torpedo corvette, seeing that torpedoes are this “lighter” heavy weapon as opposed to the “heavier” ion cannon
  • I thought about adding some additional support ships, f. ex.a Support frigate that has one module slot, where player can build a cloaking or gravity well generator
  • an anti-fighter platform section would be neat, bcs now the bomber are shredding them to pieces
    Maybe i Will come up with more ideas after playing more extensively :slight_smile:
(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1330

Hey, thanks for playing the mod and thanks for the ideas. By the way are you the guy who mentioned a platform bug on steam? If so would you mind sharing more details about what happened? I am keen to chase down these bugs…

ok, I am not averse to the idea of a torpedo corvette. On the other hand, I hope people are using EMP corvettes to their full potential - 3 or 4 squads can pin down a battlecruiser or destroyer for other things to chip away at…

I quite like this idea, but perhaps for the mobile refinery - it could be a bit bigger and have a module slot…

Oh dear, maybe they just need beefing up a bit… I may add flak turrets to the defense field platform in that case. That way a ring with 1 utility, 1 torpedo and 1 df section would have anti-capital, anti-fighter and utility.

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(Ag Tosu) #1331

Oh, the problem with platforms is that i can link two utility platforms, but when i try to link the third one, they bug, those two connevted stop producing and lose fighter module and third one stops in place, and i cant give it other orders except for scuttle. Its weird cus i can connect those two with a torpedo platform. I Will send you this log when i play again

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1332

thanks, please use -luatrace in the command line (when you select a mod) - it will provide more details of the code causing the bug.


(Chimas) #1333

When I tested I noticed that the Imperial Taiidan comes in with a carrier and the Flagship. Shouldn’t it be 2 carriers? For all factions?


  • fighters are having some pathfinding problems around frigates and asteroids. They come to a full stop too often;
  • The station is supposed to connect, isn’t it? They stay apart in opposition, not allowing the third module to come in. Or I’m doing it wrong.

TDN REP Album updated

Orbital Combat

Try to find the high resolution of this photo, edit it and call it suplerflares or something

Any tip on how to show screenshots in posts when coming from online GoogleDrive instead of uploading it to GBX servers?

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1334

Thanks for the screenshots!

It depends if you have the “carriers only” option selected…

Specifically Taiidan Republic fighters? On a specific map? There is nothing unique about Taiidan Republic fighters, I think they are actually clones of Hiigaran ones…

Argh, this works fine for me but for other people it seems to be failing. Please describe exactly what you did and post the log file if you have it.

EDIT: some of Chimas’ screenshots:

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #1335

There’s several ways of inserting images. You can copy and past the image link, or use the img tag. You’ll get different results depending on how the server hosting the image handles the request (Twitter seems to do something weird - possibly invoking a tracking script when passed a straight url to an image?)

Anyway, this is pasting the direct image url:


Which gives this (broken link icon in my browser - like I said, I think Twitter does something weird behind the scenes that triggers some protection thing in my browser):


<img src=http://i.imgur.com/n6LPPxz.jpg>

Images from Google should work more or less the same, but I couldn’t immediately find an example to test: if you drop a link to one in a post, I can play around with it if it doesn’t show properly straight away.

(GOLIATH Mod) #1336

Yeah, it looks totally cool! It plays pretty well, too. Kind of vertically. Making cool backgrounds for maps is on our list too :wink: gonna have to have a good look at the tutorial you posted.

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(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #1337

I like that second one a lot.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1338

Hello all, just to say that I am still alive. Sorry they’re was no January update, things have been quite busy… Hoping to make a February update in the next few weeks…

(Leviathans Wrath) #1339

I am officially giving up author rights for hwu so the materials in the mod are available for the public to use, wasn’t going to be able to update the mod for em and I played my life away due to extreme abuse, used homeworld as a means of escape

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(diegogiurgola) #1340


(Gregorymthompso1) #1341

I pray things get better and you can get through this. I appreciate what you did but know that escapism is never healthy. You will be welcome when you can come

(Leviathans Wrath) #1342

Like I said I’m done, tired of being here, I hate my dad for forcing a life on someone else which resulted in torture

(Goose3) #1343

Good luck to you Levi…

These were good times back then in HWU so hopefully remember them with joy even if Homeworld just served a retreat spot for you. The main thing is you’re on track now and hopefully got the life you wanna live and deserve. After all it’s your life and not your dads.

Take care buddy.

(Leviathans Wrath) #1344

Wrong 23 I M not on track I am deliberately letting it fall apart I am tired humanity and being a human.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1345

@LeviathansWrath whatever your reasons I appreciate that you let us know that you were giving up the HWU mod and gave someone a chance to take over. This is a lot more thoughtful than most modders, who simply gradually disappear, never to be seen again!

As for your real life, I do hope that you find some stability soon. I think the amount of help you will get from internet forums is limited, so I would recommend finding someone you know with whom you can talk things through. If you don’t have anyone you feel you can trust, I think you should try to find some professional help or look for a church near you where you can ask for help.

If you really want to continue discussing these things online, I am happy to do that - but I suggest you use PMs, in case you regret anything you broadcast on public forums.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1346

Anyway, in other news, I made an update to the Taiidan Republic Mod today. It is a minor fix with the following changes:

  • AI scripts fixed - @goose3 pointed out they were broken. This happened a while ago when I made a change to the research tree and did not propagate it into the AI scripts
  • Mothership modules fixed - the mothership could not build certain sensor modules and some of the other subsystems (like fire control tower) were bugged.
  • Asteroid positions on Ice Moon and Gas Giant map fixed (as in BGMaps mod)

I am still hoping to finish the defense field platform for the end of February, but progress is slow…