[MOD] Taiidan Republic | April Update Released

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I’ve been lurking…

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I was unable to be around because I got sucked into a situation with a friend of mine, tried to save his life and it was a waste of time nothing I did mattered

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I think what happened is that cloned the Hiigaran subsystem ages ago, forgot about it and then changed the hardpoint orientation… Oops!

(Ag Tosu) #1390

Yeah it would be nice if republic was this ion cannon-heavy nation, as opposed to mixed higarans and projectile-heavy vaygr

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hmm, something bad happened and comment did not appear in supposed location? Pls ignore it

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also, its nice that the concept of heavier, more expensive super capital ships is being implemented, i really like to have this elite feeling about my fleet

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sorry to hear that

(Leviathans Wrath) #1395

So am I go. Manipulated twice

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Some exciting news: we have a new team member - @larvae has joined us as a modeller/texturer. He has both professional and modding experience in 3d modelling and I look forward to seeing his contributions. He is going to start by having a bash at the Taiidan Republic mothership. This is a ship that I never managed to get a vision for, so I am excited to see what @larvae comes up with.

In other news, here is my slightly progressed destroyer model:

@radar3301 and I have been discussing ion cannon turrets instead of kinetic turrets. I am slowly coming round to his preference for ion turrets…

EDIT: also, I am loving @Talros carrier in the dark. Nice work on the glow map, it really shows here!

(Leviathans Wrath) #1397

Loving the work guys.

(Goose3) #1398

Lovely work and news indeed. I too am looking forward of what he comes up with in regards of the Mothership. It sounds epic. Welcome & Good luck @larvae.

That destroyer is coming along nicely. It only misses some typical Taiidani triangle wing structures :slight_smile: … It hard to believe that you’re slowing coming to an end. Soon the Republic will be whole. What are your next plans after that? The SP campaign or new Imperial Taiidan vessels first?

Either way with the revival of Homeworld Universe it might be interesting to incorporate their factions into your mod or vice versa… That alone would buff up time for all sorts of new amazing SP missions. The only thing Homeworld needs would be few custom races that are not based up upon known factions but perhaps inspired by loose design sketches and mere background story. Like a race that owns this vulcan looking council ship.

:stuck_out_tongue: Well I’m getting ahead of things… Lets get 1 thing done at a time.

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I think I still got the Ms @herbyguitar made yrs ago. Can’t confirm at this time, cell phone only.

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Wow. Capt. Pierce and I go ‘way’ back. Is he still around? Haven’t heard from him since the Research station went down to comments.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1401

Hmmm, maybe I will add some small fins, but nothing overstated…

Check our vision in the first post - I am not averse to sharing Taiidan Republic mod ships with other projects, but our aim is not to cobble together other people’s work (that is more of a HWU thing…). There are some great ships out there that other people made, but we set out to create a coherent and distinctive republic fleet.

As for priorities, the SP campiagn has been neglected for a long time, so it will be dusted off at some point. If I have the energy and motivation to keep going, I would love to complete the imperial fleet, but that is a long road - it has taken years to get this far on the republic, and that was with @Talros’ help… He is not active at the moment, so I would be at risk of embarking down that road on my own.

That is not for me! We already have the remaining republic ships and the entire imperial fleet on our plate… On the other hand the Fulcrum mod already has some ships like this - Tobari for instance.

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Figured I’d offer it to ya, all good thou

(larvae) #1403

Hi guys. Sorry for the late greet and thank you both @Dom2 and @goose3 for the welcome.

Just a disclaimer tho, my whole professional experience in modeling is actually using CAD, it’s a whole lot different with blender or 3ds max. haha but still, I’ll try to live the expectations :slight_smile:

Anyway, i did model some rough shape before i went to sleep last night:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1404

Thanks, is it the one from sands of time?

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1405

Hey! My first thought is that it is a very nice shape. I like the “horns” that nod in the direction of the original Taiidan mothership. Not sure about that cylinder at the front - what is it for?

Could you tell us what you have in mind for the docking bays? I guess destroyers and carriers would come out of the big side bay…

Do you have any thoughts on subsystem placement?

Anyway, that was quick work and I think that so is going on the right direction. @pouk @herbyguitar I’d be interested in your thoughts - you have always been helpful and honest critics.

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(larvae) #1406

Haha, sorry i posted in a bit of hurry, should have put bit of descriptions.

Anyway you’re on spot for where the destroyers and carriers would come out…Fighters will share same bay as corvettes and frigates will use the most left bay…The right side bay will be the docking bay…

As for subsystem, i think i will use the three panel on top at the middle, for placement. Capital production subsystem will behind the main bay itself…

and oh yea, the cylinder is meant to be part of sensor or some sort of radar…