[MOD] Taiidan Republic | December Update released!

(doci7) #1085

But every ship should be cool! Look at the Infiltrator Frigate, for instance.

(Chimas) #1086

Your AI is not producing fighters and corvettes and the collectors just stay there. I want to take some shots in different color schemes.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1087

Yes, there is no AI for the Taiidan Republic yet…

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1088

Republic Battlecruiser. Just playing with the overall shape. The “wings” will each mount 2-3 big turrets a bit like the Qwaar Jet. Possibly some forward-firing ion cannons on the front blocks…

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1089

Strike craft hangar in the nose? Or is that too crazy?

EDIT: It has a precedent in the carrier…

(Alpha 1) #1090

I can see it now, move a ship in front of the hanger so the strike craft come out into the firing arc of the cannons, lol.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1091

Ah, yes. That could be an issue. It could be more downward-pointing, so they move away from the field of fire…

(Goose3) #1092

So when is a new internal test scheduled? Looking forward to see fully manned, armed and textured frigates in game. :slight_smile: Not to mention a working ai fleet. Best to just copy the Taiidan AI rules and adjust the faction name & ship names.

Not sure whether their BC should get a hangar or not. It would fit with the hw2 theme but we shouldn’t forget their culture and military style. Desert of Kharak taught us that the Taiidan were pretty much stagnant and had their defined ship roles… But what ever you decide I’m sure I will enjoy and like it.

(doci7) #1093

Well, don’t forget that the Hiigarans are somehow supposed to be the Kushan. Pretty much everything else this mod has done has remained consistent with the idea of making a Taiidan faction that fits all the niches of HW2 play. Modular ship production and research; capture frigate; reduced unit roster; RU collection and repair via robot arms rather than PDA beam; and etc. If their BC didn’t have a a hangar I’d be quite surprised! In this HWRM era that is a big part of what separates the Heavys from the Battles.

As to the design itself, it seems to be a good start; overwhelmingly my favorite thing is how the front end seems to have borrowed design cues from the old Destroyer, which is something I had long thought could be really cool on a Cruiser-scale Taiidan ship!

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1094

Not sure. My aim is to get a new release out by Christmas, which will include placeholder ships for the entire fleet to enable mothership-based games instead of just carriers-only. It will also include the completed frigates. It’s doable, but ambitious… So testing on the next few weeks!

I haven’t even started looking into AI yet. The challenge will be getting the AI to do something sensible with the platforms…

Or you could say completely copied from the old destroyer!

(Siber) #1095

Personally, this rough looks to me too much like the frigate in form. It’s stretched a lot here and there, but not nearly as different as the classic super-capitals are to their respective frigates

(Herbyguitar) #1096

shorter and bulkier

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1097

Those are valid points. The aspect ratio will stay though, to make it consistent with the HW2 battlecruisers.

(ajlsunrise) #1098

Can you post a side and top profile? I have some design thoughts, if you’re interested.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1099

Sure. It is rigged as a placeholder at the moment with Hgn BC turrets. My aim is to get the whole fleet and tech tree working with placeholders before Christmas. Oh, and finish all three frigates. Completely finished…

(ajlsunrise) #1100

Okay. I know it’s just a placeholder, and that you may have your own ideas of which direction you want to go with it, but the straightness of the profile bothered me.

So, with that said, here’s my two cents on some changes (don’t criticize my lame paint skills… lol):

  • The red line is the new proposed profile. I may have exaggerated it a bit on the top profile though.
    • Beefing out the middle section would help provide a larger area underneath the ship for a hangar.
  • The orange are just the new locations of the towers.
  • The blue circle: I like the back of the side platforms; I think it’s “cool” looking.
  • However, the front of the platforms (the purple circle) look really odd; like it’s trying to be a smooth curve.
  • Also, the platform feels really grandiose, and, based on the size of the Hiigaran BC guns, definitely too big. Also, the thickness of the platforms doesn’t really support turrets on the side. Either beef them up (vertically), or remove the side guns.
  • The yellow is another proposed profile for the front “wings” and the gun platforms.
  • The white line is me attempting to correct a goof-up with the red line.
  • not shown: I think the engine/rear section could do with a little more beefing up.
  • the weird squiggly lime-green lines: possible missile ejection area for PDS. Not crazy powerful ones like the Vaygr BC/Destroyer missiles, but more something similar to the launcher on the Vaygr Assault Frigate, just slightly more powerful, and only 4 launchers.
    • The Hiigarans have Pulsars, the Vaygr have lasers, why not have missiles for the Republic? We already know the Taiidan like Missile Destroyers…

– edit –

After I wrote all of the above, I realized: How cool would it be to have some secondary engines on the rear end of the gun platforms? (the dark blue arrow)
– end edit –

Anyways, just some thoughts and random ideas I had while looking at the concept.

(Herbyguitar) #1101

too skinny

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1102

Thanks, I like those suggestions. Where were you thinking the hangar bay should be?

You know paint has an undo button…

(Herbyguitar) #1103

Bottom middle seems to be the best place for a hangar. It affords quick departure and docking while staying out of the line of friendly fire. It also supplies cover for ships coming and going. Most enemy ships are going to come in range from the sides. Enemy bombers will come in from the top. Either a top or bottom hangar makes sense but bottom seems to be the more logical choice.

I ‘also’ think the center section (sides) should bulge out a bit more (make it more interesting).

My 2¢

(ajlsunrise) #1104

To be honest, this was my feeling too.

Yeah… it was already after I had put other elements in. Should have just used GIMP, but I was feeling lazy.

The center of the hangar “door” should be right around around the forward edge of the bottom fin, moving the fin backwards by quite a bit. Additionally, moving the fin back would force the engine section to be a bit bulkier, which I really feel is important. With the design of a purposefully narrow(ish) ship, engineers would need a place to put power generators anyways.

Alternatively, I’m really liking where the fin is now, maybe moved just slightly back while moving the center bulge and gun platforms forward, with the hanger in the center of the bulge. For visual reference, this would be centered on where the 2nd or 3rd green line is now, and the front of the platforms would be where the first green line is. (I’ll redraw this when I get back to my computer)

I took a look for some source material to remind myself of how the Heavy Cruiser looked to pull some design inspiration from, and found this: