[MOD] Taiidan Republic | May Update Released!

But they don’t deal any damage?


You don’t work alone anymore! :wink:

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Yes, I’m pleased to welcome @nathanielmattock to the team as a scripter. I’ll edit that first post…


Back in dark space, the build, research and race scripts are being made. The only thing I will release is the simple race prefix: TRP_

The scripting progress

Below is a list of the planned ships for the Taiidan Republic fleet. The list is formatted to show the scripting progress of each ship.

Status for ship list:

Not started
Concept Identified
Pre-Ship Testing
Main Files WIP
Secondary Files/Attack Scripts

T A I I D A N - R E P U B L I C


  • Scout
  • Interceptor
  • Bomber


  • Assault Corvette
  • EMP Corvette
  • Minelayer Corvette


  • Light Platform
  • Heavy Platform
  • Utility Platform
  • Hangar Platform


  • Assault Frigate
  • Capture Frigate
  • Ion Cannon Frigate

Capital Ships

  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
  • Light Cruiser
  • Heavy Cruiser
  • Shipyard
  • Flagship

Utility Ships

  • Collector
  • Probe
  • Sensors Distortion Probe
  • Proximity Sensor
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Alright, I guess I could go by “Kragle-ragle” :wink:

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Do it! Do it!
:smiley: @kragle ragle

I wrote that on my phone. It does that sort of crazy thing.

Ha ha! I thought you really did it.

Big turrets or small turrets for the corvette?

  • Small turrets
  • Big turrets
  • Bigger than you have there

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Large, highly visible weapons systems are a very important part of a good homeworld ship in my book.


I reaffirm what EatThePath said… and to reinforce the idea, HW@'s philosophy as I have come to learn it is that big weapons are often especially important on strike craft, because they have to be viewed from such a dramatic distance most of the time.

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Mod screenshots and updates in this steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thetaiidanrepublicmodgroup
suggestions welcome :smile:


Have big turrets, not afraid to use them:


Looks nice! Also, putting the stripe color on the raised detail like on the top there looks really sharp, imo.


Yes yes yes! It’s so exciting to see someone making a Corvette and really doing a boss job of it!


Those guns are much better. Now I need to get it to fire all of them at once! :wink:

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The only thing I have a problem with are the wings. The bevel in the middle is an obvious cheap trick, you can do much better by now.
Otherwise the Corvette is really sexy, it’s class above everything else you have. You designed a really cool ship here, it’s elegant, “Homeworldy” and original, that doesn’t often happen all at once.


Thanks all. I am pleased with how it looks. The credit should really go to @Talros for the concept. I really feel I am just putting flesh on the bones of his sketch in many ways. It is amazing how a lick of team/stripe paint and the rough cockpit windows really bring the ship to life, before I’ve even started any detailed texturing!

@Pouk you are right about the wings. They could be much better…

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