[MOD] Taiidan Republic | May Update Released!

If you don’t have your quota of testers by next Wednesday, give me a holler! Probably won’t have time to give it the attention it should have before then.

I would gladly help you test the first stage of the mod. But be advised that I am not fluent on English (I’m native speaker of Basque and Spanish) so my feedbacks could be affected by that. Anyway, I have plenty of time to spend this and next weeks as we have Holy Week holidays in the University. But after that, I will be busy because of exams, project and so on.

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Not a problem, your English seems pretty good to me and I speak a little bit of Spanish, but no Euskara I’m afraid!

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@Dom2: Sure I would love to… At the moment I’m so bored with everything including own mod projects that some simple beta testing actually sounds like a good decent change of pace. That aside I did extensive beta testing back in the old days for Homeworld Universe in HW2.

Or helped creating most of the audio depository for

I’ll send you my steam name per pm and thanks for the offer. :slight_smile:

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I would love to test the single player mission. Let me know what and when if you still need testers. @sastrei noticed his post on discord and came running. :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy to give the mission a few runs at least. Always excited to see more single player homeworld.

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Oh the shame! You asked me to test your mission and I never did :frowning: next time you make a mission I will actually test it…

I did test yours, so I don’t feel so bad about this…

I will add you both to the list when the mission is ready for testing.

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We all have different pulls in life… I never assume the worst, hehe

I love single player missions in all games so testing is fun for me to get more experiences for myself… so it is not a total selfless act, but hey that just means it is a WIN WIN for us both which I think is a good thing!


One thing that is coming out in the feedback from the play testers is the incomplete tech tree. In response, here is a proposed tech tree for the Taiidan Republic (carriers only mode):

Enabling Research
Upgrade Research


Feature to investigate: EMP tech paralel to SENS DISTORT, subordinated to AdvRes Mod …

The biggest wrinkle I can see offhand is the difficulty of accessing anti-capital techs. Hiigarans get Bombers with fighter facilities, while Ion Frigates take Research, Adv. Research, and Frigate Facility. Your Bombers and Ion Frigates both follow that same chain but also require a research on top of it. If EMP Vettes are primarily meant to be a Corvette counter then they might be one step too inaccessible as well. Granted, plasma bombs, ions and EMP all seem like things that should be researched, but on the other hand this is the HW2 era, where tech seems more arbitrary… and anyway by now bombs and ions are old news for the Taiidan. If you really are attached to the idea then be sure to affect the cost and time of your modules and technologies accordingly.

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They might be right. Especially @Kragle could be on to something in theory.
How ever during play tests I usually had no problems against the ai that is till they brought their corvette swarms. But I mentioned that on closer detail internally so ya.

I suspect that such things can truly only be tested in human vs human competitive matches. Seeing how things work out there.

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AI-vs-AI might be an even better way, hypothetically. If you pit a Hiigaran AI and a Republic AI against each other and each either teched as fast as possible or at least had uniform delays between teching and one was consistently beating the other, that would be a good sign that the tech system is unbalanced, I would think.


There is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment, most of which doesn’t make interesting news or screenshots. However, here is one thing worth showing. Wing folding animation for the scout:



Mood shot using the “black” map background - this really emphasises the ship lights:


So I finally got round to something that I have been meaning to do for a LONG time… Finish off the Republic Assault Corvette! The engines are done, a couple of other tweaks have been made, including smoothing, which has been a noticeable improvement. Also @Pouk will be glad to hear, I did the icon. I am declaring the corvette to be finished.

There are quite a few things that still irritate me about it, but I have learnt a lot through making it. If I started it from scratch again, it would be a much better ship, but then I wouldn’t be making progress elsewhere… So I may revisit it, but not for a long time (unless anyone spots a really obvious issue…)

Here are some screenshots from my replay of the teaser mission. It was actually quite enjoyable because I have mostly forgotten the mission design now.

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I do. In the meantime I am working hard to make ready for a public release in the coming weeks…


Also, I missed my committed date by 5 months… Sorry!

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You could be more selective with your smoothing groups. Show off the lines and separations more. It looks like everything is in the same group.

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No, I manually selected which edges to be “sharp” and which to be “smooth”.

I am happy with the result and as I say, the ship is finished from my point of view. I will bear in mind your point and try to avoid over-smoothing in future.

Damn, big congratulations, finished ship is a big deal. :slight_smile: