[MOD] Taiidan Republic scripting progress now at: http://bit.ly/1L4eqGA

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This is the place that scripting updates and other internal file updates for the Taiidan Republic mod.
Main updates here: [MOD] Taiidan Republic | First look at the Torpedo Platform
Like on the main page, I will put progress on each ship but different so it is about the scripting element instead of modelling and texturing.

not started
concept identified
main files WIP
weapon/ship files WIP
all files WIP

T A I I D A N ~ R E P U B L I C
•Fighters◦ Scout (latest screenshots)
◦ Interceptor (latest screenshots)
◦ Bomber (latest screenshots)

•Corvettes◦ Assault Corvette (latest screenshots)
◦Minelayer Corvette
◦EMP Corvette

•Platforms◦Light Platform
◦Heavy Platform
◦Utility Platform
◦Hangar Platform

•Frigates◦Assault Frigate
◦Capture Frigate
◦Ion Cannon Frigate

•Capital Ships◦Destroyer
◦Light cruiser
◦Heavy cruiser

•Utility Ships◦Collector
◦Sensors distortion probe
◦Proximity sensor

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Um, I’m not sure I understand why you would make a separate scripting progress thread for a mod that already has a page… Why not have one thread for all updates?

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Because I don’t want to stick stuff about the scripting on a page full of screenshots and mod ideas.

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I still need to edit the part above though and I don’t know how to put colours on these forums.

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But the point of the Taiidan Republic Mod page is to be the definitive thread for everything related to the mod. This thread, I recon, is redundant.

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If you say so.
But another question is about the coloured text that I have no idea how to do. I might use it on another thread.

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Hmmmm… no obvious way to color text comes to light… you will have to wait for someone with much more profound knowledge of making thread replies to answer that question, it seems.

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Like Dom2.

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[ c o l o r = r e d ] r e d [ / c o l o r ]

About the thread, I agree with @Kragle ragle, let’s keep everything in the same thread. It doesn’t matter if the discussion wanders from topic to topic. It already has a discussion about sensors distortion probes!

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[MOD] Taiidan Republic | April Update Released
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Then it must be the only thread!
Also, where do you put the colour=red part?

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Hello [ /red ]

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Copy what I wrote but take out the spaces. Like this:

your text here

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Green Test

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Moved to [MOD] Taiidan Republic | First look at the Torpedo Platform

And This Thread Will Be Locked
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As requested.