[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Battlecruiser

After working with 3D Printers for quite some time… that looks like you have quite Literally carved this ship model out of plastic :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback @Kragle, @Pouk - that’s really useful. I’ll digest it and see what I can improve. You’re right, I’m not overly keen on re-mapping the UVs for that ship right now! Maybe one day…

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Good question. Ultimately, this mod is an excuse to have some new Taiidan ships and to be able to like the Taiidan without feeling guilty about the whole genocide thing… But the backstory that I am weaving is that if the Hiigarans have developed a whole new fleet of ships since HW1, then why shouldn’t the Republic and Imperial factions have done the same? HW2 takes place 115 years after HW1:


Here’s my story of why my Republic fleet will be so different from the HW1 Taiidan:

The Taiidan Imperial fleet was large, in order to allow the emperor to exert control over his subjects and to provide protection against any external threat, preventing outside interference in the empire’s affairs. The early Republic fleet used Imperial ships with little or no changes to the design [as seen in Cataclysm, which the mod takes to be canon]. The initial Republic approach to fleet operations was much the same as in Imperial times. However as the Republic struggled to recover from the Taiidan civil war/independence war, the budget for the fleet was drastically reduced. The Republican navy found itself trying to patrol large amounts of territory with very inadequate resources. This prompted the investment in new technologies to bridge the capability gap, including the Nomad Project [this is consistent with the Cataclysm manual]. Following the failure of the Nomad Project, a new philosophy for Republic fleet operations was drawn up…

I don’t intend to make any Beast references though - I thought the best things about Cataclysm were the extra exposure of existing factions - the Taiidan (Republic and Imperial), the Kushan, the Turanic Raiders…


Absolutely. Cataclysm built on all those factions in mostly very satisfying ways; I particularly liked the Kushan Kiiths all having their own fleets. Getting to see a flawed side of the Bentusi was actually pretty great too. And I also give Cataclysm kudos for having the reasonable restraint to keep the Kadeshi out of it. I don’t think there’s any way they could’ve logically fit into the story, so it was better to exclude them, much as they must certainly have wanted to bring them back, since they were a very popular element of HW1.


Updated interceptor. I have tried to take on board the texturing comments from @Kragle and @Pouk - if I say so myself, it looks quite a bit better already:


Yeah, much better.

drools over the ship way to go DOM!

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Oho, yes! Very good work!

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wow just wow Feigns

Just a quick question, where are it’s guns? I mean where does it shoot from?

The guns are in the sidepods- there’s an octagonal depression in the stripe-colored area, you may notice.

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Ah yes, I see it now. Looks really good.
Nice work.

Don’t worry, it has guns. GLOW, REFL and SPEC sorted:

Next time I’ll try to show you something that isn’t an interceptor…


Really loving the look of that interceptor, keep up the great work.

Here is a concept I am working on for a bomber. Very preliminary model, with no textures yet, but just so you can see where I am heading:

I’m trying to make the assymetry neat, without it looking ugly or ungainly, not sure if it is working! Feel free to let me know what you think…

  • Keep going, the assymetry is great
  • Neat, but not “Homeworld”
  • Neat but not Taiidan enough
  • Not working, stop!

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I like the bomber concept, it looks reasonably Homeworldy and Taiidan. My only critique is that the second engine just doesn’t look “right”, it doesn’t seem like something a Homeworld ship should have IMO. Most HW ships have engines placed such that the thrust forces on the vessel are (mostly) balanced. I would remove the engine component of that side and leave it as a weapons pod.


I am wondering what it looks like from behind! Also I agree that an engine sidepod would almost certainly create a totally lopsided flight path - after all, having a ton of mass on one side and a ton of propulsion on the other would seem to create some kind of ‘inertial fulcrum’ or something. You would probably be better off making it into some kind of gun. Being asymmetrical about the bomber is a fun idea though, and certainly Taiidan enough when you consider the precedent of the HW1 interceptor. Oddly enough the cockpit reminds me of their RU collector.

Hey, I like asymmetry, there’s nothing wrong with that. I agree with the engine comments.
But I think the cockpit is a little bit too boxy. Also it’s obvious where you just extracted and bevelled the rectangular polygons. As I said, first try to actually model them, it will look much better.
The general shape says heavy hitter, so that’s good.

Looks great!
First thing that popped into my head was the UEF from SupCom. They have that squarish, heavy duty look to the them like this does.

But yeah, engine balance.
But I’m a fan of the model asymmetry.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am reworking it, with the engine pod and weapons pod combined, so the thrust axes make more sense but the double engine configuration is retained. Updates soon hopefully…

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