[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Battlecruiser

Yes? Is this project still a thing especially with Homeworld3/4/5 looming on the horizon? <<< depending on how you count the titles.

Well, it has kind of stalled due to PC issues - I think my motherboard is in the way out so I have to use my homeworld-capable machine very sparingly. Also, lots of other things going on in “real life”. That said, I haven’t given up.

The most recent modding I have done had been on the red race.

Since you’ve prodded me, I’ll commit to dusting off the battlecruiser model this week and I’ll post some shots of how it currently looks. The main barrier is that I’m not happy with the shape, so I’m reluctant to take the ship any further. However it’s been that way for years now, so maybe I should just get over it and finish it!!!


I’m glad to see that you’re around - according to the steam you were last online 5 months ago!

With the computer, that reminds me of the time before Remastered came out: I had a pretty decent computer that could still play the HW2 CD, but only with an old graphics driver. So every once in a while, F-n Bill Gates would decide that he needed to update Vista or XP (or whatever it was) on my computer. Awesome. Then I would have to manually put the graphic drivers back to the one that would still play Homeworld 2 - haha. Sucky!

Here is the latest battlecruiser model/concept:

Having not looked at it for months, I am actually quite happy with the shape…


I’d still squish it so it’s less pointy. More like the QJ.

It’s heading in a good direction at the moment it still reminds me to much of the Hiigaran Capital ships but this model is far from being done so keep at it. :slight_smile:

Any chance of this ship making it in / do you have the model for this ship I can use for… possible lego reasons?

That’s a ship made by enterprise E. I believe the model is knocking around somewhere. It didn’t fit with our vision, so it won’t be going in this mod.

Similarly, one thing the battlecruiser won’t be getting is shorter. Our aim is to create a HW2 style Republic fleet, so the BC proportions march the hiigaran / vaygr BCs. The idea is not to recreate or upgrade the qwaar jet, but to make a HW2 taiidan Republic BC.

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The Naar-Mah Class Assault Cruiser. I’ve tried contacting Enterprise-E about it. I had made some headway but I lost him.