[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Destroyer and Flagship progress

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1105

Thin is how the HW2 cruisers are. The Hiigaran one is thin in the vertical direction, the Vaygr one is thin in the width direction…

I still worry about what @EatThePath said, the current model looks very like the Marine Frigate scaled-up…

The beauty of the Qwaar-Jet is that it is blunt and crudely-shaped, but not ashamed of it. It has a brilliant turret arrangement that just looks right. I found it difficult to reproduce that effect in a longer ship. I quite like this:

(ajlsunrise) #1106

yes, I think you hit the nail on the head. it is quite difficult to produce a ship design for a battle cruiser class ship when all you have to go off of is a Heavy Cruiser.

I think the biggest issue is that it’s just not bulky enough. While the Heavy Cruiser was still very much a vertical ship, it was still bulky. With the current concept of the battlecruiser, I just don’t think that it has that bulk to it. I know you’re going for a narrow design to keep it it line with the other battlecruiser, but I don’t think that you can sacrifice the bulk that is, IMO, a key design concept of the Heavy Cruiser.

(Charvell) #1107

Maybe you can scale it in the length or shorten the design a little. That would add bulk. 10% 0r 15% would go a long way in making it look fatter.

(REARM V2) #1109

So I only glanced at your discussion, I apologize for not reading them properly, or at all in some cases. But I noticed people have reservations against the Cruiser.
I must say, I have too. My biggest problem is, that it simply feels like a longer Destroyer.
It’s somewhat sleek and thin and lacking structural details giving it an illusion of scale.
This would be my take. Roughly:


It can be done better, this is just ten minutes of Photoshop, but it serves the purpose.

(Charvell) #1110


I removed obvious straight sections. Didn’t change anything. Just shortened a bit. Once scaled up by 113% it will be the same length as the original but look and feel bulkier. It’s crude but you get the idea.

Sight is being difficult. I tried to replace the pics with some that had more editing but it kept putting the same pics up… so I deleted the original post and made a new one but it still threw up the originals. The internet can be Frustrating sometimes.

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(ajlsunrise) #1111

Side profile:


(Charvell) #1112

I like it!

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1113

@Pouk That looks awesome. How do you do that?

@radar3301 I also like that.

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(REARM V2) #1114

Transform/Warp for bulkyness, then Polygonal Lasso for cutting away and adding with selections filled with color.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1115

I meant your design skills not your photoshop skills!

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(Goose3) #1116

Hm in shape in form it’s true. It doesn’t portray the bulk a ship this class should’ve. Then again I also say that if people were to merge the various faction ships of all to this date released mod ships, partially very different in their design…

It’ll still work seeing how each of these empires controls more than just 1 mere planet. Each population having their own engineers and visions and such. So much on a dreamer fan perspective.

The current shape reminds me more on a weird looking cruise missile or ya the marine frigate.

Perhaps just scale the model up a little in weight and height. Remembering HW Universe there’s no rule saying that each BC has to have the same size.

The pirates in that mod had a huge fat BC while the Taiidan had the regular Heavy cruiser and even Enterprise E his ship labeled as dreadnought a slightly stronger version of the BC.

(Chimas) #1117

hi Dom2,

check this ship: it doesn’t fit homeworld and it’s filled with details, I would prefer a less porcupine aspect. But what I think it’s worth noting are the many levels or decks the designer created to give the sense of grandiosity the ship needed as a Heavy-something of its fleet.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1118


(El Rizzo) #1119

That ship would perfectly fit into the game Dreadnought :smiley:

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1120

This is what it looks like when the shipyard builds a battlecruiser:


Not sure why the battlecruiser appears after the doors open…

(Goose3) #1121

Holy shi*! that’s totally amazing not just seeing a first concept of the Republic Mother ship but also seeing their Cruiser as well…

@Dom2: You did a remarkable job here. At this point in time I’m actually considering to revive the Homeworld Universe mod. :smiley:

I’m so looking forward to the day when we can see the MS and Cruiser fully textured. At the moment the MS model seems somewhat simple in shape but considering that this is only a first and early version it certainly is more than cool. In case you’re wondering: I’m referring to it flatness it has at this very moment. Make sure to add some armor components or anything else for that matter to make it look less flat.

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1122

It’s a shipyard. And it’s only a placeholder, so there is much more to be done…

EDIT: I think hw universe was ported to remastered already…

(Siber) #1123

It was, but I think it was pre-2.0 so it doesn’t work anymore.

(Goose3) #1124


Well a shipyard - it’s equally impressive.

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1125

The Christmas update release is here!

I was hoping to get all the frigates finished, but in the end I decided not to rush things and do a bad job as a result, so only the ion cannon frigate is actually finished. The marine frigate is nearly finished and the assault frigate still has a way to go.


  • Frigate textures updated (see above)
  • Placeholder capital ships (mothership player vs CPU games are now possible)
  • AI is functional (but still needs some improvement)


I may move to a more regular update approach (eg monthly updates) next year, so that players can experience my painfully slow progress in real time…