[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Flagship texturing

I know I am a tad late for Christmas but… Merry Christmas Dom2!

I did have a question about the taiidani republic carrier. Would it be possible to use the model for a first attempt at fiber optic lighting? I was planning on making it (via printing) and then painting it accordingly. Would that be possible?

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Sure, that’s fine by me.

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Awesome! I don’t have the actual model for the carrier though. And I am not sure if if I should pm

“Construction Commencing”

Guys, please do share pictures when you 3d print mod ships! It would be great to see the final creations!

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Yep please share those pictures… @Dom2 and his folks created wonderful models and textures. It’s the least any of you printers can do… Show us your final product. :slight_smile:

Dom2… How are things coming along… Yours used to be pretty much the last active mod for Hw2 RM… Keep this forum alive mate… I know xmas and Sylvester relocated your time and resources but that’s behind us now… So please keep going and keep in mind that I’m always there for you to play test the next round of upcoming awesome missions for you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy new year everyone…

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Happy new year!

Don’t worry, I am still with you, although I have been a little dormant I confess. Partly it is a bit daunting to texture such big ships (even the shipyard subsystems are giant…) and partly I have a busier work situation now than previously. I also had a problem with gimp that broke my texturing workflow :frowning:

But I have been working quite slowly in the background. Just to prove it, here is a shot of the underside of the Flagship, which has had some new panelling added fairly recently:

As for missions, I would love to get back on that, but first I think I need to make one final push to get the Taiidan Republic fleet finished. It is within striking distance now. What needs doing:

  • Finish shipyard subsystem texturing
  • Finish flagship texturing
  • Model the battlecruiser
  • Texture the battlecruiser

Those last two items are the most dauting, but the first two are very much doable.

EDIT: this was what I wrote a year ago. Turns out I was too optimistic…


Fresh off the printer and ready for sanding, shaping and paint. Lights come later after I hollow out all the crap inside it.


Wow, that looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing the completed article.

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Playing with stripe paint for the flagship:


Seems to be coming along just nicely… :slight_smile: Here’s an idea:

How about of make the hull plating to actual hull plating… That means where ever these tiny lines among the hulls go you carve the model into several pieces and extend these hull plating fragments outwards slightly the hull between segments remains on the same flat level it currently is…

It could interesting. Pretty much like BSG Galactica.

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Yes, but @goose3 we would like to see the ship completed this century :wink:

I think I will keep it how @larvae modelled it. I think he did a good job. Here is a bit more progress on the painting. A ship really feels like it gains a lot more character with the team/stripe paint:


Nicely done… I can hardly wait to see it in it’s completed state. :slight_smile:

Hi again! Just giving an update on the progress. I did some preliminary paint work to see what color palette I need to use in order to match the current 3D model textures. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks. Here’s a glimpse:
With the stock Kushan Carrier as a reference:

Starboard Side view:

Port Side view:

Granted, the model is subject to change. And Goose, I will be using a dremel to cut the hull panel lines later and touch up with paint :wink:


Wow, that looks fantastic! Already starting to capture the in game look! Thanks for sharing.

More models gasp! How I wish I could make large prints too.

For anyone interested in printing some servants of the Taiidan, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4101091

As usual, Thingiverse viewer is messed up. Please see here for model. https://www.shapeways.com/model/3dtools/9074306/0/6?key=c37212fcf34bb609567b9602b8fcd36a

(Edit: Also, been away cause of a combination of depression, lost password, and diverted funds.)


Nice! The turanic raider ion array frigate is one of my favourite ships…

As is mine!

All three main Kushan frigates (except for the drone frigate) are coming up.

Dom, do you still have your older models for the fighters before you replaced them with (Oh whoops, I meant Talros, sorry!), and may I have them for 3D printing? While it may be sacrilegious to prefer them given how nice looking the new ones are, I actually love the unique take on Taiidani ship development. They’re distinctive in shape and different from existing HW designs but still fits with the aesthetic.

I’m referring to these ones. If they need more detailing with the fixing, I’ll pay for that as well. The results will be shared back on Thingiverse like before.

Probably got them somewhere, I can dig them out. I really don’t like them anymore, so I’m flattered that you do!

Apart from the Imperial scout, which was a more recent thing.

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