[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Flagship texturing

Thank you! I’m glad! Believe me, my feeling towards HW designs have been shown from experience to be pretty hard to please. Most just don’t end up looking or feeling right no matter how ‘cool’ they may look in other contexts.


@Dom2: I actually believe that the Imperial scout is a very cool looking ship. I could imagine such a ship to be well within the boundaries of an ancient Taiidan Imperial navy before the Hiigaran Exile…

I pray to all the gods that HW3 will finally contain a solid mission Editor so that a modder team can get started on the official/unofficial background story which led to the Hiigarans their exile. Just imagine all the wonderful new & old factions we could get to see in combo with a solid told story mission campaign… The thought alone gives me the shivers… :slight_smile:


Here are the files you asked for:

In game shots, with badge:

The paint is looking a little bit too weathered at the moment, so I’ll need to fix that.


Thank you! You’re amazing!

Hey everyone! Just an update on the Carrier. So I have just realized I made the model too small to be lit. So… that was my fault. However; I am currently slicing the 3D model up into large parts for a much more lighting friendly version. Good news is I now have a model to follow as I paint the larger parts!


Oh dear! Is that because there is not enough room for the LEDs? What will you do with the existing model (don’t throw it away!)

No worries, the existing model will act as a test for the paint scheme and how I want to mask the bigger one (hull plat patterns, etc…). The LEDs and fiber optics i wanted to use are too big, and I wasn’t able to fit my fingers inside to light the hanger bay : /
I am also having difficulties trying to slice the 3D model because, I admit I am a novice at handling or even working with them. I’ve tried a few programs (Maya/Cura/3DBuilder/Meshmixer) but they are a bit over my understanding. But! I shall press on, and the smaller model is safe so no worries! (I wouldn’t throw it away anyway, I worked so hard on it!). Any help about 3D modeling would be awesome though!

I use blender. Do you just need to slice along a plane? That should be fairly straightforward on most applications…

Not exactly, i need cuts along seams. That way I can print each piece out at scale, then fiber optic all the light sources. A perfect example would be down along the inside of the hanger bay. Lots of little lights and details in there I can’t paint via brush. If I slice via plain, I Might lose details :frowning:

The new flagship is looking wonderful, amazing work! It’s got a good shape, big fan of the side hangars and details you’ve put into them.


That is @larvae 's work, I am just texturing it, since he has disappeared :frowning:

Side note: Love the flagship design! That’ll be the next one I print :slight_smile:

Engines on!



January update is live! Updated Flagship, not yet complete, but a lot better than the previous placeholder.


A great step into the right direction… Fantastic work @Dom2.

For the Republic!

That little slot on the side that glows when they turn on is super-cool.

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Sorry I haven’t updated here for a while (too long). I am still going! I promise… I have been working on shipyard subsystem texturing recently:

The sensors array (at the front next to the bridge) is mostly done, the super capital facility is currently in progress.


Glad to see you’re still kicking… This is some lovely progress here… I suppose things should go significantly faster now, I mean with Corona, Lock downs and so on.

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I’m afraid I still have work and family to take the top spaces in my time-priority list… But I do hope to make some good progress during this period. Getting either the shipyard subsystems or the flagship completed during this time would be a good achievement…