[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Holy cow… That looks truly amazing!! Nothing is overdone here.

At the moment it looks more like some sort of badass Kushan/Taiidan inspired Carrier for Kushan…

I’m looking forward to see it in actual Republic team colors…

@Talros : Back then just as now you’re a god of re-imagining Homeworld Race styles. I salute you here Sir. A job more than well done… Impressive work my friend…



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@radar3301 : You know by the color patterns shown in his concept art for the model…
In all and and everything it looks stunning no doubt about that… Just not portraying things in the Taiidan Republic color schemes.

Ok, I found some missing faces, which may have been the ones. Now fixed. Here is what the nose area currently looks like. It is difficult to texture this area in a way that complements the mesh…


I suppose it would be hard, but I think you’re doing well! The corner brackets especially are a good move. If you feel in a rut, I’d suggest looking exhaustively at the vanilla Taiidan and Hiigaran ion barrels and see if you find anything you want to copy or homage.

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Some more progress on the Ion Cannon Frigate:



Really nice work. Although I think it still lacks some details especially on top… Perhaps add some tiny vents. Perhaps couple more windows for the crew or some sort of coolant system on the sides I’m just not sure.

Pretty sure it’s just due to the team colors I get that impression. I usually play with black /red/yellow patterns.

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Yes indeed - it’s progress, but it’s not finished. I haven’t even started on the glow map, except in a couple of areas where I felt I needed to put illumination at this stage in order to develop the “character” of the ship.

There is also no badge yet, the engine textures are not done, and the top of the ship is significantly more done than the bottom.

Well keep us informed looking forward to see the next version of it… :slight_smile:


I’m really happy to see this! It’s coming along very well! You are very much on the right track as far as I can tell.

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I finally got around to playing the mission, and recorded my first run at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsVPGAPDAFo&feature=youtu.be

Some of my thoughts are included within, but a summary in text form: Some pretty impressive stuff, the opening camera and ship motion in the intro cutscene is something I wouldn’t have dared attempt. I will say the pacing drags a little towards the end, with some long pauses waiting for the carrier to move. Maybe you could fade to black or cut away, give the carrier a big speed buff for a few seconds while it’s out of sight, and then cut back? I also expected a big flashy gate activation effect that I didn’t get. Moving on, the mission concept is fairly basic, but rather fleshed out. The asteroid city was a neat idea, and having attacks on the other defenses as window dressing to keep the tension up in the early phases was effective. I was a bit unclear on if the city was supposed to be entirely abandoned, or if it was just the military that had left it behind. If the latter, a few transmissions from the city civilians would have helped it feel alive, perhaps.

The HW2-oid balance hurt my enjoyment of the mission a bit, though. Assault frigates inflict hideous casualties on bombers, and very rapidly. Since I don’t have anything anti-capital that isn’t a bomber, this makes me feel a bit helpless. I found myself badly wanting a second production lane available so I could build be building ints and bombers side by side.

The bigger issues I had were 1) I couldn’t do whatever it was you were supposed to do with the command center. I sent some scouts up to it, but nothing happened. I don’t know if it’s buggy or if there’s more I was missing. 2) The AI captured at most two cargo containers from the field, but that was enough for the hyperspace inhibitor to get built. That felt pretty harsh to me, given the number of containers that I did recover. It felt even more harsh when I saw the defenses that inhibitor had(see point about assault frigates mulching bombers) and the destroyers bearing down on me. An all out attack on the carrier with the inhibitor seemed my only route of survival, but destroyers are fast enough and assault frigates killy enough that that didn’t work out.

I’ve got some idea how I might adjust to beat it a second time, but the fail state seemed very harsh and unforgiving, especially for a mission one.

My only other complaint is that the main voice seemed a bit too monotone at times, felt like it could use a bit more energy. Overall though I’m quite impressed at both what you’ve put together and speed with which you did it.


Wow! Fantastic! Thanks a lot for doing this. I never thought about it, but provideing feedback in that way is really effective. You are not just telling me about your frustrations/happiness, you are showing me how frustrated/happy you are.

Anyway, I will certainly take that on board, it was quite instructive watching you play through the mission and the intro (which is as you say too long!)

A couple of points:

  1. You do not have a HW2 mindset (by your own choice), and I think that caused you some problems:

    • Bombers vs Assault Frigates - hgn or vgr bombers would have fared equally badly in that situation, that’s just HW2…
    • The hyperspace inhibitor objective is only to kill the inhibitor subsystem not the whole carrier - if you had targetted the inhibitor module you would have got away!
  2. I know hindsight is easy, especially someone else’s hindsight, but I have to criticise you for choosing to run away from that destroyer when you knew it would catch you :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. No idea why the sensor event/objective failed to trigger, I will look into that.

  4. This…

…is quite clearly explained at 8:05… Maybe it should be re-iterated.

  1. This…

…was the result of some other feedback, so I think its just taste…? Anyway, I thought it was kind of me to even warn you that they were stealing stuff! I might slow the collectors down so that they are easier to kill.

  1. I really felt for you when you were about to kill the hyperspace gate and some fighters came through it. That was just bad timing and you suffered for it, probably unfairly.

  2. Voices

Yes - I did notice that the video seemed slightly slowed down, which made them seem even more monotonous! Particularly @Kragle 's Bishop 2 lines sound a lot better at the proper speed!

Anyway, thanks a lot for doing that, it was very insightful and useful for me. Maybe we should do that more as a community. Also, a nice advert for the mod (maybe you could add a link)! Many thumbs up!

Also, well done @Pouk for noticing the router IP address! I wondered how many people saw that easter egg. I hope it didn’t destroy the mood of the super-slow-moving intro…


Sure, I expect they would, but I don’t exactly have any other tools to solve assault frigates at that stage that I’m aware of.

Also, I ran away from the destroyer because I didn’t think I’d be able to kill the destroyer to save the carrier, and even if it’d eventually catch me it takes longer than sitting still.

Re the city being abandoned or not, I didn’t check the video, just my memories.

Edit: Also, I stuck a link to the mod in the video description. That should have been there to start with, sorry about that.

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Kill the destroyer to save the carrier??? Protocol: Defend the carrier at all cost… When human life becomes insignificant, whether it be a game or real life, it is a failure in diplomacy and in tactics. Unacceptable.

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I don’t think he was really implying that the other factions’ bombers perform better; it’s just a matter of being somewhat frustrated when you basically have two production options… one fighter that will inflict essentially no damage on the Frigates and get absolutely murdered, and another fighter that will inflict damage but also get absolutely murdered. It is difficult to set up the early missions to introduce build options that are useful, rather than being at either end of the continuum of ridiculously devastatingly effective vs. a welcome addition that doesn’t actually help. I’d say that in this instance the bombers are a bit closer to the ‘doesn’t help’ side of the spectrum, but I didn’t really gripe much because I enjoyed too much the fact that this problem made me think about fleeing to the missile defense asteroids for help against the frigates, which was a gratifying idea to have.

As a general suggestion though, I’d say just be as mindful as you can about how able the units you introduce are to accomplish the task they are being introduced to do. I think the ideal is to have something that, if you use it correctly, you won’t be trading considerable losses with your enemy. Barring critical mass there’s really no scenario where you don’t lose many bombers to a group of assault frigates. In this case you have the option of trying to use interceptors to draw the fire, but in the world of HW2 one will bleed interceptors as quickly as bombers, so in the absence of being able to build two things at once you’re really only motivated to build bombers.

Really the only difficulty in this case though is with having to worry about groups of assault frigates. If they were being used as single escorts for HMF’s rather than as actual kill squads everything would probably be quite manageable.

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Of course reviewing EatThePath’s playthrough I see that there are a lot more fighter attacks than I remembered, and that is as it should be IMO… keeps your interceptors doing things. What I remembered most and what was here discussed most was the kill squads of assault frigates.

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The thing is, the whole point of the mission is to make you feel under pressure, like you are facing a superior force and you just have to survive long enough to escape.

I was trying to force the player to think of inventive ways to use the limited ships at his/her disposal. For instance, if you split up your bombers, they will take fewer casualties than if they are bunched up. Also, you can target the destroyer’s engines and you don’t even have to kill it.

That was the idea, to make a challenging mission that pushes the player to think strategically (or maybe tactically, I always get confused between those two)…

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I must say during my initial play through of the mission (current version) I too had problems firing up that objective at first. I’m not sure but I think the visual way-point and actual place where the objective execute differ slightly in their coordinates. For me it fired up at the almost most upper asteroid of the city. Some asteroid near the city edge.

And that you did very well. To die in that mission once or twice initially makes it a good mission. If we could just rush through it in a single run then it would be far to easy and somewhat a waste of time. Make mistakes - be out of position = and you will get punished for it as it should be.


Psst. Just getting back into RM, love the work so far.

Minor gripe, Id’ve called the Assault corvette an Attack Corvette just to diversify the unit nomenclature / differentiate more between the corvette and frigate. But that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:


Because slow updates are better than no updates (ahem @Pouk @EatThePath, not to mention @Avetorian…):

I think that paint scheme actually shows off the ship a bit better.