[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

In the sense of “blowing” then. Like, “I blowed the vanguard”, or “I blowed the escorting crafts” :wink:

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Yes of course, to blow has the meaning of “blow some air” or “move by the wind” (specifics) and destruction too, (generic) as in the funny sense of to fart, I tried to get closer to it with this deliberate choice of verb. It’s just a funny twist, an attempt to snicker together . ^^
To blow up is the real term to translate the idea, the smell I leave it at shipwrecks.


Carrier update from @Talros. Hangar textures added. It looks great, as we have come to expect from Talros’ work :slight_smile:


Excellent Taiidan Republic Carrier Textures. Love it. Now it looks like a proper Taiidan Republic Carrier. :grinning:

Amazing work guys… Truly amazing good work @Talros

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In relation to the work that @radar3301 did a while ago, some interesting findings on the EMP corvette…

  1. I set up a scenario where 1/2/3/4 squadrons of EMP corvettes attacked isolated Vaygr ships. The EMP corvette is currently very overpowered, but there are some ships that are insanely resistant to EMP. This table is the time in seconds to the target being disabled (AB_Steering lost - thanks @EvilleJedi for figuring out this helpful EMP test). The recovery column is the time in seconds to recovery of AB_Steering if the target is disabled (and the EMP corvettes immediately break off their attack). X means the target was not disabled after a long time, or the target destroyed the EMP corvettes.


  1. An analysis of the EMP shield line (e.g. addShield(NewShipType,"EMP",220,20) in the Vaygr ships reveals this:

What is interesting is that some ships have very large EMP shield values - they will never realistically be vulnerable to EMP. Perhaps this is intentional. It also shows that the recharge time is false. My experiments show that some ships recover more quickly than others, but I have yet to understand what governs this… The gun platform takes a massive amount of EMP hits without getting disabled, but it should have the same shield value as the missile platform, which is disabled very quickly. Something odd is going on…


Recovery time is a bit spurious. I redid the recover data and got this:


It may be because my script scuttles the EMP corvettes as soon as the target is disabled, but there may be EMP shots that have already been fired when this happens, which could increase the recovery time. In which case, the values close to 30 are probably the true values…


For the carrier : Bravo ! :smiley: It’s as pleasant to watch as vanilla one !!

Is the finished carrier available in-game? Mine is missing hangar textures …

Anyway, hype it up


obs.: don’t know how to upload pics anymore, will have to find my SS in GBX forums …

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No, the public version is still the January update. The February update is coming soon though!

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Just checking for error on my end, not in a hurry, keep up the good work.

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Engines, all ahead full! This completes the baseline carrier, although there are still the subsystems to do…

Excellent work @Talros!


You can see the model here with half of the texture sizes but still ok :wink:


Hey Talros,
Do you have concept arts for other new/unknown races, concerning HW game? Just asking for previous “work”, not asking/implying you to do so.

Post edit - as usual, nice work!

DANG! Thanks for making that model available for perusal… I’m putting it under the microscope to see what I can learn from it :sweat_smile:

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Excellent work :+1:

Hmm, not really I guess :sweat_smile:

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I have been asked a few times recently about whether people can use Taiidan Republic Mod assets in other mods. Whilst I am committed to sharing in some ways, there are things that make me reluctant. Here is my thinking…

  1. In the case where the team “fall off the internet” (in the words of Fulcrum) and we cannot be contacted on here or on steam, I am happy pre-emptively release our assets - in that case, we have surely ceased to care about the game or our work on the mod. Take our stuff and use it however you like.

  2. I think these gearbox forums are the key to the longevity of HWRM modding. Relicnews is gone (RIP). No-one really talks about modding on steam. Discord is a bit sporadic. If you are not active in this community, I will suspect you of being one of those enthusiastic newcomers who sticks around for a few weeks and then disappears. If you are serious about making a mod, come here to ask, learn, contribute and build trust. I wouldn’t hesitate to share an asset with @Pouk or @EatThePath if they asked. Enough said.

  3. If your vision is similar to our vision (i.e. you want to see high quality Taiidan-style ships in Homeworld Remastered) then you don’t need to take our ships - join our team instead and help us achieve that vision quicker! Why make two separate mods at half the pace, when we could all work together on the same one? If you have a similar-but-not-quite-the-same vision (e.g. Taiidan versus Kadeshi) then that can wait. We are already on the road to new HWRM Taiidan fleets. Help us achieve that vision and we may help you with the second part in the fulness of time.

  4. If your vision is not similar to our vision but you still want to use our ships:
    a) Don’t do it - they won’t match your vision. You will compromise on your mod vision and maybe even have your vision transformed by the assets themselves to become situation #2). Do the hard work that is needed to achieve your vision.
    b) You want to make a completely different mod and you think one of our assets would fit (e.g. you want to make a smuggling mission and you would like to use our ported Cataclysm transport) then talk to us and we will probably be happy to share.

Why all the above? Too harsh? Maybe. I think we all should drive for high quality mods for HWRM. Multiple mods using the same assets is just going to frustrate players. It would be way better to have just a few mods that are really decent. If you are committed to that like I am, you will agree with the above (I think). Feel free to discuss/disagree with me on this one.


This approach was always closer to me and very often not all that popular.

But I especially like your point no. 3. Well said. Better to join a high quality mod and help to see it done, than to create a bunch of unfinished little projects.


@fideliscolatus tried to post this, but it didn’t work. Apparently he is limited to 3 posts (per day?) - does that make sense @Psychichazard?

Anyway, I did think about separate in/out paths on the carrier front, but it is a bit too narrow. Frigates and resource collectors would struggle to pass each other there. As it is, the dock path is blocked in both directions and ships have to wait until it is clear:

Sounds like we have to scale up the carrier once more :wink: