[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Thanks for the feedback! What exactly do you mean? Do you mean that the paraded fighters are getting in the way of docking fighters, or that the fighters run into each other whilst docking?


The fighters want to fly into the carrier from the side, but they can’t because there is another carrier, not the one they’re trying to dock with, blocking the way.

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Ok, you mean when you are playing “2 carriers” mode or when you have built 2 carriers from the mothership but not yet nice the carriers away from each other?

No, it was a normal game. I had about 3 carriers so I double clicked to select them all, and then moved them towards the front to die honorably, but I didn’t select a formation. So, their relative position to each other should be defined by scripts\formations\X_carrier_parade.lua (I think).

Then I just double clicked a fighter to select them all and pressed ‘D’ to get them to dock. Some of the dock paths were blocked by the next carrier in the parade formation, and once I moved the blocking carrier out of the way manually, the fighters were able to finish docking.

Check in hgn_carrier_parade.lua - It has instructions on what all of the variables mean. You could try making the carriers stack up vertically instead of horizontally, or try increasing the spacing.

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Ok thanks, I get it now. I had being paying attention to the smaller ships parade positions but not considered what would happen with multiple carriers together!

Thanks again!


The October Update is here! Only one day late…

This is the ship you have all been waiting for…the Taiidan Republic Minelayer Corvette!

I really didn’t spend much time on this ship, so I am not overly pleased with it… Most of the texturing is clumsy procedurally-generated panels. However, it gets the job done and ticks another ship off the list. To be honest no-one will spend too much time looking at the minelayer anyway, so hey!

Sketchfab here if you want a spin:


One of the Chinese mods made a shipyard for the Taiidan based on a stock concept art, really cool. I think it’s playable, not sure if in HWRE …


@Chimas Ya Homeworld FX mod did that. Their shipyard if one of the best looking models in game.

@Dom2 not bad. You’re right not the best of your creations thus far but as you stated it gets the job done. Some time in the future I’d eventually replace the orange part with more of yellow, black perhaps even some whitish patterns for that section. Or even green just like for the carrier to keep these 2 ships in sync with one another. Green could be the Republic color spectrum for their hangars and utility hangars.

It may look more in sync with the black sections of that ship then. What are the current black sections supposed to represent anyhow?

I think few smaller antennas near the front section going 90 degrees straight up might do wonders for that ship in regard of design and complexity. Just like the Clee-San that corvette would use some sort of advanced communication net to remotely access it’s mines thus the antennas.

No matter leave that for now. What’s next on the list? :slight_smile:


Hey, i have been having fun with this mod since first release, mainly bcs i have always loved the idea of taiidan republic. One thing bothers me, however, i think that this factions needs more gimmicks that separate it from the others.For example, we have EMP corvette, a very powerfull little bugger, why not create EMP frigate, or platform section? Or, maybe, since we have mosty functioning Support platforms, why not abandon mobile reffineries all together, and force player to create more stationary bases?

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I had an idea, to make them this slow and steady, quality over quantity nation, as opposed to the mass producing generalists, the Hiigaran or fast, Specialised precision strikers, like Vaygr.

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Thanks for the comments!

@goose3 you are right, I completely forgot that the utility block should be green not orange for Taiidan! I have updated the sketchfab above. Probably need to play with the exact green to get it looking right.

@sir_Gouda I want the republic to feel like a hw2 faction, so I have steered away from doing anything too radical in terms of new ship types or weapon types. I still might delete the mobile refinery from the fleet roster, partly because it means one less ship to design! I quite like your idea of “quality over quantity”. How do you see that working? More powerful ships but with high cost and low build speed?


Exactly. I always liked the idea homeworld @ had, to make their ships more durable and with more Support abilities, but to also lower their overall fire power.

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for example, their battle Cruiser could mount more Support slot, you could even add one to destroyer. Another thing i thought about, was combat repair ability, that could work simply by spending additional resources to keep your belowed battle Cruiser going. (its shouldnt be overpowered tho)

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Hm I wouldn’t remove the refinery ship. While it might be interesting to go exclusively with the support stations I’m uncertain how well an AI faction would utilize them not to mention a possible disadvantage against the other races in MP.

As for the general idea of @sir_gouda regarding some unique ship designs. Sure why not. Could be exclusive repurposed and re-skinned campaign ships or perhaps 1 or 2 ships with different firing animations but essentially still be the same in it’s execution. (drone frigate, field frigate example)

But certainly something for the future to consider. I’d get the main fleet done first before considering revisions and additions to the mod. These could be always created at a later point in development.

That enhanced sketch of the corvette looks lovely and a lot more suiting in my opinion. Good job @Dom2.


The AI will do what I tell it to… Which at the moment is very little special for platforms, but I will re script it to use them appropriately.

Anyway, what next? Here is the Emp Corvette alongside the others. I am really not sure about the gun barrels…


I like the model. Looks like a Light Corvette.

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The parade formation only describes the position of ships parading to the carrier. If you select two carriers and move them, it does not change their relative positions. Does anyone know where that is defined?

There is this line in the ship file:


But I think that just defines where the ship appears in a formation / strike group containing multiple types…

So where are relative positions defined? When you order ships to go somewhere, does it choose a default formation? And how can this be controlled?


I haven’t tried any of this, but here are some ideas:

You could try adding ‘NewShipType.formationSpacing=X’ to the ship file and see what happens. Use a really large value, like 5000, to see if it’s working.

Or maybe the position is still defined in mothership parade file? Try placing them over each other instead of next to each other in there maybe.

Maybe if you add a line for a carrier in the carrier parade file it will place it where you want. Maybe it’s placing them according to file we don’t have access to or in the misc slot, but if the carrier position is defined maybe that preset will be overridden?

@Dom2 there should be a default strike group file. Let me see if I can find it…

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@Dom2 I couldn’t find a default formation/srrikegroup file, but there is a strikeGroupRadius line in the ship file.

formationSpacing is used for ship squads.

Edit: there is also a ParadeDefaultGrowthSpacing in tuning.lua

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