[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Thanks @goose3

I feel you on this one…I had the same feeling…but sometimes, you’ve got to break the mould…I think it all falls down on the door details and its final shape…just need to come up with something to blend in with the theme. The only question is, how am i gonna do it…Im still asking it myself…lol

yea, I originally intend to leave it open to make more like original taiidan design…but it seems off for such a big bay…so i had to consult with @Dom2. He’s the one who came with the door idea.


Remember this?

That is why I don’t have a problem with the door. We are not recreating the Taiidan from hw1, we are making the Republic.


holy sh@#@#…I’ll be damned. It looks way better than i thought…haha…makes me wanna hold off my vacation and finish this thing first lol… I’ll be honest…this is my first ship ever…biggest kind of thing i’ve ever made is only a dropship…so, sorry for the excitement…hahaha


It’s the excitement that will make it non-stop …


Either way it’ll be amazing. Must be the 1st real new mothership type vessel we get in ages. I mean all current motherships ingame of the various mods are just remakes and enhancements to previously known hw2 vanilla and hw1 fan assets.

Finally something new to look at. :slight_smile:

@larvae I’d almost suggest to swap the entry and exit point for fighters at this point. It makes more sense for fighters to give them the protection of that extension wing while entering. When they leave they are far quicker and combat ready and don’t need it as much.


Destroyer progress:

Texturing will start soon!


id make the dorsal fin a little bigger: slightly taller, and thicker at the base where it meets the main structure.

not much taller, though

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Lovely work! I do agree with @radar3301 on the subject.

It still saddens me that you intend to turn this great ship into a copy of the Hiigaran HW2 Destroyer though — just by the way it attacks it’s prey.

It just doesn’t look like this kind of a ship. Best to keep it in regular Taiidan style… Heading straight towards the target firing guns blazing.

Other than that impressive improvement compared to the last known model and shot. :slight_smile:

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Fin: I tried quite a few different arrangements (big fin, small fin, multiple fins of various sizes). This is the one that works - bigger ones will get in the way of the top turret’s field of fire, multiple fins look a bit silly.

Attack style: Yes, HW2 destroyer attack style is foolish - present your biggest profile to the enemy to make yourself a nice big target… Anyway, that is the legacy we have from Relic. I want to be consistent(*). Anyway, it looks awesome from the side, and you want to be looking your best when attacking :wink:

*Don’t worry, the battlecruiser will be a full on frontal attacker. And if I ever get to the imperials(**), their ships will be very full on frontal…

**This is still my plan, but I have been going at this mod for years, so I make no promises…

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Sounds fair enough to me… Still why would Republicans that were former Imperials abandon their military Strategies that brought them victories for almost 4000 years so easily? Why would they abandon their military Doctrine? Mind you these Republicans are former Imperials.

At least judging by a story pov… It makes little sense. But I trust you and your judgement… It’ll be what it’ll be in the end.


The mod takes Cataclysm to be canon, even if we don’t refer to it very often. Read the Cataclysm manual and you will see that the Taiidan Republic had a different military approach (and budget and politcal situation) to the old empire.


Looking good …

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All rigged, with engine subsystem:

Thanks to @radar3301’s help in solving a mysterious glitch with the forward turret.


Lovely work as usual… Good work guys.

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I would love to present the completed destroyer, but I’m afraid that will not happen until the April update. Texturing is progressing well, but I don’t want to rush this ship.

I will make an the march update to give you the final rigged destroyer (no textures) and the concept mothership model from @larvae

Here is the latest destroyer progress:


It’s coming along nicely… Great work @Dom2.

The middle window segments are awesome… Poor crew though having to walk up such steep corridors… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait to play with it at April.


swim up. :wink:

Don’t the Taiidan breath water? or is that just the Vaygr? That was in the HW2 book. (I’m pretty sure, don’t have it anymore.)

hot damnn…looking great… BTW sorry for no updates from me…still at my parents’ at the moment

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No worries, hope you’re having a good break. By the way I added engine glows and some rudimentary bay glow to the mothership: