[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Hat’s off. Outstanding start. Looking forward to seeing the rest :+1:

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Assault Frigate detailed up! Just need a little bit more detail, and then fixing up.

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thanks, but there’s bit of inconsistencies in styling between the top and the side…so maybe in the future, ill do some revision on top textures…wont be too different but just to fit more with the styling on the side…

Those “inconsistencies” you’re referring to is what makes it pop. It breaks up the large surfaces very elegantly. You sure you want to change it?

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yeap, ill make some adjustment on the textures later, wont be anything too drastic from current one… just to help with the transition of style between the top and side…

A coupleof screenshots to show you what will go into the May update:

@larvae 's fantastic flagship “Shield of the Republic” partly textured:

Shipyard, rigged but not textured…


the normal maps turn out are way nice in game engine… wow, just wow…didnt see it coming haha

Looks awesome, if only i could texture that well!

nothing fancy about the texture… all you need is photoshop and quixel ndo2… the details in diffuse is generated from normal map. really worth the money spent if you ask me…

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will defiantly save up for Quixel then!


i’d suggest you check out substance painter too tho…i tried both before i went with quixel…due to my low spec rig…i cant make full use of substance painter…

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The May update is live. Once again I am a day late…



Hey @Dom2 , see if this can help you (and many others):

@Chimas that looks more relevant to the DoK Taiidan Civil War mod that I once dreamt about making… It would have featured units like this:


In the meantime, here is some panelling progress on the shipyard:


Looking good


Sketchfab above updated with basic team/stripe paint. The ship is starting to get a bit of character…


Lovely work Dom2. It shows amazing progress.

I’d eventually add more various bridge and window sections throughout the Yard, where ever it fits.

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Indeed, more windows are planned. I just did the front bit because that was the only one I felt sure about from the beginning.


Man, I didn’t mean to be away for so long. Some things happened, and other things took a toll on finances, etc. which slowed down progress on the model fixing and detailing but here is another Homeworld 2 era ship. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3749801

If only I were better at scratchbuilding in styrene, I would totally want to put together one of those massive shipyards. Very impressive.


A couple of in-game screenshots of the shipyard: