[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Yay! And my space is 60 gigs after deleting some junk… :wink:

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The teaser is released! Many thanks to @EatThePath @Kragle @nathanielmattock and @raw_bean for testing!



Congratulations! It’s been great to see this mission progress - I can only speculate how much the finished product will impress those playing it for the first time!

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There is a lot more that could be done to improve it, but I set myself the mid-December deadline (!) because I need to get back to making ships!


Taiidan Republic in WQHD.
Real good teaser when we are waiting for so many things to be ready.


I saw there was no concept of a probe yet, so I tried to find besides a nice and simple modified design :smile:


Hey @Talros! That looks great! I like the simplicity of it, but the colour scheme makes it look very republic-ish! :wink:

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Hey Dom2, didn’t extract your files, how are prefixin the SHIP files, “TDR”?

I liked your concept. For fun, I’d name it “Minime”, resembles the TDN Assault Frigate all the way. I know it’s on purpose, but it’s still funny …

What do you mean?
It is TaiiDan Republic…

Wonderful! A perfect probe concept directly from the primary source of the mod’s design philosophy!

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Thanks @Talros - good to see you here, especially as we are using your work quite a lot! This should be the Talros Republic mod really… I love the probe, it will have a place on our roster.

@chimas we use TRP as the race prefix. Why do you ask?

Since we’re discussing prefixes anyway, you’ll all be VERY interested to learn that our prefix for the Taiidan Republic is…

…(drum roll)…


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Just asking, no special comment …

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First — lets say Merry Christmas to you all… Hope all of you get well presented with various gifts. :smile:

Congratulations on a release well made and done. While it is obvious that this teaser release is well beyond anywhere near completion (unfinished models- unfinished mission dialogs) it is nevertheless a milestone in Homeworld modding. You must be one of the first few which ever tried to actually build a mission yet alone models to it… So I salute you Sir… This was incredible.

So far I haven’t even finished the mission. I failed at the point when the Turranic Carrier showed up and killed my Transport ship. In any case if you do require some additional voice actor count me in. I did some Voice acting back then both in Opperation Flashpoint & Half-Life Military duty (both my own mods and missions). I’m certainly not a master of a voice acting but it should surely be enough for Homeworld in any case.

Let me know if you need the specific lines voiced for your numerous scenes inside the mission. I would possibly make a good Taiidan or Bentusi.

I’m really looking forward to see the next high prized release of yours. You certainly got talent and thanks for this lovely release once more. :smile:

ps: @Talros: That probe concept looks epic… Nice work on the modification. @Dom2 will be well adviced in using it… So good job on finding and modifying it.

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Damned Dust Clouds !!! rsrsrsrs …

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That really lags mu PC on full specs… :frowning:

It’s not because of hardware performance, it’s a “bios” thing …

[quote=“Dom2, post:212, topic:540042, full:true”]
I did have a similar thought: mine platforms. They could be linked in pairs like hyperspace gates. When linked, they would automatically maintain a minefield between them.
[/quote]I believe that this could be done easily.

Also, I kinda want to get into helping with this, but I’m not really sure how I can help… I can offer my skills as a scripter/coder, if that’s useful to you guys, but that’s about it. Did you ever get that corvette attackstyle working? I might can take a look at that.

No!!! I did that! :wink: I’m still on the team, you know… ;)[quote=“Dom2, post:1, topic:540042”]
The team

Attempts to contact the original team did not result in floods of people (or indeed any people) wanting to restart the mod… As of October 2015 there are two of us.

Team list:

@Dom2 (founder)

@nathanielmattock (scripter, joined Oct 2015)

Just wondering where that was at; didn’t know if you have solved it, or not; in which case I’d offer my services.