[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

So does Homeworld…

A typical “space Homeworld” race has twice as many. But don’t worry, he didn’t take the hint.

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We (Me and @Dom2) have got new nicknames! :wink:
Dom is Dominator and I am Nate Dog! :wink:

And hopefully we will have working multiplayer/ player vs CPU matches soon…

Yes, I think that does summarise the content of our discussion just now quite nicely…

Yep… Don’t know if that was good or bad :no_mouth:

How about ‘Ralph Nate-r’? Or for that matter ‘Darth Nate-r’. Or in keeping with Nate Dog, you could also go by ‘the Nathaniel Spaniel’. Or Geoff.

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Team Alros has produced the Sensors Distortion Probe and I have finally got it in game! In case you think @Talros is slowing down, he isn’t - he produced this a week ago but it has taken me a while to get it in game and get the animations working. Here it is:


Anyway, this brings us back to a discussion a while back on what this ship actually does…?

EDIT: also…


Looks great… :heart_eyes:

Republic on the outside… Imperial on the inside! Beautiful all around :wink:

I keep watching your ships and I keep thinking they belong to HW1 only(and by consequence HW Cata).
I don’t see them fitting in HW2 aesthethics and game play.
But, that’s me …

Is that good, or bad? If bad, how would you suggest overcoming that?

How is a sensors distortion probe HW1? It is a HW2 unit!

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Yeah, my mistake. Let’s stick with aesthetics only, then.

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So do you have any specific feedback on what looks too HW1ish?

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I guess I know what he mean, its like the thing with Kushan and Hiigaran ships. It seems all of these designs grown up but all references of Taiidan designs are only in HW1 and HWC. Its not so easy to bring old designs in new ages without losing the origin.

And I’m sure its because of the HW1RM contrast full texture style I prefer and trying to emulate somehow :sweat_smile:


Well, some things I must say before you make any move:

1 - I’m talking about impressions or perceptions, not objective things. So, I won’t discuss if you disagree, I just wanted to let you know. It’s simple as that;
2 - Don’t change any of the ships you have done. If you feel they fit with HW2, it’s not a problem. I’ll tell what I do in HWRM Skirmish - I never play HW1 x HW2. So later, when I come to play with your Taiidan Republic fleet, I’ll do it in HW1 set. If the campaign comes with mixed HW2 and HW1, I’ll play it that way, anyway. FOr example, I dislike Unity and I’m really liking DoK. I’m the one to adapt, not you. Do whatever you feel like doing;
3 - Taiidan HW2 ships: that @Kragle /Riess light Interceptor present in HW@ (btw, I haven’t analyzed all ships in HW@), Rob C’s Corvette conceived for HW2 and also that @Talros battlecruiser concept, to name some;
4 - There’s nothing too HW1ish, but less HW2ish;
5 - As I said before, HW1 is more like “Art” while HW2 is more like “Product” (I.e. moddable), so I don’t think it’s easy to make a fleet for HW1 and you’re doint it very well, so don’t get misguided;
6 - I have a prejudice in my mind. HW2 ships are thin, either horizontal or vertical, while HW1 are more generous. That’s my criteria, and you might consider it poor. No problem. Unfortunately, I operate under stereotypes.

Ok, thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. I personally don’t feel that it’s a problem. I love the style of @Talros designs and I think they fit well. The lines between HW1 and HW2 are blurred with remastered because we can now play them together. I think our bigger ships will be closer to your thin long ideal anyway… They main thing is to make new taiidan ships that look great!


I just want to say that I think you are doing completely the right thing by not “losing the origin”. And for what it’s worth I think you’re toeing the line of referencing existing Taiidan design and incorporating HW2’s utilitarian aesthetic. If sometimes you ‘err’ more on the side of keeping HW1 design lineage, this is only a good thing. HW2 did virtually nothing to preserve design lineage for the Kushan, which has only caused me frustration and disenfranchisement from day 1. I guess what I’m trying to say is when faced with the choice of making a new Taiidan fleet look “too much” like their original counterparts, or making them totally devoid of any character that reminds me of the Taiidan at all for the sake of originality or something, I would always rather favor the former, and would hope everyone else would too, personally.

This has no bearing whatever on the discussion of the Republic ships, but I just want to say I quite agree with those points as a general analysis of existing HW2 style. I didn’t necessarily notice the second point on my own, but this reflects well some things that other, more senior members of the HW@ team have pointed out to me in the past.


First, a quote:

I’ll post the original message he was referencing, since that was in a private message thread:

[quote=“radar3301”]Based on the backstory of this mod that @Dom2 has already laid out: Republic ships should feel more like a blend of Taiidan and Hiigaran, and Imperial ships should feel like a blend between Vaygr and Taiidan. Not necessarily a 50/50 blend, but more of a 80% Taiidan, 20% Hiigaran/Vaygr blend. You should be able to look at it and go “Hey, that looks like a Taiidani ship, but… It doesn’t look quite right… Hmmm… Oh yeah! I get it! It has Hiigaran (or Vaygr) elements! It must be a Republic (or Imperial) ship! That’s cool!”

[tl;dr] I feel Republic ships (Frigate class and larger) should be “flatter,” and Imperial ships should be “taller.”[/quote]

Now with that out of the way… @Kragle, @Chimas: Based on current designs, do you feel this design philosophy is being met, or are there still some areas that could be improved upon?

(I can’t make this font smaller without it becoming too small; so pretend it’s smaller. :slight_smile: )
Note: the 80/20 rule is just a number I threw out, it doesn’t necessarily have to be 80/20; it could be 75/25, or 90/10, or whatever. The point of the number was just as an arbitrary “metric” that we could use to… well… be arbitrary.

Edit: By the way, (as far as I can recall) we have only released shots of Republic ships.

So to refactor the above question: Do you feel the design philosophy of 80% Taiidan/20% Hiigaran is being met in the currently released ships?)

We don’t have any Imperial shots to release anyways, at least not publicly. We’ve come across a few designs in our search for, and creation of, concepts that could technically be classified as Imperial and we’ve saved those concepts, just in case. Don’t assume I mean anything by this, of course. :slight_smile:


Lovely work as usual. That distortion probe looks amazing… What’s next turrets? :slightly_smiling:
In any case I’m looking for more you guys really bring out some lovely pieces here.

As for the Homeworld 1 - Homeworld 2 design discussion. It’s true your designs are more based on Hw1 designs although that’s natural as you take design inspirations of a Hw1 race. I personally liked the Hw1 designs more were they more Alien than the Hw2 flat Pizza designs were. But at the end both games had pretty designs.

I once had an idea regarding the Hw2 ship designs. The war with the Taiidan empire was at it’s turning point as previous Hiigaran accomplishments were ruined by relentless advancing Taiidan forces. The Hiigarans were just to few in numbers and the Bentusi and other council races couldn’t be anywhere at the same time. So eventually the returned would find by accident an intact acient Hiigaran ship. This derelict enabled a beacon once it registered a friendly hyperspace signature nearby which contained a heavy distorted audio log of the last Captain of that ship. Referring to some sort of Project a last attempt at some sort of super weapon prior to their exile but apparently there wasn’t enough time left to finish it and all hands evacuated of a hidden Asteroid base along with the crew of that ship which was preserved and well hidden in some nebula.

In any case a small Hiigaran detachment would then take on a smaller journey through unknown space which used to be ancient Hiigaran space till they find that Asteroid. In it a well preserved fleet (our known Hw2 designs which would’ve been much stronger than anything else the ancient races had back at the time even 4000 years later. Design wise, thinking about DOK and the ship wrecks there. They’re actually having more in common with hw2 ships than the hw1 relics we’ve seen. So in essence Hig Hw2 ship designs would then be ancient Hiigaran empire ship designs. And with this new massive fleet of ships the Hiigaran would finally push back the Taiidan into insignificance till they were finally absorbed by the Vaygr. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Homeworld just had a proper map editor damn. :frowning: