[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

I cannot argue with that, that’s pretty spot on view on the matter.

Nevertheless, it’s a difficult process and people sometimes keep on modeling instead of texturing the ship at hand, to trick their brain into thinking they’re being productive. While all they’re trully doing is stalling. That has a cruel negative effect, because it makes you gather even more things to texture and that can become incredibly demotivating.

Damn, I’m so predictible! :smiley:

I’ll just say this: Will power is infinitelly more valuable than consistency. And consistency is not that hard to keep in the first place, while motivation is.

But hey, I’m just making sure you’re aware. I did that, that’s out of the way, so I’ll back off now.

Nice ships BTW, I don’t know if I said that. They are good quality models with style.


Don’t want to be too off-topic but you can reduce it by a few thousand years with



Question: As I have never textured nor had any modding experience whatsoever this may seem like a stupid queston but why cant you use real life photos as textures?

Say you want to achieve a proper metal look, just take picture of some metal and import and adjust?
I realise this wont have an effect on things like specular and reflection layers, but still.

Well you …can:

It’s just not stylistically too in line with Homeworld ships. Nothing wrong with some subtle usage here ant there though.

I think the metal look is of rather secondary importance… the main thing is the tailored details you have to draw yourself. That’s been my experience anyway. Real life photos of metal could be useful if they tile well, but only as your bare base level. The vast, vast majority of the work is still ahead of you at that point, lol.


Kragle’s response is way better. That’s how it is.

Well done to @Talros for finishing the new Taiidan Republic interceptor, replacing my rather poor quality initial attempt. I think it looks excellent. Clearly a descendant of the Trikkor but also having its own distinctive look. He has made wing folding animations, but I haven’t HODed them yet. For now, here are some screenshots of it in action:

And seen here with a scout squadron:


@Talros - Is making space-ships your day job? Because you are fan-fcking-tastic! And if not, do you want it to be? Damn.


What am I doing wrong?
No I’m just kidding, I know I’m slow.

Don’t say that! My fear is that gearbox will kidnap him for hw3 or something…


That will happen.

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Pouk, I don’t think that for ‘hobby’ work you’re slow. If you did this full-time, I imagine you’re about the same as most people that make ships for a living, if not faster. And much of that comes from practice… 10,000 hours they say :slight_smile:


Good stuff man!

Luckily, you said “hours” …

@Talros - Keeping this pace, soon you’ll become FleeT Alros …

So only 416.666666 days, if you don’t bother with such silly things as sleep that is. :slight_smile:

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How long did one ship take in your production if I may ask? That’d be an extremely interesting information.

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Probably no more than a month to build. Not including tuning and setup.

@thisquietreverie - How long did ships take? I know that HW2 vs HW1 was a whole other thing…

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Based on a 40 hour work week. (Yeah, who works so few hours anymore?) 10,000 hours is about 4.79 years, or 1,750 days! :smiley:

Sometimes its a day job and sometimes its just a hobby and that is ok and still much to do :wink: