[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Good call. Don’t promise release dates, they’ll backfire on you.

Upon my honor as an Eagle Scout, I “promise” the next public release will be exactly 5 Tuesdays from now.

Hehe figures… ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

Well guess the good old premise still counts “it’s done when it’s done” :slight_smile:

Well, I like to think I’m not so non-committal as that. There is a plan, see the first post. However it is a plan that is very much subject to change…

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Btw currently I’m working on a better design for the collector, because the old one was not smooth enough.

" artist jokes "


I’m glad you weren’t serious! The existing collector is just way way WAY too cool to back out on.


Ok, so the badge has some strange problem that I can’t manage to fix right now, but the Attack Bomber is textured and in game! Well done again @Talros.

Here are the badge UVs - I’m wondering whether I need to make it a single square polygon instead of four…

Anyway, screenshots:

And here is a shot of Bombers, Interceptors and Scouts as close as I can get them in game:

p3d of the bomber here:


The weathering on the bomber is more noticeable than on the interceptor and scout.

I don’t understand how you’re doing your badges… ?

Generally the ‘base’ UVs are just those inline with the ship itself. Then the 2nd set is a 0->1 box for the badge. It can be ‘sliced’ in to any geo you want the badge to show over - including complicated panels/curves.

You seem to be cutting out the badge and doing something else? Or maybe I just have no idea… it has been a very very long week.

@Pouk to the rescue …

@Dom2 - you could think of making it with 4 blasts/bombs …

This MOD is getting better and better

; ]

Extraordinary! I still feel I see a lot of Multibeam Frigate in this wonderfully rendered bomber… No doubt at all Talros could slam-dunk Kadesh design all the day long just as he does with Taiidan!

Check this layout (just testing links):

Taiidan Republic - Scout (View in 3D)

Taiidan Republic - Interceptor (View in 3D)

Taiidan Republic - Attack Bomber (View in 3D)

Taiidan Republic - Assault Corvette (View in 3D)


Well I wonder. Don’t think he’s done a Kadeshi-like ship before. His art style leans towards sharp angles and away from curves like we see in the Kadeshi ships.

He can do round:


That’s because I put some opacity in the paint layerso when I made the p3d texture for the bomber. In game they have similar weathering.

The corvette looks a little flat and plain compared to the others…

That’s because I made it… It looks a bit better with the new normal map and ambient occlusion, but I haven’t updated the HOD or p3d yet. I want to achieve a similar weathering look to @Talros but bear with me, he is a lot more gifted than me!

Also, I think the Corvette was conceived some time ago and the fighters are more recent.

I know what you mean. I’m using an old model to learn texturing and I’ve sent it to @Pouk for “some” editing.
The difference is abismal.

Speaking of it, how are you with your UV maps?

I think it’s a “great” design. With better normal maps it’ll make a huge difference :slight_smile:

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