[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Well yeah, that’s the standpoint I have to take, rather than asking Talros to redo everything because of one comment :wink:

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I wasn’t suggesting to redo them, just to be mindful of it in the future.

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Not yet, bigger ships take more time, buy hopefully will be more exciting when they arrive…


Currently I’m working on a concept for carrier here https://www.twitch.tv/talrosarts :slight_smile:


Beautiful ship.

Alright, here is the result of it, obviously its a modified design of the old one. I think there is a reson why the Taiidan are using the same layout for thousand of years (HW DOK says hello) :wink:


A T-shaped profile from the front?

Yeah but i still thinking about it.

@Talros not @hell_diguner

That looks amazing…

I was kinda disappointed that DOK used the exact same ship model for the crashed Taiidan carrier. Either that ship just crash landed recently or and that’s more likely a lack of resources and imagination. You did it how they should’ve done it… nice work.

Can’t wait to see it ingame.

The only plausible explanation I have is that @Talros is a weapon contractor in that galaxy, very cool ship …


Love it Talros, I just love it. The T-shape looks wonderful. The whole ship looks wonderful. I really dig all the bridge-like construction on both sides of the main hangar. Just make it exactly like that and I couldn’t imagine being happier.


i made those models back in 2008 (except for the destroyer)…good old days. I was using collada 3d hahaha, glad to see they got a taidan rep mod going on now

You made those models @sarsengo? We spent ages trying to track them down! I thought it was a guy called dannylolbbq - when I finally managed to contact him he said he lost them :frowning: Do you still have your models?


i am dannylolbbq hahahaha. i did lose em…cuz they were on a dell laptop that had a pentium processor. prob was messy topology though. id be happy to recreate em, but it doesnt look like you guys need help hahaha.


I like the idea that the Taiidan empire had been stagnating for generations, and that their ships reflected this by changing little over the few hundred years before their downfall. That Taiidan ships close to home had been retrofitted a hundred times when outright replacement with an updated chassis would have been more appropriate, and that ships stationed far from home hadn’t even seen adequate updating to their systems and were using dated technology when the Kushan blazed a trail across the galaxy.

So then, the conflicts I expect occurred during and after the collapse of the Taiidan empire acted at a catalyst for military research and asset replacement, explaining the apparent galaxy-wide leap in technology in the time between HW1 and HW2.

@Talros Your carrier looks much larger than the HW1 version - and yet I’m not sure the front bay is wide enough to undock frigates.


I think the front will be enough… Because the Republic ships look a bit flatter than the vanilla counterparts. But I see your point.

Of course I’ll adjust it if necessary :smiley_cat:

@sarsengo: Nice to see you here too dannylolbbq ! :smiley:

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so much shinies here . . . getting distracted easily . .

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, which is mainly due to there being nothing to show. I have been on holiday and away for work, and the other team members have been busy too. Excuses aside, here is a small update on the Ion Cannon Frigate. I have tried to add some interest to the nose by inserting some openings so that it is possible to see the ion beam inside the nose as it fires. It is intended as a nod to the original Taiidan pronged design (which had the beam between the prongs) as well.

Also, another minor update is that I fixed the badges on the bomber and on the scout (I did this a while ago but at the time it seemed too minor to post here…):


The holes in the nose of the Ion Frigate are a VERY nice touch! It’s particularly cool since you can apparently see the beam on the inside easily.