[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Oh yeah ! As i remember I’ve always wanted to use the unplayable stations ! ^^
I take the opportunity to overexploit your ringed station.
For now, i just want to say i think the total size of the station is small and really weak against simple bombers. I have the same feeling with the carrier who isn’t long enough. The Higaran version I find it too flat anyway… doesn’t matter…
The Shield Platform need some radars but it’s too early i guess and there is space between the connections, the elements don’t touch each other, I imagine too early … ^^
Passing, by deduction :
$7086 - ship dock
$7088 - missile platform
$7090 - shield platform
I really want to translate that quickly it makes me angry. By the way…

… bug to fixe :
Again (sorry Dom) same problem with sensor description in my Fr version :
Proximity : tittle ok ; name NO ; descrip NO
Jammer : all ok

i lose mission 1 cause I watched the carrier for too long x)

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Utility Platform UV mapping progress:

I’m afraid there will be no March update - life is quite busy at the moment and platforms are not progressing as quickly as I would like. I plan to make an April update with revamped platform scripting and at least a half-textured utility platform…


I am still alive! Life has been busy recently, so progress is slow. Most of that progress is related to platform scripting at the moment, so there is nothing to show here I’m afraid… Hoping to start texturing the utility platform in ernest soon as well.


Finally got the utility platform UV mapped (except for the engines)! I’m playing with the large-scale texture things like team/stripe before going after the details.

I would love to get the number painted on the side to change between individuals but I can’t think of a way of doing that. Maybe I could make it a sort of badge?

p3d forces the textures down to 1024px, so this is a little blurry…


Nice early model concept… Looking forward to see how this progresses.

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Idk if it is just p3d on my phone, but I see some weird geometry here:

Also, the only way to get the number to change is to create 10 seperate subsystems that are each textured 0 to 9, and apply them on build using custom code to create the wanted number subsystem. You cant even randomize it for MP stability.

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What is to stop us doing it this way:

SobGroup_SetTeamColours("EscortInterceptors1", { 0.365, 0.553, 0.667, }, { 0.8, 0.8, 0.8, } , "DATA:Badges/Hiigaran.tga")

Will that work @Dwarfinator?

OK I’m fed up with p3d because it blurs the textures too much. Here’s Sketchfab!


There are some problems with faces around the docking bays. Middle and lower right bays, also above the bridge on the underside. Otherwise it’s looking very good.

They are just a Sketchfab thing. Not sure why…

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If I remember correctly from some previous discussions with BitVenom, the problem is that this function only work in skirmish, not in multiplayer.

Oh right. So how does your rainbow mod work?

It only works in skirmish ^^

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The April update of the mod is uploading… Just a small change containing the work-in-progress utility platform. The scripting is nowhere near ready and it needs some thorough testing before I release it to the public.

I still love watching strike craft fly through the centre of the ring…


Agreed, comedy factor is pretty high on that one. Good god man, I had so much to live for! XD

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@Kragle dude that’s not a bad idea for a new mechanic.


I never liked EMP.
In reality It’s not possible to overcome the effects within a matter of seconds.
In reality It’s easy to defeat with proper shielding.

True, but if we really cared about realism we wouldn’t be playing homeworld…

Though reality is good baseline for pretty much everything, weapons , vehicles and so on. But that doesn’t mean they need to be 100% correct in scifi/fantasy game, movie or book. I personally like it when it is explained somehow. For example here’s some good fiction about physics of eve online.

I’d be happier if the effect wasn’t named EMP. Maybe some other alien tech to explain it. If it’s obscure you don’t think about it. You just accept it. When it’s known you expect it to be somewhat accurate. No big deal. Just my opinion.