[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

This station seems to be coming along very very well! The Emperor shares my optimistic appraisal of the situation. :wink:


Thanks! My challenge at the moment is the hangar bays… I’m struggling to get them looking authentic :frowning:

Just a quick screenshot to let you know I’m still alive! Not much activity on these forums* at the moment :frowning:

The problem** I have at the moment is that they are not fully docking (there is often a small gap between platforms).

*I always wondered whether the plural of forum should be “fora”…

**I mean, one of many problems…


Yeah. Just a few of us diehards left. But keep up the good work. It keeps inspiring me to finish fooling around with mine

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Fora and forums are both correct.



Haven’t really gone anywhere either. Just lurking, seeing how everyones mods are doing. Mod wise Here, Complex, classic HWU and REARM I’m still following. Aside from other games I’m still here :smiley:

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For my part in that, I’m sorry. Where modding is concerned, I seem to really only be able to motivate myself to any semblance of activity in the fall/winter season. Lately I’ve been feeling like I really need to start making videos again, since my hiatus on that front has been considerably longer. Like, what has it been… 3, 4 years already? When you go through the expense and wasted time to get a degree in that sort of friggin’ crap, you think you’d at least keep it as a hobby :sweat_smile:

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Hmm, I find summer is more productive for some reason…

Hello! Another “I’m still alive” post…

Ignore the engines, they are not even started yet:


I really feel a ship (or platform in this case) starts to come to life when the paint details arrive. I think this one is coming along nicely. I’m also working on the scripting and starting to model the torpedo platform.

Not quite sure about the font for the “05” though - does anyone know of a good homeworldy font? @Kragle ? @Pouk ?


The game’s official font is Microgramma , but you could ressurrect the “05” present in the HW2’s classic VGR station (Thadis Sabbah?!?) …


Chimas was faster. :slight_smile:

I’m worried about two things:

-Spacing: the 0 is too close to the hangar on the left. The right side is fine, but it shouldn’t be any closer to its hangar.

-Roundness: I’m not saying the round is universally wrong here, some might look good. But the angular shape is universally safer to look right.


I used microgramma, but I had to stretch it (vertically) to achieve the same proportions of the numbers. @Pouk I may have gone too close to the hangar edges…?

Also, here is a first look at the Torpedo Platform work-in-progress model:

The gun is a “turret” that moves around the arc of the platform. Each of the 4 large blocks will have vertically-launching torpedoes (similar to Hgn destroyer torpedoes, but maybe longer range and less damage). This will make it a good “siege” platform as well as a defensive platform. The narrow fire arc will force you to think carefully about deployment (or build 3 and link them to achieve all-round fire). Although obviously the torpedoes can hit targets in a 360deg arc…


Sometimes less is more …

I would also align it slightly higher to be with the bottom edge of the left one, or slightly lower, so it’s in the middle of the right. So it looks like a purposeful placement instead of somewhere in between. But it’s alright.

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The torpedo platform model is developing. I am trying to take some cues from the Taiidan Missile Destroyer.

In a ring with 2 utility platforms:


This is quite nice:

Thanks everyone!


I was hoping to make a big platform update before the end of June… I failed, but it’s nearly ready. Hopefully all platforms will be finished for the anniversary update in august…


The station is coming into a very appealing mature stage of production!

I have to say I really dig that slot-mounted turret… I don’t strictly know how “Taiidanical” it is, but that deep philosophical aspect of it doesn’t really concern me much anyway, because it is just too dang cool :sweat_smile::+1:


I know you are probably getting sick of seeing these ring-shaped things (I know I am), but it is all I am producing at the moment…

The ring scripting is getting better, although still not perfect. I am hoping to produce the June update in the next few days, with a finished Utility Platform…


The “June” update is finally here!



The Utility Platform is finished. It links properly (most of the time) and you get bonuses for linking:

  • Single platform: can build scouts
  • Double platform: health bonus, can build a fighter subsystem
  • Ring platform: health bonus, can build a corvette subsystem

Unfortunately utility platforms cannot yet link with other types of platform, but that is coming…