[MOD] Taiidan Republic | Update: Mobile Refinery

Totally dang awesome :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Don’t ya just love it when a plan (literally) comes together :trophy:


My plan is to get a completed ring to spin like the Kushan research ship… I think I could do this by setting speed = 0 and rotation speed > 0. Then I would need a custom code to tell it to “move” somewhere :thinking:

…but then it might get messed up when it receives an attack order…


I will try to find something to help with that.


The July update is here! This time we give you @talros finished carrier subsystems…


As usual, Talros’ work is excellent :slight_smile:



This month I have mostly been… working on remastering the transport (cataclysm colony ship). I have been remastering the textures, with the intention of leaving the model as it is. Progres here:


Ah that’s most stunning… @Talros: you did a wonderful remarkable job.

Must be one of the few vessels in Homeworld that has a truly adjusted subsystem design and layout. These subsystems actually fit and make the carrier a lot more sexy. For most models stock and custom that come to mind it’s usually the opposite that the subsystems make it look uglier. Glad to see that it’s not the case here. What a gift.

@Dom2: Lovely work on remastering the textures. I’m also happy that you will keep the model as it is… That’s a huge step in the right direction. I’m also somewhat relieved to see that work progresses on other aspects other than the platforms (which are important but still wont serve as much of a purpose in comparison to say a destroyer for instance.)

You will have to continue on the platforms eventually but best to mix things up a little while at it… To keep yourself distracted and entertained and the same goes for the game testers.


What’s the 6Mb in the 17th’s update?

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Well spotted! It is a quick fix to the carrier subsystem positions. They were slightly off.

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Torpedo platform texturing has begun. Everything not in pink is going to be based on re-used images from the utility platform. I learnt my lesson from the frigates, where texturing three ships from scratch was quite painful…


Och maybe painful but most certainly worth while…

We thank you for your pain. :slight_smile:

In any case re-using textures for the platforms in this instance makes sense and is totally fine.

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I am working, but as you can see if you read the other threads I have been dabbling in backgrounds of late…

Small progress on the torpedo platform:

EDIT: ooo, blue:


Amazing planet background… It appears to be a water planet?

So perhaps some underwater Taiidan cities, or floating city ships aka Atlantis? :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way it looks very impressive.

also neat tiny improvements on the platform model… Keep it coming.


Well, it is supposed to be a gas giant, a bit like Neptune. But it doesn’t really matter!


Adding an asteroid ring around it might sell the gas giant idea.

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Gas giant was my first guess. Definitely captured the flavor :slight_smile:


I want to make several moons to orbit it. My plan is to get one to pass between the planet and the sun, so you can watch an eclipse pass across the surface… Not sure if the game engine will allow a background object to cast a shadow into another background object, but I hope so!


I’m not sure that the background shaders support lighting/shadows, or that background HODs can even be animated. Though you could probably do an animated shader?

The planet already spins and has an orbiting moon, which has a dark side/light side according to the light sources… It’s just a question of whether it will actually cast a shadow on ships or other background objects. I will hopefully find out tonight!



I thought animated backgrounds were impossible in Remastered? That’s cool if it actually is possible.

The raider’s retreat planetoid spins, as does the gearbox example planet.

But in case you need proof… Two orbitting moons in the background. One is retrograde, for coolness. I have not yet tested translation animations, only rotations.


EDIT: background objects do not cast light on other background objects or ships :frowning:

EDIT 2: fun fact: only HWRM1 missions 1 (Khark), 3 (Kharak), 5+ (raiders retreat) and 16 (Hiigara) have animated background HODs. HWRM2 backgrounds must used shaders to achieve animation of Hiigara and the Angel Moon.