[MOD] Test Mission Grid v0.15.1 - 2017/10/07

This demo mod modifies the game so that missions are organized in a grid- or table-like fashion. Instead of proceeding through the singleplayer campaign in a linear, sequential fashion, you now can exit each mission and travel to neighboring adjacent sectors in one of the four cardinal directions. Included is a modified and extended version of the Postmortem campaign created by following WyvernNZ’s singleplayer campaign tutorial. WyvernNZ’s tutorial can be found at this address:

Older discussion: http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=21997 (dead link)

Edit: The mod is on GitHub: GitHub - mjhorvath/Test-Mission-Grid-for-HWRM: Experimental open world mod for the real-time strategy video game, Homeworld Remastered.

The game I’m trying to emulate with this mod is Jagged Alliance 2. If you’ve played that game, you kind of have an idea of what I’m getting at. Of course I am still a long, long way away. And there are engine limitations (such as a lack of right click in the frontend GUI) that are limiting me.

Note that, when upgrading to newer versions of this mod, make sure to first start a new campaign by deleting the contents of the “HomeworldRM\Bin\Profiles\YourProfile\TestMissionGrid” folder. This folder contains the custom save game, as well as a number of temporary files, and the format of these files may have changed since the last mod version. Leaving these files intact could cause the game to crash, or other bad stuff to happen. Alternatively, you can delete your current player profile and create a new one inside the game itself, but this will affect all your other mods, as well as the vanilla HWRM campaigns. Sadly, the “Reset” button in the stock Mission Select screen does not work properly with this mod, and has thus been disabled.


Title: Test Mission Grid
Version: 0.15.0
Authors: Mikali
Created: 2010/12/22
Updated: 2017/09/25
[MOD] Test Mission Grid v0.15.1 - 2017/10/07
http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?256699 (old thread, dead link)

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This demo mod modifies the game so that missions are organized in a grid- or
table-like fashion. Instead of proceeding through the singleplayer campaign in
a linear, sequential fashion, you now can exit each mission and travel to
neighboring adjacent sectors in one of the four cardinal directions. Included
is a modified and extended version of the Postmortem campaign created by
following WyvernNZ’s singleplayer campaign tutorial. WyvernNZ’s tutorial can be
found at this address:

http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=21997 (dead link)

If you have the Steam version of the game, you need to subscribe to the mod on
Steam Workshop, and select Mods from the game launcher. For the GOG.com version
of the game, extract the ZIP archive and copy the “DataTestMissionGrid” folder
to your “HomeworldRM” directory. Then create a new desktop shortcut, and add
the “-moddatapath DataTestMissionGrid”, “-overrideBigFile”, and "-luatrace"
flags to the shortcut’s “Target” field. Use this shortcut from now on.

When upgrading to newer versions of this mod, make sure to first start a new
campaign by deleting the contents of the “HomeworldRM\Bin\Profiles
(YourProfile)\TestMissionGrid” folder. This folder contains the custom save
game, as well as a number of temporary files, and the format of these files may
have changed since the last mod version. Leaving these files intact could cause
the game to crash, or other bad stuff to happen. Alternatively, you can delete
your current player profile and create a new one, but this will affect all your
other mods, as well as the vanilla HWRM campaigns. Sadly, the “Reset” button in
the Mission Select screen does not work properly with this mod, and has been

Simply start the singleplayer campaign as you would normally. You’ll be taken
to the mission selection screen as per usual. However, now the missions are
arranged in a grid of sectors instead of a vertical list. The positions of the
sectors in the grid are intended to reflect their physical coordinates in
space. I.e. Sector D4 is “Galactic South” and “Galactic East” of Sector A1, and
Sector B2 is “Galactic West” and “Galactic North” of Sector C3. The coordinate
000 on the in-game compass always points toward Galactic North, and your
starting fleets will always start the campaign pointing toward Galactic East.

You start out the game with three “fleets” of ships, each lead by a capital or
super capital ship. You can change the makeup of each fleet using the “Fleet
Manager” screen (a.k.a. the “Squad Menu” screen), which is accessed by pressing
CTRL+Backslash. You can move your ships around the galaxy using the “Sector
Map” screen, which is accessed by pressing the Backslash key.

Battles take place in the “minor” gametype scope, and fleet movements take
place in the “major” gametype scope. The choice you make determines the
functions that are available to you. To switch between gametype scopes, press
the “Enter Sector” and “Leave Map” buttons. You can also leave a sector by
moving your squads onto one of four pink semi-circular exit grids. When you are
properly positioned, a button will appear on the lower half of your screen,
indicating the readiness of your fleet to travel to the adjacent sector.
Pressing the button will cause your squad to leave the map and enter hyperspace.

You can travel back to a sector that you have visited previously. However, the
sector will be considered “cleared”, and will likely no longer contain the
enemies or objectives you encountered the first time you visited the sector.
I.e. you cannot “replay” a previously-completed mission like you can in the
vanilla HW1 and HW2 campaigns. Your progress through the galaxy is tracked in
the map screen by coloring “visited” sectors lighter than the default dark
color. In future versions of this mod, you will not be able to leave a sector
using the Sector Map screen until all mission objectives and enemies have been
cleared from the sector.

Note, when leaving a sector using an exit grid, you must dock all your ships
manually. As of version 0.12.0, the mod is more selective about who gets to
leave a sector and under what conditions. For instance, probes and platforms
will not follow the mothership into hyperspace, and fighters and corvettes need
to be docked with a capship first before the game will let you leave with them.
Capital ships need to be selected using the mouse, and must all be located on
top of the same exit grid. Lastly, capital ships require a hyperspace module in
order to leave, or need to be within a certain distance of another capital ship
with a hyperspace module. In a future version of this mod, any ships that are
left behind may be permanently lost

On the Sector Map screen, you can see how many ships are located in each sector
by looking at the small colored pips in the bottom-right of each cell. Red pips
represent the enemy, yellow pips an ally, and green pips your own ships. Large
hollow pips represent capital ships with shipholds; x-shaped pips represent
frigates and destroyers without shipholds; slash-shaped pips represent strike-
craft that can be docked; and tiny solid pips represent probes and platforms.
Fleets that are in transit between sectors will not be indicated using the
pips. Instead, large yellow arrows will indicate the number and direction of
fleets that are traveling in hyperspace.

On the Fleet Manager screen, ships are color-coded based on whether they have
shipholds, hyperspace capability, can dock, or none of the above. For instance,
probes and platforms are color-coded red since they cannot dock with other
ships, or travel between sectors on their own.

Lastly, nothing in the game world happens without passing time. In the "minor"
gametype scope where tactical battles occur, time proceeds as per normal. In
the “major” strategic gametype scope, however, you must advance, slow down or
stop time using the game timer in the bottom-right of the Sector Map screen.
You can pause the timer, or speed it all the way up to 60 minutes-per-second.
Further, as of version 0.15.0, enemy squad movements also proceed according to
this schedule. Enemy squads are spawned every 24 hours, and move to neighboring
sectors every few hours. If a player squad occupies the same sector as an enemy
squad, combat will start automatically.

Persistent data is recorded in the "Bin\Profiles(YourProfile)\TestMissionGrid"
folder. Other configuration files can be found in the “Data\Scripts” folder.

======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ========


• Siber who prodded me to continue working on this mod.
• WyvernNZ for his SP Campaign Creation tutorial.
• Norsehound for the galaxy map background image.
• sastrei for tips about HODs.
• shadowwinterknig, Dom2, EatThePath, Dwarfinator and everyone else for tons of
scripting help on the Gearbox forums!

======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ========


0.15.0 - 2017/09/25
• Merged the “testmissiongrid” sub-table into the “campaignTable” parent table,
since there’s likely only going to be one campaign per mod.
• Renamed “TestMissionGrid_sectormapproto.lua” to
• Enemy and ally pips are now shown on the sector map, even if the ships are in
• Created the “CheckForInterceptions” function so that interceptions can be
checked from within both the deploy and travel tasks.
• Removed the shipyard from the starting fleet.
• Enemy squadrons are now spawned at the bottom of the map every 24 hours, and
will wander randomly around the map until they come into contact with the
player’s fleet.
• Probes now cost 0 RUs to build.
• Fixed a bug in “TestMissionGrid_squadmenu.lua” that was preventing ships from
getting being properly removed from their old squad when being added to a new
• Fixed the bug where the “Ready to Jump” button in the minor gametype scope
was still being displayed despite there being no valid squads in the sector.
• Fixed the bug where the game would not always exit the minor gametype scope
and enter the major gametype scope when all squads in the sector died or were
already gone from the sector.
• Moved the “Refresh” button in the minor scope squad menu from the loose ships
section to the main button section, and broadened its scope to include squad
ships as well. Ultimately, this button should be replaced with a script that
checks for alive and dead ships every second or so.

0.14.2 - 2017/09/20
• Recreated the large arrow and circle graphics on the sector map in SVG. Made
the circle graphics a bit larger.
• The mod no longer checks for incomplete missions or local ships when deciding
whether to allow you to travel through a sector in hyperspace without being
stopped. This can be easily reverted in the code.
• Fixed the bug where the large arrows were pointing down when they should have
been pointing up, and vise versa. Need to make sure from now on in XnView
that TGA images are saved without compression, and with the “bottom up” flag
• Fixed the bug in the major sector map, where the “Enter Sector” button would
become enabled after selecting a movement destination, regardless of whether
it made sense to do so or not.
• Replaced the “lastPathNode” global variable with the “lastpathnode” squad
table parameter. Before, things could get screwed up if you selected multiple
squads and then pressed the “Stop” button to return to the last-visited
• Split the “AreEnemiesClear” function into “AreSquadEnemiesClear” and
• Fixed the bug where pressing the “Stop” button in the major sector map would
cause the game to crash if the squad was moving and more than one sector away
from its departure point.
• Created the “Queue_DeleteTask” function.
• Fixed the bug where the “List” buttons in the major squad menu were not

0.14.1 - 2017/09/13
• Made it so that the player has to complete objectives and kill all enemies in
a sector before he or she can leave the sector using the sector map. The
player can of course still exit using the exit grids.
• Small tweaks to screens’ appearances and how some screens detect whether they
are active or not.
• Fixed a bug where setting the destination of a path the same as the origin
led to weird paths.
• The mod now shows a warning and automatically enters a sector when there is a
mission objective or enemy in that sector.
• Fixed the bug where you could hopscotch around the galaxy map without
consuming any time simply by pressing the “Move To” button multiple times.
• Fully implemented the “Stop” button on the major sector map. Now you can
order squads in transit to reverse direction and go back to the last-visited
• All sector map buttons are now disabled during the time between you land in a
hostile sector, and the time that you are automatically sent into the hostile
sector to fight (or to complete a mission). This currently takes 4 seconds.
• Added the “departuretime” and “arrivaltime” parameters to squads.

0.14.0 - 2017/09/10
• Moved squad menu screen generation code from “TestMissionGrid_sectormap.lua"
to “TestMissionGrid_sectormapproto.lua”. Moved sector map manipulation code
from “TestMissionGrid_gametypemajor.lua” to “TestMissionGrid_sectormap.lua”.
• Fixed several bugs in the “SetUpCamera” function that were causing the mod to
• Fixed part of the timer text not updating consistently.
• Created the file “TestMissionGrid_globaltimequeue.lua” and moved all time-
related code to there.
• Renamed the file “TestMissionGrid_dialoguescripts.lua” to
"TestMissionGrid_dialoguedata.lua” since the contents are more or less static.
• Recreated the file “TestMissionGrid_dialoguescripts.lua” and moved the
dialogue-related gametype code to there.
• Fixed a few mission scripts that were still trying to look for the old
"FlagsShips" sobgroup, which no longer exists.
• The “sectorsExplored” table is now written to
"TestMissionGrid_tempsectormap.lua" as well as to the regular save game file.
• You can now move across the galaxy by using the “Move To” buttons on the
major scope sector map! Not all sector missions have been re-tested yet, and
not all features have been implemented, so you can expect lots of bugs! Yay!
Regardless, this still represents a major milestone in the mod’s history.

0.13.0 alpha 11 - 2017/09/09
• Tweaked “missionselect.lua” to make the mouse selections not visible.
• Changed the background image of the sector map.
• Made a few other cosmetic tweaks to the sector map.
• Added “data\defprofile\playercfg.lua” since you apparently can’t start the
campaign using a new player profile without it! Sorry!!
• Reloading the game by pressing CTRL+F8 now spawns a confirmation dialog and
clears the temp files. This addresses a potential issue where old data (such
as the selected map square) could affect the game even after a reload. Tried
to do the same for ALT+F4 with no success.
• Added an x-shaped pip for frigates and destroyers, and a forward slash-shaped
pip for fighters and corvettes, to the sector map.
• Fixed (hopefully) some issues where ships were not being added to or removed
from a squad, or were appearing in the wrong squad, in the squad menus.
• Deleted the “exitLocations” table, and started calculating entry and exit
points on-the-fly based on the “exitRotations” table instead.
• Added some random perturbations to the entry points.
• Modified the camera placement script to better handle different starting
• Added a “Refresh” button to the minor scope squad menu since the script does
not scan for newly-created or recently-destroyed ships automatically, anyway.
• Temp files are now deleted when leaving a sector in addition to when entering
a sector. (Just to be safe.)

0.13.0 alpha 10 - 2017/09/06
• Merged the “Rule_ProcessTimeQueue” rule into the “Rule_IncrementTimer” rule
since they were operating at the same time intervals anyway.
• Added the “Rule_SectorEmptied” rule to force the game to leave a sector if
there are no player squads in it any more.
• Updated the “Rule_SectorCleared” rule so that it can be toggled on/off
depending on whether new ships (e.g. reinforcements) arrive in a sector
before the player has a chance to leave it manually.
• Fixed backslash key not working in major scope screens.
• Fixed the bug where duplicate members of a squad were being created when
escaping between sectors using the exit grids.
• Removed the “selectedSectorRow” and “selectedSectorCol” parameters since they
were just confusing things.
• Fixed the bug where a sector map square could become stuck in the "selected"
or “pressed” state.
• The camera once again focuses on your ships when starting a mission.
• The game now kicks you back out to the galaxy map when you leave a sector and
the sector is empty of player-owned ships.
• Added code to the start of each mission that improves support for the default
save game system in HWRM.
• Added the screen “saveprogress.lua” as well as “Save Game” and "Reload Game"
buttons to the minor and major sector map screens.

0.13.0 alpha 9 - 2017/09/05
• Grouped similar squad properties together into sub-tables of the “squadShips"
table. For example “travel” and “tasks”.
• Removed the quoted functions from the “globalTimeQueue” table. Now the table
just tells you which squad has a task that needs to be completed, the time
the task needs to be completed by, and the string name representing the task.
• The sector map no longer reloads entirely each time you click on a sector
square. Instead, the screen is updated dynamically and in real time.
• Tweaked the screen toggle functions and moved them from
"TestMissionGrid_gametypeminor.lua” and "TestMissionGrid_gametypemajor.lua"
to “TestMissionGrid_gametypeshared.lua”.
• The squad manager and sector map screens are now reloaded automatically when
you switch between them.
• Switching between the squad manager and sector map using the buttons on those
screens now toggles the repsective buttons at the top of “newtaskbar.lua” as
• The global time queue seems to be functioning properly. It is now possible to
add and remove tasks from it, and then perform those tasks. You can also once
again travel between sectors by moving onto exit grids. Selecting travel
destinations using the sector map should be possible in the next version.

0.13.0 alpha 8 - 2017/09/02
• Edited “testmissiongrid.campaign” to make it easier to switch back and forth
between my test level and the normal levels.
• Converted and merged most code from “TestMissionGrid_levelscripts.lua” into
"TestMissionGrid_gametypeminor.lua". This means I can spawn a squad at any
time during a mission, not just when the level is first loaded.
• Deleted “TestMissionGrid_levelscripts.lua”.
• Disabled global time queue temporarily.

0.13.0 alpha 7 - 2017/08/31
• Game timer now runs in 5, 30 and 60 minute intervals in the major sector map,
instead of 1 second, 1 minute and 60 minute intervals.
• Game timer no longer shows the number of seconds.
• Renamed “TestMissionGrid_squadmanagement.lua” to
• Changed the way ships are spawned at the beginning of a mission, depending on
whether they are hyperspacing in, are recent arrivals, or are loose squadrons.
• Renamed several functions in “TestMissionGrid_gametypeminor.lua” to reflect
the above changes.
• Added the “Rule_ProcessTimeQueue” rule and “globalTimeQueue” table to track
when actions should occur. These are just the very first steps, though.

0.13.0 alpha 6 - 2017/08/28
• More cosmetic/useability changes to the sector map.
• You can once again click outside the sector map screen in the minor gametype
• Replaced the “direction”, “location_row”, “location_col”, “destination_row”,
“destination_col”, “origin_row” and “origin_col” variables with a single
array of map coordinates.
• Fixed bug in level scripts that was preventing local ships from being created
due to a missing deprecated “inhyperspace” parameter.
• The yellow double arrows on the sector map now point inward and reflect where
a squad is coming from instead of where it is going to.
• Adjusted the path array so that the third variable in each node reflects what
direction the squad is coming from instead of where it is going to.
• Tested the mod and fixed some bugs so things should work properly once again
using a completely new player profile and starting from the very beginning.
• Setting the camera position now takes non-squad ships into account, too;
though in practice this should never happen since you can’t load sectors with
no squads in them.
• You now start the game in the major scope sector screen instead of a battle.
• Removed the “named” player characters, as they are not needed any more. Any
hyperspace capable ship can now serve as a squad captain.

0.13.0 alpha 5 - 2017/08/27
• More tweaks to the sector map appearance. The movement arrows and lines texts
now hover above many of the other GUI elements.
• Fixed a bug in the sector map where ship pips were not being counted properly
when squads were spread unevenly across the table.
• Added a few extra graphics for the movement lines in the major sector map.
• The movement lines in the major sector map now only appear when you press the
"Move" button next to a squad. Also, all other buttons are disabled when you
press the “Move” button.
• Fixed the issue where the timer in the major sector map reverted to an older
value briefly after clicking on a sector.
• Added “Main Menu” and “Save Game” buttons on the major sector map.
• On the sector map, yellow and blue are no longer used to indicate whether you
have visited a sector previously any more. Instead, these colors are now used
to indicate a sector populated with player-owned squads.
• Map pips for capital ships and frigates are now hollow in the middle.
• Escaping out of a sector using an exit grid should be working properly again.
• Added a “writtenGameTime” parameter so I can read the game time in save games.
• Created the “IsSquadValid” function to make sure only squads in the current
sector are modified by the minor gametype code.

0.13.0 alpha 4 - 2017/08/24
• Cosmetic tweaks to “missionselect.lua”.
• Implemented a path-finding algorithm for the sector map. You can now point to
a destination and a path marker will appear. In the future, this behavior
will only happen when a button is pressed.
• Disabled the Pause key in the major sector map. You now can pause and unpause
time solely using the custom game timer.
• Added buttons to switch between the squad manager and sector map in the minor
• Fixed a bug in the “UpdateSquadShips” function that caused the function to
fail when squads were spread unevenly across all twelve slots.
• Added the ship race to the ship names in “TestMissionGrid_objectdata.lua”.
• Split “TestMissionGrid_gametypescripts.lua” into three files:
“TestMissionGrid_gametypemajor.lua”, “TestMissionGrid_gametypeminor.lua” and
"TestMissionGrid_squadmanagement.lua". Moved a lot of code from
"TestMissionGrid_interfacescripts.lua" into these new files as well.

0.13.0 alpha 3 - 2017/08/22
• Game timer is now working. You can now speed up, slow down or pause game time.
• Added the “minhyperspeed” parameter to each squad, and the “hyperspeed"
parameter to all ships in “TestMissionGrid_objectdata.lua”. These are used to
determine how long it takes to travel between sectors.
• Fixed a bug in “SubtractFromSquad” that prevented the function from properly
clearing empty squads.
• Added the “departure_time” and “arrival_time” parameters to each squad.
• Added the “CalcMinHyperSpeed” and “CalcArrivalTime” functions, as well as the
"baseSectorTravelTime” and “baseSectorTravelSpeed” global variables, to help
determine how long it takes to travel between sectors. A squad can only move
as fast as its slowest member. A ship with a “hyper speed” of 100 will take
exactly 24 hours to travel from one sector to the next. The “hyper speed” is
currently set to equal “thrusterMaxSpeed” in the .ship files.
• Added “Stop” buttons to “sectormapscreenmajor.lua”. This will tell a squad to
stop moving forward and instead return to the most previous sector.

0.13.0 alpha 2 - 2017/08/20
• Updated the “GetReadyAndLeaveSector” function.
• Created the “UpdateLocalShips” and “UpdateSquadShips” functions.
• Fixed the bug in “InstaDockSquadShipsAndGiveSubs_Sub” where resting squads
were being despawned even though they were not supposed to be in hyperspace.
• Save games are working once again.
• You can now exit and enter the first sector. You still cannot yet move
between sectors, however.
• The sector map and dialogue screens no longer pause the game automatically. I
may reverse this change again in the future.
• Local ship pips and squad ship pips are now stored in separate tables. Only
squad ships determine whether you can enter or leave a sector.
• Moved several interface-related functions from
"TestMissionGrid_gametypescripts.lua" to
• Moved custom icons from “data\ui\newui\shared” to “data\ui\newui\ingameicons”.
• Renamed “sectormapscreen.lua” and “squadmenuscreen.lua” to
"sectormapscreenminor.lua" and “squadmenuscreenminor.lua”.
• Created “sectormapscreenmajor.lua” and “squadmenuscreenmajor.lua”.
• Many cosmetic changes to the sector map and squad management screens.
• Created “galaxy_map_level” dummy campaign mission.
• Fixed the bug where map exit detection was not working due to not looping
through all 12 squads properly.
• The game now provides hints when jumping from an exit point is not possible.
• The game now checks to make sure fleets have flagships in them before trying
to leave a sector.
• Added the “hyperMods” table to “TestMissionGrid_objectdata.lua” to help track
whether a squad is capable of leaving a sector using hyperspace.

0.13.0 alpha 1 - 2017/08/14
• Major overhaul of most of the gametype scripts. Support for multiple player-
controlled fleets has been added. Note that traveling between sectors is
disabled at the moment, and will be re-implemented later.
• Created “squadmenuscreen.lua” to manage fleets.
• On the sector map screen, the “Jump” button was replaced with a (currently
disabled) “Leave Map” button.
• The floating “Jump” button that appears when you are on an exit grid now
skips the sector map screen and sends the fleet into hyperspace directly.
• Renamed “TestMissionGrid_record.lua” to “TestMissionGrid_savegame.lua”
• Renamed “TestMissionGrid_playerfleets.lua” to
• Renamed “TestMissionGrid_tempplayerfleet.lua” to
• Renamed “TestMissionGrid_missionscripts.lua” to
• Renamed “sector_00” to “sector_hub_level”.
• There are now two kinds of ship pips in the sector map: small and large. The
small ones are for strikecraft. The large ones are for frigates and capital
ships. I may add a third size just for frigates in the future.
• The sector map now reflects that you have visited a sector when you have
arrived in the sector. Before it only reflected this after you left the
• The game no longer complains about overwriting functions in “utilfunc.lua”.
It is no longer being loaded multiple times in the same scope.
• Arrows in sector map screen are centered a bit lower than they were before.
• On the sector map, numbers now indicate how many fleets are in a sector or
traveling between sectors.
• Fixed the bug where jumping was possible from sections of the level with no
exit grid on them.

0.12.4 - 2017/08/08
• Removed some stuff I had intended for the next major release since I will be
developing the next version separately from this one.

0.12.3 - 2017/08/07
• The “Speech Logic”, “Objectives List” and “Sector Map” screens now toggle
each other on and off. The Escape key still does not work with the “Sector
Map” screen, sadly.
• The save game file now contains a variable called “modVersion” that should
(if I am diligent about updating it) make it clear which version of the mod a
save game was created by.
• Fixed some capitalization issues in “missionselect.lua”.
• Renamed “ingamesectorMap.lua” to “sectormapscreen.lua”. Renamed a lot of
functions and variables to match.
• Fixed the bug where player ship pips were overlapping sector ship pips in the
sector map.
• Fixed the bug where pips were not being created for docked ships in the
sector map.
• Added support for multiple rows of pips in the sector map.
• Fixed a bug with the “squadronsize” parameter in the level scripts that was
preventing sector based ships from spawning.
• Some (but not all) comments are printed to the save game file now, explaining
what a few of the parameters mean.
• Pressing the “Jump” button in the sector map screen more than once no longer
causes an error.
• Added sob descriptions for the “character” ships.
• Added icons for the “character” ships.
• The dialogue screen now pauses the game and prevents mouse clicks outside of
the window while it is open.
• Fixed the issue where sometimes in the dialogue screen it would take several
clicks for the button event to fire, even though you could see the button
change color and hear the sound effect.
• Dialogue text can now contain quotation marks. I used this to distinguish
between words that are meant to be spoken aloud and words that are meant to
be descriptive.
• Added descriptive flavor text to the dialogues.
• The game now stores past dialogues in a variable. I haven’t figured out how I
want to display this “history” to the player.
• Added partial support for displaying a history of past dialogues. There
remain a number of unresolved issues, however, such as how to scroll a GUI
frame, or make the contents of the frame hug the bottom. As a result, this
feature is currently mostly disabled.
• Renamed several dialogue-related global variables and functions.

0.12.2 - 2017/08/05
• Enabled “StyleSheetTestScreen” via the main menu.
• Renamed the mod folder from “DataTestMissionGridHWRM” to just
"DataTestMissionGrid". You will need to update your desktop shortcuts!
• The starting ships are now “characters” named “Commander Athshe”, “Commander
Gethen” and “Karan S’jet”.
• Removed the “squadronsize” and “canhyperspace” parameters from the
"playerShips" and “sectorShips” tables. A better place for these parameters
is in the “objectdata” table in “TestMissionGrid_objectdata.lua”.
• The “Jump” buttons are now disabled (but are still visible) if your selection
contains ships that cannot hyperspace or are not within range.
• Bound the sector map screen and button to the backslash key.
• Fixed a bug in the “SobGroup_IsSobGroupOnExitTile” function that was causing
the game to detect exiting ships improperly.
• The in-game sector map now pauses the game and fills the entire screen in
order to block clicks and prevent the player from inadvertently changing his
or her selection. This works with ship groups as well.
• Changed the enemy ship in Sector A4 from “vgr_battlecruiser” to “kpr_sajuuk”.

0.12.1 - 2017/08/03
• Reverted the sector map arrows back to 1/3 the size of a cell instead of 1/4.
• Added sound effects when opening and closing the sector map and dialogue
• Moved some shared GUI behaviors to a new file called
• The game now tracks/records what larger ships other smaller ships are docked
to. I made some of the code more modular in the process.
• The game now tracks/records the rotational values of ships when leaving a
sector. If you come back to a sector later, the ships in that sector will be
positioned and rotated by the same amounts as when you last visited the
• The game now tracks/records subsystems on non-player ships as well.

0.12.0 - 2017/08/01
• Fixed the bug where players’ shipholds were permanently set to “Auto Launch”.
• Hyperspacing between sectors is now disabled completely if the mothership is
unable to hyperspace by itself. In the future, every capship should be able
to lead a small fleet of strikecraft and frigates into a neighboring sector.
• The mod is now more selective about who gets to hyperspace away from a sector
and who does not. For instance, probes and platforms will not follow the
mothership into hyperspace, and fighters and corvettes need to be docked with
a capship first. Further, capships need to be selected using the mouse, and
must be located on top of an exit grid before they are allowed to leave the
sector. Lastly, capships require a hyperspace module, or need to be within
reach of another capship with a hyperspace module in order to travel. (I need
to double-check “data\scripts\scar\singleplayerhyperspace.lua” to see how
Gearbox juggled all the conditions for hyperspacing, though. I think there
are more complications than I am aware of right now.)
• The mission and level scripts now at least try to track whether a ship is in
hyperspace or docked before writing to the save game. Prior to this I was
using the “Player_Ships” sobgroups and the "SobGroup_SplitGroupFromGroup"
function to keep track of my fleet. Now I am using the "SobGroup_Seperate"
function by shadowwinterknig, which is a lot easier.
• Added little pips to the sector map representing ships stationed in each
sector. Red represents the enemy, yellow represents an ally, green represents
your own ships. In the future these will belimited to adjacent sectors, only.

0.11.2 - 2017/07/31
• Fixed a bug in Sector C1 that caused the resource collector to be given to
the wrong player.
• In Sector D1, the captured ship is now automatically transferred to an allied
player, since the captured ship is of the wrong race to be of real use to the
player anyway.
• The exit grids are now semi-circular instead of square. I also had to locate
the exit grid collision mesh farther away from the map center, because it was
causing the mothership to jump out of hyperspace at odd locations.
• Fixed issue with the camera acting weird when it comes into contact with the
coordinate axes model I created. I added a very small collision mesh to re-
place the bounding box that was apparently being used instead by default.
• Changed map center ID to #5 instead of #0 to make some loops through tables
less complicated.
• Objectives now appear as completed in the Objectives screen when entering a
cleared sector.
• Created “extra_test_level” for testing, but it is disabled by default. Edit
"testmissiongrid.campaign" to enable it again.
• Removed the coordinate axes model from Sector A1 and instead put them in
• Fixed an issue with the function that tracks whether you are sitting on an
exit grid or not. The script was unable to handle situations where you moved
from one exit directly to another, with no blank space between.

0.11.1 - 2017/07/28
• Mission scripts now retrieve some mission-related text strings automatically
from “TestMissionGrid_campaigndata.lua”.
• Added row and column headers to the map in “missionselect.lua”. Fixed a small
issue with the placement of the blue sector headers.
• The game now shows time in days, hours, minutes and seconds. It is shown in
the frontend menu as well, though time does not yet progress there.
• Stretched the galaxy background image to make it more circular instead of
• Split the sector map generation code into “TestMissionGrid_sectormap.lua” and
made the map visible in-game as well. I may make it so that hyperspacing is
triggered from this screen in a later update.
• Pressing the “Jump” button takes you to the sector map screen where a second
"Jump" button triggers the actual jumping.
• On the sector map screen, you can now see a pair of arrows pointing to your
hyperspace destination. For the time being, these arrows are only displayed
when you are sitting on an exit grid, and the map itself remains non-
• Removed the “canhyperspace” ship parameter and started replacing the code
that checks this parameter with calls to the “SobGroup_FilterInclude()” and
"SobGroup_FilterExclude()" functions. This makes sorting ships that can and
cannot hyperspace a lot simpler. More work needs to be done when ships are
leaving a sector too.
• Added a “Choose A or B” dialogue option to the Sector D3 dialogue scripts.
• You can now initiate dialogue only if you are within 10k meters of the target
ship. The dialogue window now will also disappear if you exceed that distance.
• Added a “Cancel” dialogue option so that players can close the window without
making a choice.
• Added some fake text to the dialogue screen in a different color that is
meant to represent lines spoken in the past. I’m not sure I want to keep this
feature, however. Right now it’s just a mockup.
• The main button in “missionselect.lua” now says “START” if a new campaign is
started, and “CONTINUE” if there is a save game and the player is continuing
a campaign.

0.11.0 - 2017/07/27
• Enemy and allied ships are persistent now, meaning that if you leave a sector
and return later, the alive ships will still be there. I still need to do the
same for player-owned ships that are not accompanying the mothership as it
travels between sectors.
• Created “TestMissionGrid_playerfleets.lua” to store the initial state of the
sector fleets. It contains three tables: “playerShips”, “sectorShips” and
"sectorSobgroups". I’m still not quite sure the method I chose for tracking
sobgroups is a good one, but I haven’t been able to think of anything better.
• Added a hyperspace animation for when leaving a sector to proceed to the next.
• Deleted some old backup GUI files that are no longer needed.
• Removed some screen elements from the dialogue screen that are no longer
• Fixed a bug I introduced in Sector D3 when I swapped it with another sector.
Dialogues in Sector D3 should progress properly once again.
• The dialogue button text now wraps properly thanks to shadowwinterknig. I
also made some tweaks to the demo test buttons.
• The save game is now written line-by-line instead of as one giant string. I
changed this because I believe there is a limit on string sizes in Lua, and
the amount of data being saved keeps growing.
• Renamed the script file “TestMissionGrid_printtables.lua” to
"TestMissionGrid_writetables.lua" since nothing is being printed to the log
• Renamed the “currentMissionRow” and “currentMissionCol” global variables to
"currentSectorRow" and “currentSectorCol” since they track the sector you’re
in and not the mission you’ve completed.
• The table “objectdata” no longer sorts ships by race since it is possible to
acquire ships from multiple races. I may need to revert this change and
implement something different in the future.
• Added several new parameters to mission scripts to make organizing mission
description strings easier.
• Added a new mission to Sector A4 that demonstrates the new persistent fleets
by telling the player to avoid the battlecruiser in the center of the map and
proceed to an exit grid. The battlecruiser should remain in that spot if the
player travels to the sector again in the future.

0.10.6 - 2017/07/25
• Bug in missions looking for “MS_StartGroup” which was renamed to “sobg_strt”.
• Instead of hyperspacing automatically when the player reaches an exit grid, a
button now appears on the screen prompting the player to do so his or herself.
• Renamed “sectorText” variable to “sectorCode” since it consists of a two-
digit code.
• Other minor tweaks to the save game format.
• The dialogue screen now uses “MainUI_ScarEvent()” to signal that a dialogue
response button has been clicked. This is instead of the old rule that polled
the button’s status continuously.
• Switched sectors D3 and A4.
• Checked each level to make sure mission-related player ships are spawned in
the level file instead of built via the gametype script.
• Changed ownership of some mission-related ships from the player to the
player’s ally.
• Other small tweaks to ship placement in level files.

0.10.5 - 2017/07/23
• Exit grids now are only visible from within sensors manager.
• Moved the functions “SpawnEntryPoints()” and “SpawnExitPoints()” from within
each level file to “TestMissionGrid_levelscripts.lua”.
• Ship spawning when entering a map now uses hyperspace effects, but it’s still
not perfect.
• Player fleet spawning is done in the level files once again instead of in the
gametype script. I may reverse this again in the future.
• I am using a generic table printing function to write the save game tables to
the save game instead of parsing each table individually.
• The camera position is now set explicitely at the beginning of each mission.
• Added the “canhyperspace” and “squadronsize” parameters to the "playerShips"
and “objectdata” tables. These are needed for the new ship spawning routines.

0.10.4 - 2017/07/22
• Map grid is now the same size and aspect ratio on all display resolutions.
Previously, the map was squished unless the aspect ratio was 16:9. This may
mean the map is too small on 4K or larger monitors, however. If there’s a way
too scroll the menu frames in HWRM it might help.
• Incorporated the quest and dialogue systems from my “Dialogue Menu Demo” mod
for HW2C. Added a new mission to demonstrate them. Switched over to this
system for tracking completed missions.
• Switched over to using the questsStatus system for most mission-related stuff.
• Added some extra empty mission to fill out the grid so that it is a square.
• The dialogue button’s text is now updated dynamically based on the actor.
• The actor’s name now appears in the dialogue window.
• Fixed typos in several level file names.
• Switched places of sectors D3 and D4 on the map.
• Added a third player for allied ships that need to be defended, for instance.
• Sector C1 no longer steals all your RUs before beginning the mission.
• Centered the positions of several ships since the player no longer spawns in
the middle of the map.
• Sector D4 (the “Veil of Fire” mission) should work properly once again.
• Switched to using “sectorName” instead of “sectorCode” where appropriate.
• Several sectors such as Sectors D1 and A2 needed some pings since the player
no longer spawns in the middle of each map.
• All of the mission scripts now briefly describe the mission in comments begin-
ning on line #1.
• Some small adjustments to make the sector map look a little prettier.

0.10.3 - 2017/07/20
• Centered the map grid in “missionselect.lua”, and put the buttons on the
right side of the screen instead of the bottom.
• Was sending players to the wrong sectors after landing on the exit grids!
• The player now spawns toward the part of the map in the direction the player
traveled from. In the first sector the player still starts out in the middle
of the map, however. Proper ship rotation is disabled until I find a nicer
way of spawning ships from hyperspace.
• Sector name and other string capitalization fixes.
• The check for whether the player fleet has landed on an exit grid now occurs
more frequently.

0.10.2 - 2017/07/19
• Removed the “PLAYER VS CPU” button from the main menu.
• Added pink semi-circular “exit grid” model. It is supposed to be 50% trans-
parent, but isn’t currently. Need to figure this out.
• The game now checks whether you have landed upon a large exit grid when deter-
mining whether to send you on to the next sector. Previously, the game
checked whether you were inside a small sphere.
• Replaced “Mission_01”, “Mission_02”, etc. with “Sector_A1”, “Sector_B1”, etc.
• Replaced “Ascension” with “TestMissionGrid” in file and folder names.
• Switched to two-dimensional tables instead of one-dimensional tables to track
sectors visited, etc.
• Mission briefings no longer refer to mission numbers but to sector addresses

0.10.1 - 2017/07/18
• Fixed bug preventing players from starting a new game!
• Added experimental coordinate axes model.

0.10.0 - 2017/07/14
• Ported the mod from HW2C to HWRM.
• Since I no longer can make use of the “persist” Lua files in the player
profile (due to the HWRM 2.0 patch limiting where you can and cannot write
files to), I had to roll my own. This required a lot of work! Luckily,
Gearbox added a function to check which subsystems are installed on a ship.
Otherwise, this transition would not have been possible.
• The mod now also re-uses the same campaign mission file over and over again,
but still reads the other missions dynamically using dofilepath.
• Tweaked the main menu, hiding some buttons, renaming others.
• Converted the galaxy map from ROT to TGA format since HWRM no longer supports
ROT images.
• Moved most configuration files to the same folder and renamed them to be

0.9.5 - 2016/05/31
• Replaced the “GetHW2Path” function with a simple relative file path. Thanks
to Dwarfinator for the idea. So simple!
• I made the table in “ascension.campaign” very large using a loop, and
populated each one with a copy of the dummy level.
• As a result of the above two changes, the game no longer switches to desktop
temporarily when searching for the HW2 path, and no longer kicks the player
to the main menu between missions. Yay!

0.9.4 - 2016/05/31
• Each map displays a different background HOD now.
• The “Reset” button in “missionselect.lua” is now disabled since it will lock
up the game if clicked on if left enabled.
• Added “keeper.txt” because, depending on how the mod is loaded, it may be
needed to get the mod to load.
• This is the first version to appear on Steam Workshop.

0.9.3 - 2011/01/21
• Added the galaxy background by DatonKallandor. You can now configure whether
to use thumbnails for each mission, the campaign as a whole, or both. The
default example uses a background for the campaign only.
• The campaign menu background frame was being placed on top of the thumbnails,
causing the thumbnails to appear washed out.

0.9.2 - ???/??/??
• I’ve switched to using the existing setMissionComplete() function and
persistN.lua files in order to make use of the existing persistent fleet
system. This makes things a whole lot simpler, and means that things like
subsystems are now saved properly. However, unfortunately it also means that
players are now kicked back to the main game menu at the end of each mission,
which is something I haven’t found a way to prevent yet.
• Buttons in MissionSelect for sectors other than the current one are now
disabled and do nothing when pressed.
• Removed StyleSheetTestScreen from the main menu, as it serves no purpose
being there.
• Disabled the TUTORIAL button in the main menu.
• Moved “MissionGrid_record.lua” to “Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles<your profile>

0.9.1 - ???/??/??
• Fixed the bug in mission 2 where the exit portals would not appear when
revisiting the sector.
• Fixed the bug in mission 6 where the player wasn’t being given sufficient
ships to kill the enemy subsystem.
• Fixed the bug that was causing all missions with enemy AI to crash the game.

0.9.0 - ???/??/??
• Changed things so the mod overrides the Ascension (i.e. singleplayer)
campaign. As a result, the Start Mission button can now be re-used.
• Adapted the zoning and level loading systems from my Non-Linear mod. Now it
is possible to load arbitrary or non-sequential missions using gamerule and
level scripts. However, the existing reference and reactive fleet systems can
no longer be used, nor the existing save functions.
• Updated the MissionSelect screen and the Postmortem campaign to make use of
all the new features. Overall, things are working pretty smoothly now.

0.5.0 - ???/??/??
• Initial release for HW2C.

======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ========


• Exit grids should be smoothened a bit by adding more polygons.
• The hyperspace animation can take a long time to trigger if your ships are in
motion and need to come to a complete stop first. Often it can take much
longer than 10 seconds, and could mean some of the your ships will get
destroyed but not recorded as such by the game.
• Using an instant dock or parade maneuver may make the hyperspace effects look
better, but it does not make sense if you believe that all actions should
take a realistic amount of game time to complete.
• The styles used in the dialogue and sector map screens are outdated an look
too much like Relic’s HW2C instead of Gearbox’s HWRM. The styles need to be
updated to HWRM standards.
• Neither the default “SpeechRecall” screen nor this mod’s “SectorMap” screen
can be closed by pressing the Escape key. Need to fix this with custom code.
• All ship and subsystem construction, as well as resource gathering, should
occur on the strategic map only, and should happen over much longer time
spans. The exceptions could include the collection of end-of-battle debris,
the construction of probes, and maybe the construction of platforms or other
ships that don’t dock.
• Adapt “data\scripts\scar\singleplayerhyperspace.lua” to this mod if possible
and use it to handle arriving at and leaving sectors. Need to check the
remastered HW1C campaign to see how the game handles insta-docking and
hyperspacing at the end of each mission. This is a very, very complicated
script, however.
• On the sector map, limit the colored pips to sectors adjacent to the player.
• In “TestMissionGrid_gametypescripts.lua” there is some code right before the
game is ended that should be done via the event system instead of directly.
• Need a rule in every sector that ends the game and displays a message if the
player manages to somehow die. Currently, only the Sector D4 skirmish mission
checks if the player is alive or dead. Putting this code into the major scope
would be okay too.
• Outputted “squadShips” and other tables should contain comments that label
each sub-table to make it easier to see which sub-table belongs to which map
sector. Currently, this cannot be done using the table manipulation functions
I am using.
• I could create a wrapper for printing debug text that could be turned on or
off at will. It could utilize indentation as well.
• The floating dialogue and hyperspace buttons should be mapped to keyboard
keys. But which keys?
• You should be able to select a dialogue response using a number key on your
• Need a better way to indicate visually who is and who is not an actor for the
purposes of initiating dialogue. It was suggested on the Gearbox forums that
one could use FX scripts to accomplish this. Only “named” ships would require
these FX scripts, so it wouldn’t add a whole lot of extra work to accomplish.
Unfortunately, FX are not visible in Sensors Manager.
• The dialogue response container element should have a scrollbar in case there
are a lot of responses, or a few very lengthy responses. Not sure if this is
possible, unless I switch to using ListBox GUI elements instead of Frames.
• Need to fix the “aitrace(‘CPU: LOADING SECTOR 05’)” command for all sectors.
Right now the message is the same for all sectors when it should be different.
• Will constantly reloading a single mission with different objects and data
cause the game to run out of memory eventually? I recall something like this
happening in my Play Balancing mod, and it was a critical issue that event-
ually caused my PC to become unresponsive and the game to crash! HWRM is a
32-bit application and unfortunately cannot access as much RAM as many other
recent games. Actually, I think I remember that the memory issues only
occurred when not reloading the game, and spawning many ships in the same
• For level files, maybe put the “DetermChunk” and “NonDetermChunk” functions
into “sector_hub_level.level”, and only store the supplementary scripts in
the other sectors’ folders. Or, put all map data into one giant table, and
then get rid of the other sector folders. Ditto for the “OnInit” function
inside the mission scripts.
• Exit grids are visible at all times during a battle. Is there a way to make
them disappear until they are needed? Or, appear only once a mission is
completed? Can I make them blink on and off?
• Text descriptions of sectors on the sector map should reside in tooltips or
some other auxiliary display. Otherwise, if a the map has many sectors, it’s
going to be really hard to display all the text in each cell.
• The “RESET” frontend menu button should ideally delete the custom save game
so that players can start the campaign over from the beginning. Sadly, the
necessary I/O functions don’t seem to exist within the GUI scripting scope.
• Exit grids are supposed to be semi-transparent but aren’t. Need a new shader
for this. Someone on the Gearbox forums volunteered to make one for the mod.
• Loading of regular saved games seems to work correctly, except for the non-
determchunk portions of level files. For instance, the wrong level background
and music (NonDetermChunk) can get loaded, but asteroids and ships
(DetermChunk) get spawned in their correct positions. [Ed. This may no longer
be true. Also, additional work may need to be done to create a custom save
game management system.]
• There is no way to track asteroid depletion on a per-asteroid basis. So,
either I need to set each asteroid to infinite (or very large) RU amounts, or
I need to remove resource collection from the game entirely and rely on other
methods of providing the player with funds and equipment.
• Add a “And this is how the story ends, children…” vignette at the end
featuring the Bentus as “narrator” of a story. (Sort of like in Mad Max
Beyond Thunderdome.)
• Remember to always check and make sure the skirmish mission in Sector D4 ends
properly for both the winners and the losers.
• The new circular exit grids have a tendency to disappear if you move the
camera far from the map center. I’m not sure how to fix this without just
translating the same problem to a different set of coordinates.
• Small ships like probes, platforms and fighter craft should maybe not survive
after being left behind in a sector unless a capship with a shiphold remains
in the sector along with them.
• Dialogue does not advance properly when the game is paused. Need some way to
detect the selected ship while the game is paused. As a stop-gap measure, I
have disabled clicking outside the dialogue screen boundaries while the
dialogue screen is active.
• The dialogue window should show a record of past dialogues, as well. However,
I don’t know how to display the speech “log” to the player. I haven’t been
able to get a GUI frame to sort backwards or align to the bottom, which I
believe is important.
• The “onUpdate” GUI event fires even while the game is paused. This could
eliminate the need to force the game to pause or block mouse clicks during
• Maybe rename Direction #0 to Direction #6 for ships that just sit in a sector
instead of hyperspacing in. This will cause problems, however, if I decide at
some time to implement hexagonal map sectors, or an irregular network of
sectors, instead of square ones.
• When there are multiple squads exiting at Direction #5 (the map center), some
of them get spun around 180 degrees for some reason. However, only capships
with strikecraft in their holds seem to be affected. This also seems not to
affect the other directions. Is this the result of the game automatically
trying to avoid ship collisions when spawning ships?
• Ship health should persist between sectors, too. OTOH, sufficient game time
may be spent in hyperspace that the ships may be able to heal themselves in
the interim. Do ships heal in hyperspace in the vanilla game?
• Update the keyboard diagram with SHIFT + 1 to 10, which adds ships to a
• Reloading the Mission Select screen somehow changes the campaign that is
loaded, and sometimes causes the game to crash. Need to remove the Reload
Screen button from this screen!
• Maybe strike craft, probes and so forth should not be considered part of a
squad, at all. Maybe it should not matter who they are docked to. E.g. treat
them sort of like equipment and weapons in JA2.
• Flagships that leave a sector and enter hyperspace still show up in the build
and research menus when they shouldn’t. Killing them could fix this, but may
cause other problems. For instance, killing a ship while it is in hyperspace
normally can be seen and heard, and leaves behind debris.
• Double-check to make sure Sector D3 dialogues still work after every major
change to the mod.
• Squads should be given jobs to perform on the sector map, such as resource
collection, ship construction, patrols, etc. The galaxy map should be the
only place these tasks can be performed, versus doing them during combat.
RTT gameplay may be preferable to RTS gameplay in general.
• In the future, I may upgrade the path-finding routine to A*. I may also add
different types of terrain (e.g. faster, slower, radioactive, etc.) instead
of just “Empty” and “Obstacle”.
• Maybe add support for diagonal movement on the sector map.
• Add support for setting waypoints on the sector map.
• The game by default seems to remember the order in which windows were opened,
and closes them in the reverse order. I will have to emulate this behavior
somehow too, as opposed to just closing them all at the same time with just
one key press.
• Squads should maybe never arrive at the center of a sector. Instead, they
should maybe always arrive at a sector’s edge, no matter what.
• Go back and double-check that the function parameters in
"TestMissionGrid_writetables.lua" are doing what I intended them to do.
• May need to roll my own save game management system, since the game’s default
save game system does not mesh perfectly with the mod. I think I will need to
use a fixed number of save slots, since I cannot simply scan a directory for
• Set “baseSectorTravelMulti” back to 100, then add another higher game time
rate to the game time scripts. 120 or 240 minutes per second might be good
• Should create sprite sheets out of the many images I created for the sector
• The “Loose Ships” list in the squad menu is not populated automatically each
time a ship is built or destroyed. My current solution was to add a “Refresh"
button to indicate this to players.
• Not being able to edit squads in the major scope is a PITA if you happen to
clear all squads in a sector, and are no longer able to enter the minor scope
there until you transfer additional squads.
• It would also be great if you could add and remove ships from squads in the
listboxes using the mouse. But there’s no reliable way to uniquely identify a
ship once it’s been built, AFAIK.
• I am not very sure that the “ReloadVisibleScreens” function in
"TestMissionGrid_gametypeshared.lua” is working properly. Sometimes it seems
to fail.
• I have not fully tested what happens to the mod when one or more ships in a
squad are destroyed or captured.
• Maybe add a checkmark or other indicator to show when the main mission in a
sector has been completed. On the other hand, you can’t leave a sector until
you’ve completed the mission. Maybe this is enough indication?
• Still need to make room for departure and arrival times on the sector map and
squad menu screens.
• The squad lists/menus should show the speed of each squad as well. Not all
squads are capable of the same max speeds.
• I thought I noticed an issue with some squads moving too quickly across the
galaxy following combat or some other scripted event, but I have not been
able to reproduce it.
• RUs should be calculated for each squad separately. But how do I do this when
there is more than one squad in a sector, and all squads are collecting RUs?
The solution is probably to disallow RU collection in the tactical scope, and
only allow it in the strategic scope.
• The AI should definitely not be able to build ships while in tactical scope
considering it does not know how to add or remove them from a squad.
• Small and decimated enemy squads should join together to form fewer but much
larger squads.
• Need some sort of arrow to indicate enemy squadron movements, since right now
they are shown as occupying a sector even when they have not fully arrived at
the sector yet.
• The “the sector is cleared…” message needs to be changed to indicate it is
only cleared of missions, not of potential enemies such as roaming squads.
• The script to trigger the “warning” icon when combat is about to start is
firing too early sometimes. I.e. before both squads are “gully” in the sector.
• Renamed all script files beginning with “TestMissionGrid_” so they start with
"TMG_" instead. I can fit more tabs in the Notepad++ window now.



Finally! A reason to play HWRM again :smiley:

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This mod does not contain any fun, so YMMV.


Fun? Define fun… It’s all good :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to change the contents of each mission/square dynamically? I mean you could have the player fleet starting in one corner of the grid and an enemy fleet starting in the other corner. The event fleet would move to another square depending on which direction the player moved…

Maybe even a sort of homeworld chess!

I was planning on having persistent enemies that move around the galaxy just like you do. I was kind of modeling the idea on Jagged Alliance 2, where you start out toward the northeast of Arulco, and the main enemy base is in the southwest, and you and the enemy army can move around in small groups.

One thing I haven’t decided yet is, when and where does all this out-of-combat movement occur? In JA2 you have a strategic map where you can speed up time to many times real time. But the game still tracks hours and days and months, and it takes time to do stuff. Sometimes a lot of time. How do I do this in Homeworld? The frontend GUI has no clock, for instance. And there’s only so much stuff you can stuff into memory during normal play. (HWRM is a 32-bit application.)

Not sure whether I will ever get that far in development. I may put aside the project once I complete a few more tasks I had planned.

Regarding persistent fleets.

There is the problem that a gametype script only allows you to check a ship’s position, not its rotation. So when loading a stored fleet, I can either:

  1. rotate all ships randomly
  2. rotate all ships to face some point, such as the map center

Beyond that, how should I store ships that are in transit between sectors? Should I:

  1. store them separately in a different table?
  2. just create a flag for each sector indicating that a ship located in it is in transit to a neighboring sector?

How did JA2 do this? I don’t know.

Update to version 0.11.0.

I need to be more selective about who gets to hyperspace away from a sector and who does not. For instance, probes and platforms should not follow the mothership into hyperspace, and fighters and corvettes should need to be docked first. Also, I think that only capships that are selected or strikecraft that are docked to a selected capship should be able to hyperspace. Further, only ships that are actiually on an exit grid should be able to go. Lastly, capships should require a hyperspace module, or be located near a capship with a hyperspace module. Need to check “data\scripts\scar\singleplayerhyperspace.lua” to see how Gearbox did this.


I decided to skip the above issue until later. Right now I am working on the sector map. Here’s what it looks like after a few hours work:


Visited sectors are yellow. Unvisited sectors are blue. The double arrow indicates the direction of travel. The map is displayed in both the frontend and in-game. Cumulative game time is displayed in the bottom-right.


Update to 0.12.0.

The big change is that:

• The mod is now more selective about who gets to hyperspace away from a sector
and who does not. For instance, probes and platforms will not follow the
mothership into hyperspace, and fighters and corvettes need to be docked with
a capship first. Further, capships need to be selected using the mouse, and
must be located on top of an exit grid before they are allowed to leave the
sector. Lastly, capships require a hyperspace module, or need to be within
reach of another capship with a hyperspace module in order to travel. I need
to double-check “data\scripts\scar\singleplayerhyperspace.lua” to see how
Gearbox juggled all the conditions for hyperspacing.

Full change notes are located in the second post of this thread.


for orientation can you create two sobgroups, one with just the ship and one a set distance along its current heading, spawn a dummy ship temporarily with a sobgroup name like ORIENTATION…shipID and then when writing back out the positions for the stored level spawn all the dummy orientations first, then when spawning the coresponding shipID point it at the dummy, then kill all of the invisible dummy ships? It would be messy, but it only needs to happen on jump in and out which probably would have some other scripts running (do ships in hyperspace keep their orientation if they don’t move?)

How do I determine the ship’s orientation “along its current heading”? I would need to track the ship’s movement in real time. What if the ship is stationary?

Have you tried SobGroup_GetCoordSys()? I have not used it, but it looks likes it might give an orientation…

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I tested it and it returns a table containing 9 numbers. Here is an example:

For this point:

this_pos1 = -33000 
this_pos2 = 0 
this_pos3 = 0 

The function returns these numbers:

this_sys1 = 1 
this_sys2 = 0 
this_sys3 = 0 
this_sys4 = 0 
this_sys5 = 1 
this_sys6 = 0 
this_sys7 = 0 
this_sys8 = 0 
this_sys9 = 1

I don’t know what these numbers represent. Some are below zero. None are greater than one. Some kind of matrix I’m guessing, but not sure how to handle it.

Here is the code to print these values:

function SobGroup_CheckCoordinates(check_group)
	local ship_pos = SobGroup_GetPosition(check_group)
	for i = 1, getn(ship_pos) do
		local this_pos = ship_pos[i]
		print("this_pos" .. i .. " = " .. this_pos)
	local ship_sys = SobGroup_GetCoordSys(check_group)
	for i = 1, getn(ship_sys) do
		local this_sys = ship_sys[i]
		print("this_sys" .. i .. " = " .. this_sys)


I found this document about rotation matrices:

However, I’m not sure which formula to use to convert a matrix to Euler angles. There are several choices:

xyz, xzy, yxz, yzx, zxy, and zyx


xyx, xzx, yxy, yzy, zxz, and zyz

Not sure which one is appropriate for Homeworld.

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So it could be local x, y and z rotations about each of the three global axes? Why don’t you try testing it with some known headings?

I got lucky and it was the first formula I tried. Here is some code to convert from a rotation matrix to Euler angles.

function MatrixToEuler(in_matrix)
local r00 = in_matrix[1]
local r01 = in_matrix[2]
local r02 = in_matrix[3]
local r10 = in_matrix[4]
local r11 = in_matrix[5]
local r12 = in_matrix[6]
local r20 = in_matrix[7]
local r21 = in_matrix[8]
local r22 = in_matrix[9]
local thetaY = 0
local thetaX = 0
local thetaZ = 0
if (r02 < 1) then
if (r02 > -1) then
thetaY = asin(r02)
thetaX = atan2(-r12, r22)
thetaZ = atan2(-r01, r00)
else – r02 = -1
– Not a unique solution: thetaZ − thetaX = atan2(r10, r11)
thetaY = -90
thetaX = -atan2(r10, r11)
thetaZ = 0
else – r02 = 1
– Not a unique solution: thetaZ + thetaX = atan2(r10, r11)
thetaY = 90
thetaX = atan2(r10, r11)
thetaZ = 0
thetaX = thetaX * -1
thetaY = thetaY * -1
thetaZ = thetaZ * -1
thetaX = mod(thetaX, 360)
thetaY = mod(thetaY, 360)
thetaZ = mod(thetaZ, 360)
if (thetaX < 0) then
thetaX = thetaX + 360
if (thetaY < 0) then
thetaY = thetaY + 360
if (thetaZ < 0) then
thetaZ = thetaZ + 360
return {thetaX, thetaY, thetaZ}


I added the code to the wiki.


Don’t use the above code.


Now that I’ve got the docked ships and ship rotation issues squared away, the next big hurdle is to implement roaming squads. This will require a very interactive sector map so that you can manage and split your forces into several smaller groups. The two main issues ATM are:

  1. The game does not kick you back to the “missionselect.lua” screen (where the sector map is located currently) when exiting a battle. Instead, it kicks you back to the main menu.
  2. You can’t write to disk from the frontend GUI.

As for the first issue, I have thought of two possible approaches so far:

a. Move the sector map to “newmainmenu.lua” instead of “missionselect.lua”, then convert “missionselect.lua” to a smaller menu that floats on top of “newmainmenu.lua”. In “missionselect.lua” I would put only the most basic functions needed to start the mission. Not sure this is possible.
b. Create a special dummy level that consists only of the sector map, with everything else (the compass, taskbar, ships, etc.) left hidden. This would solve issue 2 as well, but just feels like a weird approach.

I will have to put a lot of thought into this.

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I like the idea of the navigation level, where you jump out into the galaxy map and then you can move the fleets around., I could even imagine where you could explore and discover hidden systems, have fleet fuel, etc. Mass Effect did this for navigating between planets

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Exploration is a huge fun factor for me.